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Founded :
Country : Germany
Fate :

Jagdgeschwader 26 Schlageter was a Luftwaffe fighter-wing of World War II. It operated mainly in Western Europe against Great Britain, France and the United States but also saw service against Russia. It was named after Albert Leo Schlageter, a World War I veteran and Freikorps member arrested and executed by the French for sabotage in 1923.

Commanders of II. Gruppe JG 26

Hptm. Werner Palm, 1 May 1939 – 27 June 1939
Hptm Herwig Knüppel, 28 June 1939 – 19 May 1940
Hptm Karl Ebbighausen, 20 May 1940 – 31 May 1940
Hptm. Erich Noack, 1 June 1940 – 24 July 1940
Hptm Karl Ebbighausen, 25 July 1940 – 16 August 1940
Hptm Erich Bode, 17 August 1940 – 3.10.40
Hptm Walter Adolph, 4 October 1940 – 18 September 1941
Hptm Joachim Müncheberg, 19 September 1941 – 21 July 1942
Hptm Conny Meyer, 22 July 1942 – 2 January 1943
Maj Wilhelm-Ferdinand Galland, 3 January 43 – 17 August 1943
Hptm Hans Naumann, 18 August 1943 – 8 September 1943
ObLt Johannes Seifert, 9 September 1943 – 25 November 1943
Maj Wilhelm Gäth, 26 November 1943 – 1 March 1944
Hptm Hans Naumann, 2 March 1944 – 28 June 1944
Hptm Emil Lang, 29 June 1944 – 3 September 1944
Hptm Georg-Peter Eder, 4 September 1944 – 8 October 1944
Maj Anton Hackl, 9 October 1944 – 29 January 45
ObLt Waldemar Radener, 30 January 1945 – 22 February 1945
Hptm Paul Schauder, 23 February 1945 – 1 May 1945


Latest JG26 Artwork Releases !
 It was known as the Jagdverbande, the fighter arm of the Luftwaffe, and by June 1940 it boasted some of the world's greatest fighter pilots.  With tactics honed to perfection, these battle-seasoned veterans dominated the skies of Europe.  But as the war progressed, the Luftwaffe fighter pilots faced another battle, the increasingly desperate war of attrition as the Allied air forces slowly, but inevitably, ground the German war machine into defeat.  By early 1945 Allied air supremacy was overwhelming.  And yet despite overwhelming odds, from within their ranks came the most successful air Aces ever to fly in combat - names such as Hans-Joachim Marseille, the top-scoring fighter pilot in the West, the legendary Erich Rudorffer who scored more multiple victories than any other pilot and of course the Fighter General, Adolf Galland, who achieved all of his 104 victories in the West.  In total more than 100 Luftwaffe fighter pilots are known to have scored 100 or more victories, and 568 Jagdverbande flyers were holders of the Knight's Cross, Germany's highest awarded military honor.  Robert Taylor's stunning painting, beautifully captures a group of Bf109Gs from III./JG26, as they return to their forward base after a long fighter sweep along the Channel coast in early 1944.  In his unmistakable style, and with inordinate skill, Robert deftly evokes a moment of rare tranquility amidst the carnage of war as the lengthening sun glints across the frozen landscape during the short days of winter.
The Long Short Days by Robert Taylor.
 An Me109 makes a low flight over the English countryside during the Battle of Britain.  This painting was a preliminary painting by Graeme in preparation for the larger painting entitled <i>Fighter General</i>.  When Graeme traveled to Germany to have prints of <i>Fighter General</i> signed by some of the top German Aces, he took this painting with him, and they have signed it on the back of the canvas.

Me109 of JG26 by Graeme Lothian. (P)
 Heligoland, German coast, 18th December 1939.  Johannes <i>Macky</i> Steinhoff attacking Vickers Wellington bombers of No.37 Sqn.  A raiding force of 22 RAF Wellington Ia bombers from 9, 37 and 149 squadrons was intercepted by some 60 Me109 and Me110s.  First to engage were 6 Me109Ds from Oberleutnant Johannes <i>Macki</i> Steinhoff 's NG26's experimental night fighter staffel. In the running battle that followed Steinhoff and Feldwebel Szuggar claimed 1 bomber each.  It was a disasterous day for the RAF with a total of 12 aircraft being shot down and another 6 crash landing on their return to England.

Battle of the Bight by David Pentland. (P)
 From June 1940 on, Adolf Galland flew as a of III./JG 26, fighting in the Battle of britain with 109-Emils from bases in the Pas de Calais.  During the Battle of Britain, in a legendary front line General Officer briefing on Luftwaffe tactics, Hermann Goring asked what his pilots needed to win the battle.  Galland replied: <i>I should like an outfit of Spitfires for my squadron.</i>  Göring was speechless with rage.  It is important that this remark is not taken out of context, because Galland also stated (in his autobiography) that <i>of course fundamentally I preferred our Me109 to the Spitfire</i>.  This apparent contradiction was due to his view that because the Spitfire was more manoeuvreable he considered it more suitable to the role of defensive fighter than the Bf 109, though he actually thought that fighters should not be used in a defensive role anyway.  When Galland made the much quoted comment about the Spitfires to Göring he was <i>unbelievably vexed at the lack of understanding and stubbornness with which the command gave us orders we could not execute</i> and so made the comment as a retort to Göring.

Me109 - Adolf Galland by Jason Askew. (P)

JG26 Artwork Collection
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Me109 - Adolf Galland by Jason Askew. (P)

Winter Wolves by Nicolas Trudgian.

Homeward Bound by Anthony Saunders.

Adversaries by Ivan Berryman.

Victory Above Dover by Ivan Berryman.

Knights Realm by Brian Bateman.

A Day for Heroes by Ivan Berryman.

Tigers in Normandy by Nicolas Trudgian.

Most Memorable Day by Robert Taylor.

Me109 of JG26 by Graeme Lothian. (P)

The Long Short Days by Robert Taylor.

Battle of the Bight by David Pentland. (P)

Hande Hoch! by Michael Turner.

Abbeville Boys by Robert Taylor.

Eagles on the Channel Front by Robert Taylor.

Defiant but Doomed by Stan Stokes.

Top Aces for this squadron
Walter Krupinski signatures197.00
Anton Hackl192.00
Johannes "Macky" Steinhoff signatures176.00
Emil Lang173.00
Joachim Muncheberg signatures135.00
Adolf Galland signatures104.00
Josef Priller101.00
Heinrich Bartels99.00
Heinz Kemethmuller89.00
Wilhelm Philipp81.00
Georg-Peter Eder78.00
Josef Haibock77.00
Adolf Glunz signatures72.00
Klaus Mietusch72.00
Alfred Heckmann71.00
Heinz Lange signatures70.00
Walter Hoeckner68.00
Fritz Losigkeit signatures68.00
Karl-Heinz Kempf65.00
Rolf Hermichen64.00
Hermann Staiger63.00
Wilhelm Freuworth58.00
Hugo Dahmer signatures57.00
Johannes Seifert57.00
Wilhelm-Ferdinand Galland55.00
Karl Willius50.00
Gerhard Vogt48.00
Gerhard Schopfel signatures45.00
Johannes Schmid45.00
Wilhelm Hofmann44.00
Walter Matoni44.00
Karl Borris43.00
Rudolf Klemm42.00
Hans Dortenmann38.00
Fulbert Zink36.00
Johannes Naumann signatures34.00
Waldemar Soffing33.00
Gerd Wiegand32.00
Peter Crump31.00
Gustav Sprick31.00
Hermann Segatz31.00
Rolf Pingel30.00
Walter Adolph29.00
Kurt Ebersberger27.00
Wilhelm Mayer27.00
Emil Babenz24.00
Helmut Hoppe24.00
Horst Sternberg23.00
Artur Beese22.00
Robert Menge22.00
Gunther Scholz22.00
Hans-Jurgen Westphal22.00
Otto Meyer22.00
Willi Roth20.00
Paul Schauder20.00
Erich Scheyda20.00
Walter Schneider20.00
Hans Kiel20.00
Peter Reischer19.00
Hans-Georg Dippel19.00
Heinz Ebeling18.00
Walter Meyer18.00
Paul Galland17.00
Horst Ulenberg17.00
Karl Wunschelmeyer16.00
Hermann Guhl15.00
Walter Blume14.00
Wilhelm Gath14.00
Werner Gerhard13.00
Gunther Kelch13.00
Harry Koch13.00
Eduard Neumann signatures13.00
Xaver Ellenrieder12.00
Heinz Gomann12.00
Franz Kunz12.00
Wolfgang Neu12.00
Johann Aistleitner12.00
Peter Ahrens11.00
Joachim Gunther11.00
Georg Kiefner11.00
Erwin Leibold11.00
Erich Schwarz11.00
Herwig Knuppel11.00
Gerhard Guttmann10.00
Wilhelm Muller10.00
Robert Unzeitig10.00
Josef Burschgens10.00
Gunther Bloemertz10.00
Hans Krug10.00
Edgar Dorre9.00
Rudolf Leuschel9.00
Gerhard Schulwitz9.00
Josef Zirngibl9.00
Willy Szuggar9.00
Georg Beyer8.00
Erwin Busch8.00
Kurt Hein8.00
Hermann Hoffmann8.00
Otto Stammberger signatures8.00
Heinrich Bierwirth8.00
Hans Johannsen8.00
Friedrich Lange8.00
Martin Rysavy8.00
Gottfried Schmidt8.00
Heinz-Gunther Adam7.00
Karl Ebbinghausen7.00
Karl-Heinz Ehlen7.00
Walter Grunlinger7.00
Gerhard Grzymalla7.00
Eberhard Henrici7.00
Walter Holl7.00
Walter Horten7.00
Karl Laub7.00
Joachim Zeller7.00
Theo Lindemann7.00
Walter März7.00
Peter Andel6.00
Josef Gartner6.00
Hans Hartigs6.00
Otto-Heinrich Hilleke6.00
Heinrich Jessen6.00
Siegfried Benz6.00
Heinrich Gottlob6.00
Dieter Kehl6.00
Heinrich Vandeveerd6.00
Johann Edman5.00
Kurt Bohn5.00
Hans-Joachim Borreck5.00
Gottfried Dietze5.00
Hans Dirksen5.00
Hans-Joachim Fast5.00
Hans-Jurgen Frolich5.00
Erich Klein5.00
Friedrich Lindelaub5.00
Gerhard Muller-Duhe5.00
Wolfgang Polster5.00
Franz Luders5.00
Adolf Tabbat5.00
Eckardt Roch5.00
Aircraft used by this squadron
Fw190The Focke-Wulf 190 development project began in 1937. Conceived as a hedge against total dependence on the Messerchmitt 109, the 190 was designed by Kurt Tank utilizing a radial engine. This was against generally accepted design criteria in Germany, and many historians believe that the decision to produce a radial engine fighter was largely due to the limited manufacturing capacity for in-line, water-cooled engines which were widely used on all other Luftwaffe aircraft. Despite these concerns, Tanks design was brilliant, and the 190 would become one of the top fighter aircraft of WWII. The first prototype flew in mid-1939. The aircraft had excellent flying characteristics, a wonderful rate of acceleration, and was heavily armed. By late 1940 the new fighter was ordered into production. Nicknamed the butcher bird, by Luftwaffe pilots, early 190s were quite successful in the bomber interceptor role, but at this stage of the war many Allied bombing raids lacked fighter escort. As the war dragged on, Allied bombers were increasingly accompanied by fighters, including the very effective P-51 Mustang. The Allies learned from experience that the 190s performance fell off sharply at altitudes above 20,000 feet. As a result, most Allied bombing missions were shifted to higher altitudes when fighter opposition was likely. Kurt Tank had recognized this shortcoming and began working on a high-altitude version of the 190 utilizing an in-line, water-cooled engine. Utilizing a Jumo 12-cylinder engine rated at 1770-HP, and capable of 2,240-HP for short bursts with its methanol injection system, the 190D, or Long Nose or Dora as it was called, had a top speed of 426-MPH at 22,000 feet. Armament was improved with two fuselage and two wing mounted 20mm cannon. To accommodate the changes in power plants the Dora had a longer, more streamlined fuselage, with 24 inches added to the nose, and an additional 19 inches added aft of the cockpit to compensate for the altered center of gravity. By mid 1944 the Dora began to reach fighter squadrons in quantity. Although the aircraft had all the right attributes to serve admirably in the high altitude interceptor role, it was not generally focused on such missions. Instead many 190Ds were assigned to protect airfields where Me-262 jet fighters were based. This was due to the latter aircrafts extreme vulnerability to Allied attack during takeoff and landing. The 190Ds also played a major role in Operation Bodenplatte, the New Years Day raid in 1945 which destroyed approximately 500 Allied aircraft on the ground. The High Command was impressed with the 190Ds record on this raid, and ordered most future production of the Doras to be equipped as fighter-bombers. In retrospect this was a strategic error, and this capable aircraft was not fully utilized in the role for which it was intended.
Me109Willy Messerschmitt designed the BF109 during the early 1930s. The Bf109 was one of the first all metal monocoque construction fighters with a closed canopy and retractable undercarriage. The engine of the Me109 was a V12 aero engine which was liquid-cooled. The Bf109 first saw operational service during the Spanish Civil War and flew to the end of World War II, during which time it was the backbone of the Luftwaffe fighter squadrons. During the Battle of Britian the Bf109 was used in the role of an escort fighter, a role for which it was not designed for, and it was also used as a fighter bomber. During the last days of May 1940 Robert Stanford-Tuck, the RAF ace, got the chance to fly an Me109 which they had rebuilt after it had crash landed. Stanford-Tuck found out that the Me109 was a wonderful little plane, it was slightly faster than the Spitfire, but lacked the Spitfire manoeuvrability. By testing the Me109, Tuck could put himself inside the Me109 when fighting them, knowing its weak and strong points. With the introduction of the improved Bf109F in the spring of 1941, the type again proved to be an effective fighter during the invasion of Yugoslavia and during the Battle of Crete and the invasion of Russia and it was used during the Siege of the Mediteranean island of Malta. The Bf109 was the main fighter for the Luftwaffe until 1942 when the Fw190 entered service and shared this position, and was partially replaced in Western Europe, but the Me109 continued to serve on the Eastern Front and during the defence of the Reich against the allied bombers. It was also used to good effect in the Mediterranean and North Africa in support of The Africa Korps. The Me109 was also supplied to several German allies, including Finland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, and Slovakia. The Bf109 scored more kills than any other fighter of any country during the war and was built in greater numbers with a total of over 31,000 aircraft being built. The Bf109 was flown by the three top German aces of the war war. Erich Hartmann with 352 victories, Gerhard Barkhorn with 301 victories and Gunther Rall with 275 kills. Bf109 pilots were credited with the destruction of 100 or more enemy aircraft. Thirteen Luftwaffe Aces scored more than 200 kills. Altogether this group of pilots were credited with a total of nearly 15,000 kills, of which the Messerschmitt Bf109 was credited with over 10,000 of these victories. The Bf109 was the most produced warplane during World War II, with 30,573 examples built during the war, and the most produced fighter aircraft in history, with a total of 33,984 units produced up to April 1945. Bf109s remained in foreign service for many years after World War II. The Swiss used their Bf109Gs well into the 1950s. The Finnish Air Force did not retire their Bf109Gs until March 1954. Romania used its Bf109s until 1955. The Spanish Hispanos flew even longer. Some were still in service in the late 1960s.
Known Individual Aircraft Records for this Squadron
5th December 1940Me1095968 Mk.E7 , White 4, Crashed into sea after combat with fighters. Lt. Hans Heinemann Killed.
5th December 1940Me1096324 Mk.E Damaged. Oblt. Menge wounded in combat over England.
5th December 1940Me1095816 Mk.E Force Landed, damaged.
6th November 1941Me109 Mk.F4 , Black 1, Shot down a Spitfire then pilot Johannes Schmid was killed after a wing clipped the sea while circling the downed Spitfire.

Known Victory Claims









28/09/1939Ltn. Josef Bürschgens2JG 26Hawk 75bei Tünsdorf/Mettlach17.3Western Front
07/11/1939Ltn. Joachim MünchebergStab III.JG 26BlenheimSW Opladen N. Leverkusen13.43Western Front
18/12/1939Oblt. Johannes Steinhoff10.(N)JG 26Wellington30km SSW Helgoland14.3Western Front
18/12/1939Oblt. Johannes Steinhoff10.(N)JG 26Wellington30km SSW Helgoland14.35Western Front
18/12/1939Fw. Willy Szuggar10.(N)JG 26Wellington30km SSW Helgoland14.3Western Front
18/12/1939Uffz. Werner Gerhardt10.(N)JG 26Wellington30km SSW Helgoland14.35Western Front
18/12/1939Uffz. August Wilke10.(N)JG 26Wellington30km SSW Helgoland14.35Western Front
18/12/1939Uffz. Martin Portz10.(N)JG 26Wellington30km SSW Helgoland14.35Western Front
10/05/1940Fw. Ernst Biegert2JG 26Koolhoven FK 58SE Rotterdam6.25Western Front
10/05/1940 Staffelabschuß5JG 26Fokker D.XXIAmsterdam6.2Western Front
10/05/1940Ltn. Gustav Sprick8JG 26Fokker T.VBreda-Western Front
10/05/1940Oblt. Johannes Seifert3JG 26Fokker D.XXISE Rotterdam10.15Western Front
10/05/1940 Gruppenabschuß + 8./JG 26III.JG 26-6Western Front
10/05/1940 GruppenabschußIII.JG 26-6Western Front
10/05/1940 Gruppenabschuß + 8./JG 26III.JG 26-6Western Front
10/05/1940 Gruppenabschuß + 8./JG 26III.JG 26-6Western Front
11/05/1940Fw. Ernst Biegert2JG 26Morane 406S. Antwerpen18.1Western Front
11/05/1940Ltn. Otto-Heinrich HillekeStab II.JG 26CurtissAntwerpen19.1Western Front
11/05/1940Hptm. Herwig KnüppelStab II.JG 26CurtissAntwerpen19.1Western Front
11/05/1940 Staffelabschuß6JG 26CurtissAntwerpen19.1Western Front
11/05/1940Oblt. Georg Beyer7JG 26CurtissNE Antwerpen17.3Western Front
11/05/1940Fw. Bernhard Eberz9JG 26CurtissNE Antwerpen17.3Western Front
11/05/1940Major Ernst Frhr. von BergStab III.JG 26CurtissNE Antwerpen17.45Western Front
11/05/1940Ltn. Joachim MünchebergStab III.JG 26CurtissNNE Antwerpen17.45Western Front
11/05/1940Ltn. Gustav Sprick8JG 26CurtissNW Antwerpen19.3Western Front
13/05/1940Hptm. Karl Ebbinghausen4JG 26Fokker T.VDordrecht7.18Western Front
13/05/1940Hptm. Karl Ebbinghausen4JG 26Fokker G.1Dordrecht7.2Western Front
13/05/1940Ltn. Hans Krug5JG 26SpitfireWaalhaven6.45Western Front
13/05/1940Fw. Walter Meyer5JG 26SpitfireDordrecht6.45Western Front
13/05/1940Ltn. Eckardt Roch5JG 26SpitfireDordrecht6.45Western Front
13/05/1940Uffz. Hans Wemhöner5JG 26SpitfireDordrecht6.46Western Front
13/05/1940Ltn. Eckardt Roch5JG 26SpitfireRotterdam6.5Western Front
13/05/1940Ltn. Hans Krug5JG 26SpitfireDordrecht6.55Western Front
13/05/1940Fw. Erwin Stolz5JG 26DefiantDordrecht7Western Front
13/05/1940Ltn. Eckard Roch5JG 26SpitfireRotterdam7.05Western Front
13/05/1940Ltn. Eberhard Henrici1JG 26Morane 406S. Breda10.5Western Front
13/05/1940Ltn. Friedrich Butterweck1JG 26Potez 63Peppel S. Tilburg18.38Western Front
14/05/1940Ltn. Hans-Jürgen WestphalStab III.JG 26HurricaneE. Ath 20km NNW Mons18.40±Western Front
14/05/1940Ltn. Joachim MünchebergStab III.JG 26HurricaneE. Ath 20km NNW Mons18.45Western Front
14/05/1940Ltn. Walter Blume7JG 26HurricaneBrüssel18.45Western Front
14/05/1940Ltn. Gerhard Müller-Dühe7JG 26HurricaneBrüssel18.45Western Front
14/05/1940Uffz. Gerhard Grzymalla8JG 26Morane 406--Western Front
14/05/1940Oblt. Kuno Wendt8JG 26Morane 406SE Mons18.25Western Front
15/05/1940Ltn. Joachim MünchebergStab III.JG 26HurricaneOverijsche SE Brussels13Western Front
15/05/1940Oblt. Wilhelm Fronhöfer9JG 26Mureaux 115Löwen8.35Western Front
16/05/1940Ltn. Otto-Heinrich HillekeStab II.JG 26CurtissLille16.5Western Front
16/05/1940Hptm. Herwig KnüppelStab II.JG 26Morane 406Lille-Seclin16.5Western Front
16/05/1940Uffz. Hugo Dahmer4JG 26Morane 40635km NE Tournai: 600m16.5Western Front
16/05/1940Uffz. Helmut Brügelmann8JG 26Mureaux 115Löwen-Wavre13.45Western Front
17/05/1940Ltn. Wolfgang Kosse6JG 26LysanderMons18.3Western Front
17/05/1940Ltn. Hermann Ripke8JG 26Morane 406--Western Front
17/05/1940Ltn. Heinz Ebeling8JG 26Morane 406Gramont [Namur]18.3Western Front
17/05/1940Ltn. Gustav Sprick8JG 26Morane 406Gramont [Namur]18.3Western Front
18/05/1940Fw. Hermann Hoffmann5JG 26Morane 406Cambrai16.15Western Front
18/05/1940Oblt. Ludwig Roos4JG 26Morane 406Douai16.2Western Front
18/05/1940Ltn. Eckardt Roch5JG 26Morane 406Cambrai16.20-30Western Front
18/05/1940Fw. Walter Meyer5JG 26Morane 406Douai16.20-30Western Front
18/05/1940Oblt. Alfred Pomaska6JG 26Morane 406Cambrai16.20-30Western Front
18/05/1940Ltn. Peter Blohm6JG 26Morane 406Douai16.3Western Front
18/05/1940Ltn. Wolfgang Kosse6JG 26Morane 406Cambrai16.3Western Front
18/05/1940Ltn. Otto-Heinrich HillekeStab II.JG 26Morane 406Cambrai16.3Western Front
18/05/1940Hptm. Herwig KnüppelStab II.JG 26Morane 406Cambrai16.3Western Front
18/05/1940Hptm. Karl Ebbinghausen4JG 26Morane 406Douai16.3Western Front
18/05/1940Fw. Willi Roth4JG 26HurricaneTournai16.3Western Front
18/05/1940Ltn. Walter Schneider5JG 26CurtissDouai16.35Western Front
19/05/1940Fw. Willi Roth4JG 26HurricaneTournai20.4Western Front
19/05/1940Uffz. Hans Wemhöner5JG 26CurtissRoubaix17.4Western Front
19/05/1940Ltn. Hans Krug5JG 26HurricaneLille8.3Western Front
19/05/1940Fw. Gerhard Grzymalla8JG 26Potes 63--Western Front
19/05/1940Uffz. Bernhard Eberz9JG 26HurricaneNE Courtrai-Western Front
19/05/1940Oblt. Gerd Schöpfel9JG 26HurricaneRaum Lille-Western Front
24/05/1940Hptm. Karl EbbinghausenStab II.JG 26SpitfireDünkirchen16.55Western Front
24/05/1940Ltn. Otto-Heinrich HillekeStab II.JG 26SpitfireDünkirchen16.55Western Front
24/05/1940Fw. Walter März5JG 26SpitfireDünkirchen16.5Western Front
27/05/1940Uffz. Wilhelm Philipp4JG 26SpitfireOstende17.3Western Front
27/05/1940Fw. Franz Lüders6JG 26SpitfireOstende16.32Western Front
27/05/1940Fw. Franz Lüders6JG 26SpitfireOstende17.4Western Front
28/05/1940Fw. Bruno Hegenauer1JG 26Spitfire15-20km E. Dover: 2500m10.4Western Front
28/05/1940Oblt. Fritz Losigkeit2JG 26SpitfireCalais: 4000m10.35Western Front
28/05/1940Uffz. Josef Richter2JG 26SpitfireCalais: 2900m10.35Western Front
28/05/1940Fw. Heinrich Vielhaber1JG 26Spitfire20km E. Dover: 3500m10.5Western Front
28/05/1940Uffz. Alfred Burkhardt3JG 26SpitfireNW Calais10.42Western Front
28/05/1940Oblt. Johannes Seifert3JG 26Spitfire20km SW Ostende: 4200m10.4Western Front
28/05/1940Ltn. Siegfried Gruel3JG 26SpitfireNW Calais10.43Western Front
28/05/1940Ltn. Kurt Ruppert3JG 26SpitfireNW Calais10.45±Western Front
28/05/1940Uffz. Wilhelm Philipp4JG 26SpitfireESE Dover12.3Western Front
28/05/1940Uffz. Hugo Dahmer4JG 26SpitfireThemesmündung12.5Western Front
28/05/1940Ltn. Walter Schneider5JG 26HurricaneESE Dover12.33Western Front
28/05/1940Oblt. Georg Beyer7JG 26HurricaneOstende12.3Western Front
28/05/1940Ltn. Gerhard Müller-Duhe7JG 26HurricaneOstende12.3Western Front
28/05/1940Ltn. Heinz Ebeling8JG 26HurricaneNW Ostende12.25Western Front
28/05/1940Uffz. Ernst Jäckel8JG 26HurricaneOstende12.25Western Front
29/05/1940Major Ernst Frhr. Von BergStab III.JG 26SpitfireW. Dünkirchen18.1Western Front
29/05/1940Ltn. Joachim MünchebergStab III.JG 26HurricaneW. Dünkirchen18.1Western Front
29/05/1940Oblt. Wilhelm Fronhöfer9JG 26SpitfireW. Dünkirchen18.1Western Front
29/05/1940Ltn. Josef Haiböck9JG 26SpitfireW. Dünkirchen18.1Western Front
29/05/1940Oblt. Gerd Schöpfel9JG 26HurricaneW. Dünkirchen18.1Western Front
29/05/1940Uffz. Wilhelm Philipp4JG 26SpitfireDover18.45Western Front
29/05/1940Fw. Willi Roth4JG 26SpitfireDünkirchen18.5Western Front
29/05/1940Fw. Hermann Hoffmann4JG 26SpitfireDünkirchen18.55Western Front
29/05/1940Ltn. Otto-Heinrich HillekeStab II.JG 26AnsonÄrmelkanal: 10m19.05Western Front
29/05/1940Uffz. Hugo Dahmer4JG 26SpitfireDover19Western Front
29/05/1940Fw. Walter Meyer5JG 26AnsonÄrmelkanal: 10m19.05Western Front
31/05/1940Ltn. Horst Ulenberg2JG 26SpitfireNE Dünkirchen: 7000m14.2Western Front
31/05/1940Fw. Franz Lüders6JG 26HurricaneKanal-Dünkirchen: 1500-2000m13Western Front
31/05/1940Ltn. Joachim MünchebergStab III.JG 26LysanderFurnes-Dünkirchen: 50m15.35Western Front
31/05/1940Major Ernst Frhr. von BergStab III.JG 26HurricaneSW Dünkirchen15.4Western Front
31/05/1940Ltn. Joachim MünchebergStab III.JG 26HurricaneSW Dünkirchen15.4Western Front
31/05/1940Ltn. Joachim MünchebergStab III.JG 26HurricaneNE Dünkirchen15.45Western Front
31/05/1940Oblt. Georg Beyer7JG 26HurricaneDünkirchen15.4Western Front
31/05/1940Ltn. Klaus Mietusch7JG 26HurricaneDünkirchen15.4Western Front
31/05/1940Ofw. Heinrich Ötteking7JG 26HurricaneS. Dünkirchen: 2000m15.4Western Front
31/05/1940Ltn. Heinz Ebeling8JG 26HurricaneDünkirchen15.45Western Front
31/05/1940Fw. Gerhard Grzymalla8JG 26HurricaneDünkirchen15.45Western Front
31/05/1940Uffz. Erwin Busch9JG 26HurricaneS. Dünkirchen: 4000m15.4Western Front
31/05/1940Ltn. Josef Haiböck9JG 26SpitfireDünkirchen15.4Western Front
31/05/1940Oblt. Gerd Schöpfel9JG 26SpitfireN. Dünkirchen: 3000m15.4Western Front
31/05/1940Ltn. Joachim MünchebergStab III.JG 26SpitfireDünkirchen-Dover20.3Western Front
31/05/1940Major Ernst Frhr. von BergStab III.JG 26LysanderDünkirchen20.2Western Front
31/05/1940Uffz. Alfred Burkhardt8JG 26HurricaneNE Dünkirchen: 200-400m15.3Western Front
31/05/1940Uffz. Helmut Brügelmann8JG 26HurricaneNE Dünkirchen: 4500m15.3Western Front
31/05/1940Ltn. Hans-Jürgen WestphalStab III.JG 26HurricaneDünkirchen: 1400m15.4Western Front
31/05/1940Ltn. Hans-Jürgen WestphalStab III.JG 26SpitfireDünkirchen: 5000m20.15Western Front
31/05/1940Oblt. Gustav Sprick8JG 26HurricaneFurnes: 3000m15.4Western Front
31/05/1940Fw. Josef Gärtner8JG 26SpitfireDünkirchen: 1500m20.3Western Front
01/06/1940Uffz. Heinz Wolf3JG 26SpitfireDünkirchen6.36Western Front
01/06/1940Oblt. Fritz Losigkeit2JG 26SpitfireDünkirchen6.4Western Front
01/06/1940Ltn. Hans Krug5JG 26HurricaneN. Dünkirchen: 1500-2000m12.35Western Front
01/06/1940Uffz. Hans Wemhöner5JG 26HurricaneN. Dünkirchen12.4Western Front
01/06/1940Fw. Ernst Nischik6JG 26HurricaneNW Dünkirchen: 2900m12.4Western Front
01/06/1940Ltn. Karl Borris5JG 26SpitfireNW Dünkirchen: 1500m12.42Western Front
01/06/1940Ltn. Wolfgang Kosse6JG 26HurricaneDünkirchen: 2000m12.45Western Front
01/06/1940Uffz. Hans Wemhöner5JG 26HurricaneNW Dünkirchen: 1500m12.48Western Front
01/06/1940Fw. Willi Roth4JG 26HurricaneDünkirchen12.5Western Front
02/06/1940Ltn. Karl Borris5JG 26HurricaneDünkirchen9.1Western Front
02/06/1940Ltn. Wolfgang Kosse6JG 26Hurricane20km NE Dünkirchen: 2000m9.15Western Front
02/06/1940Ltn. Otto-Heinrich HillekeStab II.JG 26HurricaneDünkirchen9.2Western Front
02/06/1940Ltn. Peter Blohm6JG 26HurricaneDünkirchen9.2Western Front
02/06/1940Fw. Walter März5JG 26SpitfireDünkirchen9.3Western Front
02/06/1940Ltn. Hans Krug5JG 26HurricaneN. Dünkirchen: 300-1000m09.35-40Western Front
02/06/1940Fw. Gerhard Grzymalla8JG 26SpitfireDünkirchen: 200m9.2Western Front
02/06/1940Oblt. Gerd Schöpfel9JG 26SpitfireDünkirchen: 200m9.25Western Front
02/06/1940Fw. Bernhard Eberz9JG 26SpitfireDünkirchen9.25Western Front
02/06/1940Uffz. Erwin Busch9JG 26HurricaneDünkirchen9.25Western Front
02/06/1940Oblt. Gustav Sprick8JG 26SpitfireDünkirchen9.25Western Front
02/06/1940Oblt. Kuno Wendt8JG 26BattleNW Dünkirchen: 3500m15.25Western Front
03/06/1940Uffz. Willi Klein3JG 26CurtissE. Le Bourget14.4Western Front
03/06/1940Uffz. Wilhelm Müller3JG 26CurtissE. Le Bourget14.5Western Front
03/06/1940Fw. Hermann Hoffmann4JG 26Morane 406Nordrand Paris14.3Western Front
06/06/1940Oblt. Gustav Sprick8JG 26Bloch 151--Western Front
06/06/1940Oblt. Gustav Sprick8JG 26Bloch 151--Western Front
06/06/1940Oblt. Gustav Sprick8JG 26Bloch 151--Western Front
07/06/1940Uffz. Hugo Dahmer4JG 26HurricaneS. Dieppe: 10m19.4Western Front
07/06/1940Uffz. Hugo Dahmer4JG 26HurricaneS. Dieppe: 10m19.35Western Front
07/06/1940Uffz. Wilhelm Philipp4JG 26HurricaneE. Dieppe: 3500m19.3Western Front
08/06/1940Uffz. Wilhelm Müller3JG 26SpitfireNW Beauvais/Amiens14.4Western Front
08/06/1940Ltn. Horst Ulenberg2JG 26SpitfireN. Beauvais: 3500m14.45Western Front
08/06/1940Ltn. Horst Ulenberg2JG 26BattleN. Beauvais14.5Western Front
08/06/1940Oblt. Johannes Seifert3JG 26BattleN. Beauvais14.50±Western Front
08/06/1940Uffz. Wilhelm Müller3JG 26SpitfireSW Beauvais: bodennähe14.55Western Front
08/06/1940Fw. Gerhard Grzymalla8JG 26HurricaneAumale: 200m10.1Western Front
08/06/1940Ltn. Walter Blume7JG 26HurricaneNeufchâtel: 3000m10.15Western Front
08/06/1940Uffz. Ernst Ripke8JG 26SpitfirePontoise 10-15km NW Paris10.25Western Front
08/06/1940Uffz. Erwin Busch9JG 26HurricaneNW Beauvais10.3Western Front
08/06/1940Ltn. Josef Haiböck9JG 26HurricaneNW Beauvais10.3Western Front
08/06/1940Uffz. Erwin Busch9JG 26HurricaneBeauvais10.4Western Front
09/06/1940Oblt. Johannes Seifert3JG 26Potez 6310-15km SE Rouen: 3000-0m11.1Western Front
09/06/1940Ltn. Josef Bürschgens7JG 26Morane 406Mantes15.15Western Front
09/06/1940Ltn. Heinz Ebeling8JG 26Morane 406Rouen15.3Western Front
09/06/1940Fw. Josef Gärtner8JG 26Morane 406Mantes-Les Andelys15.35Western Front
13/06/1940Ltn. Wolfgang Ludewig9JG 26Potez 63-10.3Western Front
13/06/1940Oblt. Gustav Sprick8JG 26DefiantRaum Paris12.39Western Front
13/06/1940Ltn. Heinz Ebeling8JG 26DefiantRaum Paris12.4Western Front
14/06/1940Hptm. Karl Ebbinghausen4JG 26Battle18km S. Vernon: 200m17.53Western Front
14/06/1940Hptm. Adolf GallandStab III.JG 26Blenheim22km SE Vernon17.15Western Front
14/06/1940Hptm. Adolf GallandStab III.JG 26Defiant10km S. Evreux17.28Western Front
14/06/1940Ltn. Walter Blume7JG 26DefiantDreux17.4Western Front
14/06/1940Fw. Josef Gärtner8JG 26DefiantPoix-Abbéville17.5Western Front
14/06/1940Oblt. Gustav Sprick8JG 26HurricanePoix-Abbéville17.5Western Front
05/07/1940Oblt. Hubertus von Holtey5JG 26BlenheimSenden, 10km SW Münster: 50m14.15Western Front
07/07/1940Fw. Wilhelm Müller3JG 26BlenheimN. Unterbach [Düsseldorf]12.5Western Front
24/07/1940Fw. Karl Straub7JG 26SpitfireN. Margate: 1000m13.3Western Front
24/07/1940Major Adolf GallandStab III.JG 26Spitfire30km NE Margate: 3000-2200m13.35Western Front
25/07/1940Major Adolf GallandStab III.JG 26SpitfireDover Hafen16.17Western Front
25/07/1940Ltn. Gerhard Müller-Dühe7JG 26SpitfireDover: 3000m16.3Western Front
25/07/1940Ltn. Walter Blume7JG 26SpitfireHafen Dover16.35Western Front
25/07/1940Oblt. Georg Beyer7JG 26SpitfireS. Dover:1500m16.4Western Front
25/07/1940Ltn. Josef Bürschgens7JG 26SpitfireDover: 5500m16.4Western Front
28/07/1940Major Adolf GallandStab III.JG 26Spitfire10km NNE Dover: 6000m15.14Western Front
28/07/1940Oblt. Joachim MünchebergStab III.JG 26Hurricane15km NE Dover15.15Western Front
28/07/1940Fw. Konrad Carl9JG 26SpitfireNE Dover15.25Western Front
29/07/1940 FlakzugII.JG 26BlenheimMarquise4.1Western Front
08/08/1940Oblt. Gerhard Schöpfel9JG 26SpitfireW. Canterbury12.34Western Front
08/08/1940Oblt. Gerhard Schöpfel9JG 26HampdenS. Ramsgate12.35Western Front
08/08/1940Fw. Gerhard Grzymalla8JG 26HurricaneNE Marbury-Canterbury12.4Western Front
08/08/1940Oblt. Joachim MünchebergStab III.JG 26SpitfireNE Margate: 3000m12.55Western Front
12/08/1940Ltn. Kurt Ruppert3JG 26SpitfireS. Folkestone9.15Western Front
12/08/1940Uffz. Fritz Högel3JG 26SpitfireW. Folkestone9.2Western Front
12/08/1940Uffz. Gottfried Haferkorn2JG 26Morane 406Kanalenge über See12.2Western Front
12/08/1940Oblt. Kurt Dähne1JG 26SpitfireNE Goodwin Sands: 4100m12.2Western Front
12/08/1940Ogefr. Ernst Jäckel2JG 26SpitfireHöhe Margate: 4000m12.25Western Front
12/08/1940Oblt. Hans-Werner Regenauer2JG 26SpitfireRaum Folkestone12.2Western Front
12/08/1940Ltn. Hans Krug4JG 26SpitfireMargate12.25Western Front
12/08/1940Ltn. Heinz Ebeling8JG 26HurricaneThemesmündung12.15Western Front
12/08/1940Ltn. Heinz Ebeling8JG 26HurricaneThemesmündung12.2Western Front
12/08/1940Ltn. Heinz Ebeling8JG 26SpitfireSW Dover18.2Western Front
12/08/1940Ltn. Gustav Sprick8JG 26HurricaneNW Margate12.2Western Front
12/08/1940Major Adolf GallandStab III.JG 26HurricaneNNW Margate12.41Western Front
12/08/1940Oblt. Gerhard Schöpfel9JG 26SpitfireFolkestone18.3Western Front
12/08/1940Fw. Gerhard Grzymalla8JG 26SpitfireSW Dover18.3Western Front
12/08/1940Ltn. Johannes Naumann9JG 26SpitfireFolkestone18.2Western Front
13/08/1940Ltn. Karl Borris5JG 26HurricaneMaidstone/Detling17.05Western Front
13/08/1940Ltn. Karl Borris5JG 26HurricaneMaidstone/Ashford: 2500m17.07Western Front
14/08/1940Oblt. Franz Hörnig1JG 26SpitfireDover13.2Western Front
14/08/1940Fw. Wilhelm Müller3JG 26Spitfire5km S. Dover: 4300m13.35Western Front
14/08/1940Hptm. Karl EbbinghausenStab II.JG 26SpitfireSandwich: 4000m [Folkestone]13.35Western Front
14/08/1940Oblt. Hans Krug4JG 26SpitfirePl.Qu. 12244: SW Dover: 4000m [Dover]13.35Western Front
14/08/1940Fw. Konrad Carl9JG 26SpitfireDover-Folkstone: 1300m12.3Western Front
14/08/1940Oblt. Joachim MünchebergStab III.JG 26HurricaneDover-Folkstone13.29Western Front
14/08/1940Major Adolf GallandStab III.JG 26HurricaneSW Dover13.3Western Front
14/08/1940Oblt. Georg Beyer7JG 26SpitfireS. Dover: 800m13.35Western Front
14/08/1940Ltn. Gerhard Müller-Dühe7JG 26SpitfireDover-Folkstone: 4000m13.35Western Front
14/08/1940Ltn. Josef Bürschgens7JG 26SpitfireDover13.4Western Front
14/08/1940Oblt. Gerhard Schöpfel9JG 26HurricaneDover-Folkstone: 4000m13.3Western Front
15/08/1940Oblt. Eberhard Henrici1JG 26SpitfireNW Calais18.05Western Front
15/08/1940Hptm. Karl EbbinghausenStab II.JG 26SpitfireSW Dover: 8500m13Western Front
15/08/1940Oblt. Hans Krug4JG 26SpitfireFolkestone16.05Western Front
15/08/1940Oblt. Kurt Ebersberger4JG 26SpitfireTonbridge19.4Western Front
15/08/1940Major Adolf GallandStab III.JG 26Spitfire10km E. Dover12.55Western Front
15/08/1940Ltn. Heinz Ebeling8JG 26SpitfireFolkestone: 1200m12.55Western Front
15/08/1940Ofw. Heinrich Oetteking8JG 26SpitfireS. Littlestone: 1500m12.55Western Front
15/08/1940Ltn. Gustav Sprick8JG 26SpitfireDover-NW Boulogne12.58Western Front
15/08/1940Ltn. Josef Bürschgens7JG 26SpitfireE. Dover-Western Front
15/08/1940Ltn. Walter Blume7JG 26SpitfireE. Dover15.55Western Front
15/08/1940Oblt. Georg Beyer7JG 26SpitfireFolkestone: 6500m15.5Western Front
15/08/1940Ltn. Gerhard Müller-Dühe7JG 26SpitfireE. Dover15.5Western Front
15/08/1940Ltn. Josef Bürschgens7JG 26SpitfireE. Dover15.55Western Front
15/08/1940Major Adolf GallandStab III.JG 26Spitfire15km SE Folkestone16.01Western Front
15/08/1940Oblt. Joachim MünchebergStab III.JG 26SpitfireSE Dover16.01Western Front
15/08/1940Oblt. Georg Beyer7JG 26SpitfireS. Dover: 6000m16.05Western Front
15/08/1940Major Adolf GallandStab III.JG 26Spitfire20km SE Dover16.07Western Front
15/08/1940Uffz. Hans Humburg9JG 26SpitfireE. Dover16.15Western Front
15/08/1940Oblt. Hans-Jürgen WestphalStab III.JG 26SpitfireSE Dover-Western Front
15/08/1940Ltn. Heinz Ebeling8JG 26HurricaneHythe: 6000m [Folkestone]19.5Western Front
15/08/1940Ltn. Wilhelm Fronhöfer9JG 26HurricaneFolkestone20.2Western Front
15/08/1940Oblt. Josef Haiböck9JG 26HurricaneW. Folkestone20.25Western Front
16/08/1940Fw. Wilhelm Müller3JG 26HurricaneN. Tonbridge13.15Western Front
16/08/1940Ltn. Ludwig HaferStab I.JG 26SpitfireS. Gravesend13.25Western Front
16/08/1940Ltn. Eckhardt RochStab II.JG 26SpitfireDover13.55Western Front
16/08/1940Fw. Wilhelm Philipp4JG 26SpitfireW. Dover: 7000m14.06Western Front
16/08/1940Ltn. Walter Blume7JG 26SpitfireW. Calais-Western Front
18/08/1940Ltn. Gustav Sprick8JG 26HurricaneCanterbury13.5Western Front
18/08/1940Oblt. Gerhard Schöpfel9JG 26HurricaneCanterbury13.55Western Front
18/08/1940Oblt. Gerhard Schöpfel9JG 26HurricaneCanterbury13.55Western Front
18/08/1940Oblt. Gerhard Schöpfel9JG 26HurricaneCanterbury13.56Western Front
18/08/1940Oblt. Gerhard Schöpfel9JG 26HurricaneCanterbury13.56Western Front
18/08/1940Ltn. Josef Bürschgens7JG 26HurricaneNNW Dover: 3000m [Canterbury]14Western Front
18/08/1940Ltn. Josef Bürschgens7JG 26HurricaneNNW Dover: 3000m [Canterbury]14.04Western Front
18/08/1940Ltn. Hermann Ripke8JG 26Hurricane-16.35Western Front
18/08/1940Ltn. Heinz Ebeling8JG 26SpitfireN. London18.45Western Front
18/08/1940Fw. Konrad Jäckel8JG 26SpitfireN. London18.5Western Front
22/08/1940Fw. Wilhelm Philipp4JG 26SpitfireNNE Dover: 7000-8000m20.05Western Front
22/08/1940Oblt. Hans Krug4JG 26SpitfireMarquise20.15Western Front
22/08/1940Oblt. Gerhard Schöpfel9JG 26SpitfireSE Dover20.25Western Front
23/08/1940Ogefr. Ernst Jäckel2JG 26BattleSW Boulogne20.2Western Front
23/08/1940Uffz. Gottfried Haferkorn2JG 26BattleSW Boulogne-Western Front
23/08/1940Oblt. Kurt Ebersberger4JG 26BattleBoulogne20.15Western Front
23/08/1940Oblt. Hans Krug4JG 26BattleBoulogne20.25Western Front
24/08/1940Uffz. Bernhard Adam2JG 26HurricaneW. Dover: 5000m16Western Front
24/08/1940Fw. Wilhelm Müller3JG 26HurricaneNE Manston: 5500m15.35Western Front
24/08/1940Oblt. Kurt Ruppert3JG 26HurricaneNE Dover16.05Western Front
24/08/1940Uffz. Ernst Braun6JG 26SpitfireNW Southend: 8000m16.45Western Front
24/08/1940Ofw. Walter Meyer5JG 26SpitfireSheerness/Themse: 5000m16.5Western Front
24/08/1940Ltn. Gustav Sprick8JG 26HurricaneAshford12.2Western Front
24/08/1940Oblt. Joachim Müncheberg7JG 26HurricaneAshford12.22Western Front
25/08/1940Major Adolf GallandStabJG 26SpitfireDungeness-Folkestone: 3000m19.5Western Front
25/08/1940Ltn. Ludwig HaferStab I.JG 26HurricaneW. Folkestone: 2500m19.3Western Front
25/08/1940Fw. Wilhelm Müller3JG 26SpitfireKanal19.35Western Front
25/08/1940Fw. Wilhelm Müller3JG 26SpitfireDover-Calais: 3000m19.4Western Front
25/08/1940Oblt. Kurt Ruppert3JG 26SpitfireS. Calais19.5Western Front
25/08/1940Fw. Konrad Carl9JG 26Spitfire-19.5Western Front
25/08/1940Ltn. Josef Bürschgens7JG 26HurricaneLittlestone: 3500m19.55Western Front
28/08/1940Oblt. Walter HortenStabJG 26DefiantE. Canterbury: 2000m10.03Western Front
28/08/1940Oblt. Walter HortenStabJG 26DefiantE. Canterbury: 2000m10.03Western Front
28/08/1940Major Adolf GallandStabJG 26DefiantFaversham: 2000m [E. Canterbury]10.08Western Front
28/08/1940Oblt. Fritz Losigkeit2JG 26HurricaneN. Folkestone10.05Western Front
28/08/1940Ltn. Martin Rysavy2JG 26HurricaneS. Faversham: 4500m10.13Western Front
28/08/1940Oblt. Josef HaiböckStab III.JG 26DefiantE. Canterbury10Western Front
28/08/1940Oblt. Gerhard SchöpfelStab III.JG 26DefiantE. Canterbury10.1Western Front
29/08/1940Ltn. Martin Rysavy2JG 26HurricaneW. Dover19.37Western Front
29/08/1940Oblt. Eberhard Henrici1JG 26SpitfireLittlestone: 1500m19.38Western Front
29/08/1940Ofw. Müller2JG 26SpitfireDover: 4000m19.45Western Front
29/08/1940Hptm. Rolf PingelStab I.JG 26SpitfireDungeness20.06Western Front
29/08/1940Hptm. Rolf PingelStab I.JG 26SpitfireDungeness20.07Western Front
30/08/1940Oblt. Fritz Losigkeit2JG 26SpitfireSE Littlestone19.3Western Front
30/08/1940Fw. Harry Koch5JG 26HurricaneDungeness18.15Western Front
30/08/1940Ltn. Heinz Ebeling9JG 26Hurricane-18.35Western Front
31/08/1940Major Adolf GallandStabJG 26Curtiss20km SE Cambridge9.42Western Front
31/08/1940Major Adolf GallandStabJG 26SpitfireGravesend18.5Western Front
31/08/1940Oblt. Walter HortenStabJG 26Spitfire-19Western Front
31/08/1940Major Adolf GallandStabJG 26HurricaneMaidstone19.03Western Front
31/08/1940Hptm. Rolf PingelStab I.JG 26SpitfireS. London: 5000m18.45Western Front
31/08/1940Oblt. Eberhard Henrici1JG 26HurricaneGravesend18.5Western Front
31/08/1940Ofw. Robert Schiffbauer3JG 26SpitfireNW Chatham: 4500m18.5Western Front
31/08/1940Fw. Franz Lüders6JG 26HurricaneBrentwood9.42Western Front
31/08/1940Uffz. Hugo Dahmer6JG 26HurricaneBrentwood9.45Western Front
31/08/1940Ltn. Wolfgang Kosse5JG 26HurricaneDungeness18.55Western Front
31/08/1940Oblt. Walter Schneider6JG 26HurricaneLondon19Western Front
31/08/1940Uffz. Hugo Dahmer6JG 26SpitfireS. Gravesend: 6000m19.45Western Front
31/08/1940Ltn. Heinz Ebeling9JG 26HurricaneNorth Weald9.5Western Front
31/08/1940Oblt. Gerhard SchöpfelStab III.JG 26SpitfireBraintree10Western Front
31/08/1940Oblt. Joachim Müncheberg7JG 26HurricaneNW Braintree: 5500m10Western Front
31/08/1940Ltn. Klaus Mietusch7JG 26SpitfireChelmsford: 5000m10.1Western Front
31/08/1940Ltn. Heinz Ebeling9JG 26HurricaneNW Folkestone19.1Western Front
31/08/1940Ltn. Gustav Sprick8JG 26HurricaneFolkestone19.05Western Front
31/08/1940Ltn. Hans Christinnecke7JG 26SpitfireN. Sevenoaks: 3000m19.15Western Front
31/08/1940Ltn. Gustav Sprick8JG 26HurricaneFolkestone19.15Western Front
31/08/1940Ltn. Heinz Ebeling9JG 26HurricaneNW Folkestone19.2Western Front
31/08/1940Fw. Konrad Jäckel8JG 26Hurricane-19.4Western Front
01/09/1940Major Adolf GallandStabJG 26HurricaneSE London14.55Western Front
01/09/1940Oblt. Eberhard Henrici1JG 26HurricaneS. London15.07Western Front
01/09/1940Oblt. Eberhard Henrici1JG 26HurricaneSSW London: 4000m15.08Western Front
01/09/1940Oblt. Kurt Ebersberger4JG 26SpitfireS. London14.4Western Front
01/09/1940Fw. Willi Roth4JG 26SpitfireCranbrook14.5Western Front
01/09/1940Ltn. Josef Bürschgens7JG 26SpitfireCroydon14.5Western Front
01/09/1940Oblt. Joachim Müncheberg7JG 26HurricaneW. Goudhurst14.55Western Front
01/09/1940Oblt. Gerhard SchöpfelStab III.JG 26SpitfireLondon15Western Front
01/09/1940Ltn. Gustav Sprick8JG 26HurricaneLondon15.05Western Front
03/09/1940Major Adolf GallandStabJG 26HurricaneChelmsford11.32Western Front
03/09/1940Hptm. Erich BodeStab II.JG 26SpitfireMargate11.04Western Front
03/09/1940Hptm. Erich BodeStab II.JG 26SpitfireMargate11.08Western Front
03/09/1940Fw. Hermann Hoffmann4JG 26SpitfireHockley11.2Western Front
03/09/1940Fw. Willi Roth4JG 26HurricaneWickford11.25Western Front
03/09/1940Oblt. Josef HaiböckStab III.JG 26SpitfireRochester: 3000m11.05Western Front
03/09/1940Ltn. Gustav Sprick8JG 26SpitfireRochester11.1Western Front
03/09/1940Fw. Gerhard Grzymalla8JG 26Spitfire10km SE Southend: 6500m11.1Western Front
03/09/1940Uffz. Arnold Küpper8JG 26SpitfireThemesmündung: 6500m11.1Western Front
03/09/1940Ltn. Johannes Naumann9JG 26SpitfireThemesmündung: 6500m11.1Western Front
03/09/1940Oblt. Otto Meyer8JG 26SpitfireThemesmündung11.16Western Front
06/09/1940Major Adolf GallandStabJG 26HurricaneTonbridge10.2Western Front
06/09/1940Ltn. Horst Ulenberg2JG 26HurricaneSW Tonbridge10.25Western Front
06/09/1940Uffz. Bernhard Adam2JG 26Hurricane25-30km N. Rye: 5000m14.1Western Front
06/09/1940Ltn. Karl Borris5JG 26Hurricane30km NW Folkestone: 6500m9.55Western Front
06/09/1940Hptm. Erich BodeStab II.JG 26SpitfireRedhill10.1Western Front
06/09/1940Oblt. Kurt EbersbergerStab II.JG 26SpitfireRedhill10.1Western Front
06/09/1940Ltn. Wolfgang Kosse5JG 26HurricaneGuildford: 7000-4000m10.1Western Front
06/09/1940Oblt. Walter Schneider6JG 26SpitfireLittlestone14.25Western Front
06/09/1940Ofw. Heinrich Gottlob6JG 26SpitfireLittlestone14.28Western Front
06/09/1940Oblt. Walter Schneider6JG 26SpitfireLittlestone14.29Western Front
06/09/1940Ofw. Heinrich Gottlob6JG 26SpitfireLittlestone-Western Front
06/09/1940Ltn. Gustav Sprick8JG 26SpitfireSW Dungeness: 3500m10.1Western Front
06/09/1940Oblt. Joachim Müncheberg7JG 26HurricaneDungeness10.28Western Front
06/09/1940Fw. Konrad Carl9JG 26SpitfireN. Ashford: 5000m14.15Western Front
07/09/1940Oblt. Walter HortenStabJG 26Spitfire-18.55Western Front
07/09/1940Hptm. Rolf PingelStab I.JG 26SpitfireTonbridge19.25Western Front
07/09/1940Ltn. Heinz Ebeling9JG 26SpitfireNW Dover11.05Western Front
07/09/1940Oblt. Gerhard SchöpfelStab III.JG 26SpitfireLondon18.45Western Front
07/09/1940Oblt. Joachim Müncheberg7JG 26SpitfireSE London: 5500m18.45Western Front
07/09/1940Ltn. Heinz Ebeling9JG 26SpitfireSE London: 5500m18.5Western Front
08/09/1940Gefr. Erhardt Scheidt1JG 26Blenheim15km N. Calais: 500m13.33Western Front
09/09/1940Oblt. Gerhard SchöpfelStab III.JG 26SpitfireThemesmündung18.05Western Front
09/09/1940Oblt. Gerhard SchöpfelStab III.JG 26SpitfireThemesmündung18.07Western Front
09/09/1940Oblt. Gerhard SchöpfelStab III.JG 26SpitfireThemesmündung18.11Western Front
09/09/1940Ltn. Hermann Ripke8JG 26SpitfireThemesmündung18.2Western Front
11/09/1940Major Adolf GallandStabJG 26HurricaneNW Dungeness16.2Western Front
11/09/1940Ltn. Heinrich Oetteking8JG 26SpitfireW. Ashford19.15Western Front
11/09/1940Oblt. Joachim Müncheberg7JG 26SpitfireE. Ashford: 6500m19.25Western Front
11/09/1940Ltn. Gustav Sprick8JG 26HurricaneCanterbury-Ashford: 5000m19.3Western Front
11/09/1940Fw. Josef Gärtner8JG 26HurricaneSE London19.3Western Front
11/09/1940Fw. Gerhard Grzymalla8JG 26SpitfireSE London19.33Western Front
14/09/1940Major Adolf GallandStabJG 26HurricaneSüdostrands London17.03Western Front
14/09/1940Oblt. Kurt Ruppert3JG 26HurricaneNE Dover16.23Western Front
14/09/1940Hptm. Rolf PingelStab I.JG 26HurricaneSE Maidstone16.5Western Front
14/09/1940Oblt. Kurt DähneStab I.JG 26HurricaneSE Maidstone17.03Western Front
14/09/1940Oblt. Kurt EbersbergerStab II.JG 26SpitfireEastchurch17.1Western Front
14/09/1940Oblt. Joachim Müncheberg7JG 26SpitfireS. Maidstone: 6500m17.05Western Front
15/09/1940Major Adolf GallandStabJG 26HurricaneThemesmündung15.3Western Front
15/09/1940Oblt. Walter HortenStabJG 26HurricaneThemesmündung15.3Western Front
15/09/1940Oblt. Fritz Losigkeit2JG 26SpitfireSE London15.4Western Front
15/09/1940Ofw. Walter Meyer5JG 26SpitfireLondon15.35Western Front
15/09/1940Fw. Franz Lüders6JG 26SpitfireKanal18Western Front
17/09/1940Ltn. Gustav Sprick8JG 26SpitfireGravesend16.36Western Front
18/09/1940Major Adolf GallandStabJG 26Hurricane-13.35Western Front
18/09/1940Major Adolf GallandStabJG 26HurricaneW. Rochester13.52Western Front
18/09/1940Major Adolf GallandStabJG 26HurricaneW. Rochester13.55Western Front
18/09/1940Ltn. Heinz Ebeling9JG 26HurricaneLondon: 6000m [S. Gravesend]13.5Western Front
18/09/1940Fw. Josef Gärtner8JG 26HurricaneSE London: 5000m [S. Tonbridge]14Western Front
18/09/1940Fw. Gerhard Grzymalla8JG 26SpitfireLondon14.15Western Front
20/09/1940Major Adolf GallandStabJG 26SpitfireS. Hornchurch12.05Western Front
20/09/1940Hptm. Johannes Seifert3JG 26HurricaneThemesmündung12.25Western Front
20/09/1940Hptm. Johannes Seifert3JG 26HurricaneMaidstone12.37Western Front
20/09/1940Ofw. Heinrich Gottlob6JG 26HurricaneLondon12.15Western Front
21/09/1940Major Adolf GallandStabJG 26SpitfireW. Ashford-Canterbury19.25Western Front
23/09/1940Major Adolf GallandStabJG 26HurricaneN. Rochester10.45Western Front
23/09/1940Major Adolf GallandStabJG 26HurricaneN. Rochester10.45Western Front
23/09/1940Uffz. Hans-Jürgen Frölich2JG 26SpitfireKanal-über See15.2Western Front
23/09/1940Oblt. Walter Schneider6JG 26HurricaneMargate11Western Front
23/09/1940Uffz. Hans Bluder4JG 26SpitfireFolkestone11.05Western Front
23/09/1940Oblt. Walter Schneider6JG 26HurricaneThemesmündung11.1Western Front
23/09/1940Ofw. Heinrich Gottlob6JG 26HurricaneThemesmündung11.1Western Front
23/09/1940Oblt. Harold Grawatsch6JG 26HurricaneThemesmündung11.1Western Front
23/09/1940Ltn. Gustav Sprick8JG 26SpitfireThemesmündung10.35Western Front
23/09/1940Gefr. Helmut Hornatscheck9JG 26SpitfireThemesmündung10.45Western Front
24/09/1940Major Adolf GallandStabJG 26HurricaneRochester10Western Front
24/09/1940Uffz. Hugo Dahmer6JG 26HurricaneSouthend10.55Western Front
28/09/1940Hptm. Rolf PingelStab I.JG 26HurricaneMaidstone14.4Western Front
28/09/1940Ltn. Horst Ulenberg2JG 26SpitfireAshford14.45Western Front
28/09/1940Oblt. Walter Schneider6JG 26SpitfireCanterbury11.35Western Front
28/09/1940Uffz. Hugo Dahmer6JG 26SpitfireCanterbury-Western Front
28/09/1940Hptm. Gerhard SchöpfelStab III.JG 26SpitfireN. Dungeness10.45Western Front
28/09/1940Ltn. Gustav Sprick8JG 26SpitfireCanterbury: 7000m [SW London]11.3Western Front
30/09/1940Major Adolf GallandStabJG 26HurricaneS. Guildford18.05Western Front
30/09/1940Oblt. Walter HortenStabJG 26HurricaneGuildford-Western Front
30/09/1940Oblt. Walter HortenStabJG 26HurricaneGuildford-Western Front
30/09/1940Uffz. Karl Schieffer5JG 26HurricaneTonbridge10.25Western Front
30/09/1940Uffz. Hugo Dahmer6JG 26HurricaneTonbridge10.25Western Front
30/09/1940Oblt. Walter Schneider6JG 26HurricaneTonbridge10.25Western Front
30/09/1940Ofw. Walter Meyer5JG 26HurricaneTonbridge10.26Western Front
01/10/1940Fw. Harry Koch5JG 26HurricaneBrighton15.3Western Front
01/10/1940Oblt. Walter Schneider6JG 26HurricaneHorsham: 1800m15.35Western Front
07/10/1940Fw. Willi Roth4JG 26SpitfireTenterden11.2Western Front
07/10/1940Fw. Josef Gärtner8JG 26Hurricane-17.35Western Front
10/10/1940Major Adolf GallandStabJG 26SpitfireS. Eastchurch10.2Western Front
11/10/1940Major Adolf GallandStabJG 26SpitfireSE Chatham17.05Western Front
11/10/1940Major Adolf GallandStabJG 26HurricaneDartford-Rochester: 2500m17.12Western Front
11/10/1940Hptm. Walter AdolphStab II.JG 26SpitfireMaidstone17.38Western Front
11/10/1940Hptm. Walter AdolphStab II.JG 26SpitfireMaidstone17.38Western Front
15/10/1940Major Adolf GallandStabJG 26SpitfireS. Rochester13.5Western Front
15/10/1940Uffz. Erhardt Scheidt1JG 26SpitfireMaidstone11.25Western Front
15/10/1940Uffz. Erhardt Scheidt1JG 26HurricaneS. Gillingham: 6000m13.57Western Front
15/10/1940Oblt. Eberhard Henrici1JG 26HurricaneS. Gillingham13.55Western Front
15/10/1940Hptm. Walter AdolphStab II.JG 26HurricaneLondon14.1Western Front
15/10/1940Oblt. Harold GrawatschStab II.JG 26HurricaneLondon14.12Western Front
15/10/1940Uffz. Hugo Dahmer6JG 26SpitfireE. London-Western Front
15/10/1940Ltn. Gustav Sprick8JG 26Spitfire-13.45Western Front
17/10/1940Oblt. Joachim Müncheberg7JG 26Bloch 151Faversham14.55Western Front
21/10/1940Oblt. Kurt Eichstädt5JG 26HurricaneLondon-Western Front
25/10/1940Hptm. Walter AdolphStab II.JG 26SpitfireMaidstone11.04Western Front
25/10/1940Ltn. Karl Borris5JG 26SpitfireMaidstone11.04Western Front
25/10/1940Oblt. Hans-Jürgen WestphalStab III.JG 26SpitfireS. Sevenoaks11.1Western Front
25/10/1940Ltn. Gustav Sprick8JG 26SpitfireMaidstone: 7000m14.3Western Front
25/10/1940Oblt. Joachim Müncheberg7JG 26SpitfireMarden14.4Western Front
26/10/1940Major Adolf GallandStabJG 26HurricaneMaidstone-/S. London17.3Western Front
29/10/1940Hptm. Gerhard SchöpfelStab III.JG 26Hurricane-17.45Western Front
30/10/1940Major Adolf GallandStabJG 26SpitfireE. London12.55Western Front
30/10/1940Major Adolf GallandStabJG 26SpitfireS. Eastchurch-Maidstone17.3Western Front
30/10/1940Major Adolf GallandStabJG 26SpitfireCanterbury-Maidstone17.4Western Front
01/11/1940Major Adolf GallandStabJG 26SpitfireW. Ashford12.5Western Front
01/11/1940Ltn. Hans Heinemann1JG 26SpitfireAshford12.5Western Front
01/11/1940Hptm. Walter AdolphStab II.JG 26SpitfireMaidstone12.5Western Front
01/11/1940Oblt. Kurt Ebersberger4JG 26SpitfireHerne Bay15.35Western Front
01/11/1940Hptm. Gerd SchöpfelStab III.JG 26SpitfireHerne Bay15.35Western Front
05/11/1940Hptm. Rolf PingelStab I.JG 26SpitfireE. Gravesend: 7000m17.05Western Front
05/11/1940Hptm. Johannes Seifert3JG 26HurricaneThemesmündung17.15Western Front
05/11/1940Ofw. Heinrich Gottlob6JG 26HurricaneRamsgate12.25Western Front
05/11/1940Fw. Ortwin Petersen6JG 26HurricaneCanterbury u. Ramsgate; 6000m12.25Western Front
05/11/1940Oblt. Walter Schneider6JG 26HurricaneCanterbury12.4Western Front
05/11/1940Ofw. Walter Meyer6JG 26HurricaneCanterbury12.4Western Front
08/11/1940Hptm. Walter AdolphStab II.JG 26SpitfireTonbridge14.5Western Front
08/11/1940Ofw. Willi Roth4JG 26SpitfireTonbridge: 8500m [SW Dover]11.35Western Front
08/11/1940Ofw. Hermann Hoffmann4JG 26SpitfireTonbridge14.5Western Front
08/11/1940Ofw. Willi Roth4JG 26SpitfireDover14.5Western Front
08/11/1940Fw. Wilhelm Philipp4JG 26SpitfireTonbridge17.4Western Front
13/11/1940Ofw. Robert Schiffbauer3JG 26Hurricane15km S. Folkestone: 300m12Western Front
13/11/1940Hptm. Johannes Seifert3JG 26Hurricane2km S. Folkestone: 400m12Western Front
14/11/1940Obstlt. Adolf GallandStabJG 26Spitfire10km S. Dover15.28Western Front
14/11/1940Oblt. Joachim Müncheberg7JG 26SpitfireSE Dover: 100m15.32Western Front
14/11/1940Oblt. Kurt Ruppert9JG 26SpitfireS. Dover15.23Western Front
15/11/1940Obstlt. Adolf GallandStabJG 26Hurricanebei Dover10.28Western Front
17/11/1940Obstlt. Adolf GallandStabJG 26HurricaneW. Harwich10.2Western Front
17/11/1940Obstlt. Adolf GallandStabJG 26Hurricane20km E. versengt Leucht: 1000-1500m [Themesmündung]10.27Western Front
17/11/1940Oblt. Gustav Sprick8JG 26SpitfireE. Harwich10.22Western Front
27/11/1940Obstlt. Adolf GallandStabJG 26Spitfire5km E. Detling: 8000m17Western Front
28/11/1940Obstlt. Adolf GallandStabJG 26HurricaneDartford: 6500m15.4Western Front
29/11/1940Fw. Harry Koch5JG 26HurricaneTonbridge13.5Western Front
05/12/1940Obstlt. Adolf GallandStabJG 26SpitfireDover-Dungeness: 2000m12.3Western Front
05/12/1940Oblt. Kurt Ebersberger4JG 26HurricaneRochester12.2Western Front
05/12/1940Uffz. Karl Schieffer5JG 26SpitfireChatham12.45Western Front
05/12/1940Ltn. Josef HaiböckStab III.JG 26HurricaneW. Hastings12.15Western Front
05/12/1940Fw. Helmut Brügelmann8JG 26HurricaneW. Hastings-Western Front
12/01/1941Fw. Helmut Brügelmann8JG 26HurricaneW. Boulogne15.15Western Front
05/02/1941Fw. Wilhelm Philipp4JG 26SpitfireNeufchâtel14.15Western Front
12/02/1941Oblt. Joachim Müncheberg7JG 26HurricaneS. Sigguwi W. Takali: [Malta]16.41Western Front
12/02/1941Fw. Werner Leibing7JG 26HurricaneMalta16.45Western Front
12/02/1941Fw. Werner Leibing7JG 26HurricaneMalta16.47Western Front
16/02/1941Oblt. Joachim Müncheberg7JG 26Hurricanevor Dingli SW Malta10.38Western Front
16/02/1941Uffz. Georg Mondry7JG 26Hurricane20km S. Valetta: 5000m: [Malta]10.42Western Front
16/02/1941Oblt. Joachim Müncheberg7JG 26HurricaneE. Ta Venezia: [Malta]14.45Western Front
25/02/1941Oblt. Joachim Müncheberg7JG 26HurricaneE. St. Paul's Bay: 2000m: [Malta]16.45Western Front
26/02/1941Oblt. Joachim Müncheberg7JG 26HurricaneS. Krendi: 2500m: [Malta]14.06Western Front
26/02/1941Uffz. Georg Mondry7JG 26HurricaneKalafrana Bay: 3000m: [Malta]14Western Front
26/02/1941Oblt. Joachim Müncheberg7JG 26Hurricane10km S. Malta: 2500m14.1Western Front
26/02/1941Oblt. Klaus Mietusch7JG 26Hurricane10km S. Malta: 2500m14.17Western Front
02/03/1941Oblt. Joachim Müncheberg7JG 26Hurricane2km W. Marsa Scirocco: 2500m: [Malta]10.45Western Front
05/03/1941Oblt. Joachim Müncheberg7JG 26HurricaneS. Hal Far: 3500m: [Malta]17.32Western Front
05/03/1941Uffz. Heinz-Norbert Kestler7JG 26HurricaneS. Malta: 3500m17.3Western Front
07/03/1941Ltn. Hans Johannsen7JG 26BlenheimW. Insel Gozo: 50m: [Malta]12.15Western Front
07/03/1941Ofw. Karl Kühdorf7JG 26HurricaneMalta12.2Western Front
15/03/1941Oblt. Joachim Müncheberg7JG 26Wellington10km NW Insel Gozo: [Malta]7.5Western Front
22/03/1941Oblt. Klaus Mietusch7JG 26Hurricane40km N. Malta: 2500m16.24Western Front
22/03/1941Uffz. Karl-Heinz Ehlen7JG 26Hurricane30km N. Malta: 2500m16.25Western Front
22/03/1941Oblt. Klaus Mietusch7JG 26Hurricane40km N. Malta: 2500m16.26Western Front
22/03/1941Uffz. Karl-Heinz Ehlen7JG 26Hurricane20km N. Malta: 2000m16.27Western Front
22/03/1941Uffz. Karl-Heinz Ehlen7JG 26Hurricane20km N. Malta: 2000m16.3Western Front
22/03/1941Ofw. Karl Kühdorf7JG 26Hurricane20km N. Malta: 2000m16.3Western Front
22/03/1941Uffz. Heinz-Norbert Kestler7JG 26Hurricane20km N. Malta 2000m16.31Western Front
28/03/1941Oblt. Joachim Müncheberg7JG 26Hurricane10km S. Insel Gozo: [Malta]17.2Western Front
04/04/1941Obstlt. Adolf GallandStabJG 26Spitfirezw. Dover/Canterbury: 1200m17.5Western Front
04/04/1941Ofw. Robert Menge3JG 26SpitfireW. Dover-Deal17.5Western Front
06/04/1941Fw. Walter März5JG 26AnsonBrignogan13.4Western Front
06/04/1941Oblt. Joachim Müncheberg7JG 26Avia B.33Eauf Boden: Pogorica-Western Front
06/04/1941Oblt. Joachim Müncheberg7JG 26Breguet 19auf Boden: Pogorica-Western Front
06/04/1941Oblt. Joachim Müncheberg7JG 26Avia B.33ENE Pogorica12.05Western Front
06/04/1941Oblt. Klaus Mietusch7JG 26FuryNE Pogorica12.1Western Front
08/04/1941Ofw. Harry Koch5JG 26BlenheimIle de Batz NE Brest13.25Western Front
10/04/1941Ltn. Horst Ulenberg2JG 26SpitfirePlouescat19.25Western Front
10/04/1941Ltn. Horst Ulenberg2JG 26SpitfireN. Ile d' Ouessant9.22Western Front
11/04/1941Oblt. Joachim Müncheberg7JG 26HurricaneSE Malta11.31Western Front
11/04/1941Oblt. Klaus Mietusch7JG 26Hurricane20km N. Malta: 2500m11.5Western Front
11/04/1941Oblt. Joachim Müncheberg7JG 26HurricaneSE Paul's Bay: [Malta]11.53Western Front
13/04/1941Oblt. Klaus Mietusch7JG 26Hurricane4km NE Kalafrana Bay: 1500m: [Malta]10.34Western Front
15/04/1941Obstlt. Adolf GallandStabJG 26SpitfireWittering 30km vor Dover: 3800m17.5Western Front
15/04/1941Obstlt. Adolf GallandStabJG 26SpitfireDover18Western Front
15/04/1941Obstlt. Adolf GallandStabJG 26Spitfirezw. Dover u. Margate: 4500m18Western Front
17/04/1941Uffz. Emil Babenz3JG 26BeaufortN. Brest über Kanal18Western Front
18/04/1941Oblt. Martin Rysavy2JG 26Blenheim70km W. Ras de Sein9.48Western Front
21/04/1941Uffz. Friedrich Wagner7JG 26Hurricane25km SE Kalafrana: 300m: [Malta]16.2Western Front
23/04/1941Oblt. Joachim Müncheberg7JG 26HurricaneSE Hal Far: [Malta]18.07Western Front
29/04/1941Ofw. Ernst Laube7JG 26HurricaneSt. Paul's Bay: 4000m: [Malta]18.46Western Front
29/04/1941Oblt. Joachim Müncheberg7JG 26HurricaneSt. Paul's Bay: 4000m: [Malta]18.47Western Front
30/04/1941Ltn. Hans Johannsen7JG 26HurricaneLa Valetta: 3000m: [Malta]-Western Front
01/05/1941Oblt. Joachim Müncheberg7JG 26HurricaneSE St. Paul's Bay: 3000m: [Malta]7.53Western Front
01/05/1941Ltn. Hans Johannsen7JG 26HurricaneTa Venezia W. La Valetta: 1500m: [Malta]7.54Western Front
01/05/1941Oblt. Joachim Müncheberg7JG 26Hurricane3km zw. Fl.Pl. Takali Ta Venezia: 100m: [Malta]7.55Western Front
01/05/1941Ltn. Hans Johannsen7JG 26HurricaneSW Fl.Pl. Luqa: 1500m: [Malta]17.14Western Front
01/05/1941Oblt. Joachim Müncheberg7JG 26HurricaneSW Fl.Pl. Luqa: 100m: [Malta]17.15Western Front
06/05/1941Oblt. Joachim Müncheberg7JG 26HurricaneNE Paul's Bay: [Malta]12.22Western Front
06/05/1941Oblt. Joachim Müncheberg7JG 26Hurricane1km SW Hal Far: 600m: [Malta]12.26Western Front
13/05/1941Oblt. Klaus Mietusch7JG 26Hurricane2km SW Ta Venezia: [Malta]14Western Front
25/05/1941Ltn. Horst Ulenberg2JG 26Spitfire60km N. Brest9.01Western Front
25/05/1941Ltn. Hans Johannsen7JG 26Hurricaneauf Boden: Fl.Pl. Takali: [Malta]15Western Front
25/05/1941Ofw. Ernst Laube7JG 26Hurricaneauf Boden: Fl.Pl. Takali: [Malta]15Western Front
25/05/1941Oblt. Joachim Müncheberg7JG 26Hurricaneauf Boden: Fl.Pl. Takali: [Malta]15Western Front
25/05/1941Oblt. Joachim Müncheberg7JG 26Hurricaneauf Boden: Fl.Pl. Takali: [Malta]15Western Front
09/06/1941Ofw. Robert Menge3JG 26SpitfireE. Dover14.1Western Front
09/06/1941Oblt. Hans-Jürgen Westphal8JG 26SpitfireDover14.12Western Front
09/06/1941Ltn. Wolfgang Kosse5JG 26BlenheimKanalenge17.1Western Front
09/06/1941Oblt. Walter Schneider6JG 26WellingtonKnokke17.45Western Front
11/06/1941Ltn. Johannes Schmidt3JG 26HurricaneKanalmitte13.25Western Front
11/06/1941Hptm. Johannes Seifert3JG 26HurricaneKanalmitte13.3Western Front
11/06/1941Oblt. Kurt Ebersberger4JG 26SpitfireNieuport16.55Western Front
13/06/1941Obstlt. Adolf GallandStabJG 26Hurricane5km W. Dover: 3500m13.15Western Front
13/06/1941Obstlt. Adolf GallandStabJG 26Hurricane10km NE Ashford: 2000m13.18Western Front
13/06/1941Oblt. Klaus Mietusch7JG 26Hurricane2km SW Ta Venezia: [Malta]14Western Front
14/06/1941Uffz. Gerhard Oemler9JG 26BlenheimNW Calais7.25Western Front
15/06/1941Uffz. Karl-Heinz Ehlen7JG 26HurricaneSidi Barrani: [Egypt]16.55Western Front
16/06/1941Fw. Erwin Leibold3JG 26SpitfireW. Boulogne: 1800m16.22Western Front
16/06/1941Oblt. Hans-Jürgen Westphal8JG 26SpitfireBoulogne-Etaples: 7000m16.25Western Front
16/06/1941Oblt. Gustav Sprick8JG 26SpitfireKanalmitte zw. Dungeness-Etaples: 100m16.35Western Front
16/06/1941Obstlt. Adolf GallandStabJG 26HurricaneW. Boulogne: 3000m16.35Western Front
16/06/1941Hptm. Rolf PingelStab I.JG 26BlenheimSE Boulogne16.35Western Front
16/06/1941Hptm. Rolf PingelStab I.JG 26SpitfireS. Dungeness16.52Western Front
16/06/1941Oblt. Josef Priller1JG 26SpitfireW. Boulogne16.35Western Front
16/06/1941Ltn. Robert Unzeitig1JG 26SpitfireNW Boulogne16.37Western Front
16/06/1941Uffz. Albrecht Held1JG 26BuffaloSW Boulogne16.41Western Front
16/06/1941Oblt. Josef Priller1JG 26BlenheimSW Boulogne16.45Western Front
16/06/1941Oblt. Heinrich Gottlob1JG 26SpitfireSE Dungeness16.5Western Front
16/06/1941Oblt. Hans-Jürgen Westphal8JG 26Hurricane30-40 W. Boulogne: 10-15m17Western Front
16/06/1941Ltn. Horst Ulenberg2JG 26SpitfireS. Folkestone17.32Western Front
16/06/1941Oblt. Martin Rysavy2JG 26SpitfireS. Hythe18.2Western Front
16/06/1941Fw. Ernst Jäckel2JG 26SpitfireSE Dungeness18.3Western Front
17/06/1941Obstlt. Adolf GallandStabJG 26Hurricane15km W. St. Omer: 3500m19.38Western Front
17/06/1941Obstlt. Adolf GallandStabJG 26Hurricane5km SE Boulogne: 3500m19.4Western Front
17/06/1941Oblt. Josef Priller1JG 26HurricaneW. Cap Gris Nez19.42Western Front
17/06/1941Ltn. Johann Aistleitner1JG 26HurricaneNW Boulogne19.47Western Front
17/06/1941Oblt. Christian Eickhoff2JG 26SpitfireNW Cap Gris Nez19.4Western Front
17/06/1941Oblt. Martin Rysavy2JG 26HurricaneNW Cap Gris Nez19.52Western Front
17/06/1941Hptm. Walter AdolphStab II.JG 26HurricaneBoulogne19.5Western Front
17/06/1941Ltn. Ernst Janda4JG 26HurricaneCap Gris Nez19.5Western Front
17/06/1941Hptm. Gerhard SchöpfelStab III.JG 26Hurricane-19.4Western Front
17/06/1941Hptm. Josef HaiböckStab III.JG 26SpitfireSt. Omer20Western Front
17/06/1941Oblt. Hans-Jürgen Westphal8JG 26SpitfireN. Etaples: 6000m19.4Western Front
17/06/1941Oblt. Gustav Sprick8JG 26HurricaneN. Étaples19.42Western Front
17/06/1941Ofw. Max Martin8JG 26HurricaneN. Étaples19.45Western Front
17/06/1941Oblt. Hans-Jürgen Westphal8JG 26Spitfire-19.45Western Front
17/06/1941Oblt. Gustav Sprick8JG 26Hurricane-19.58Western Front
17/06/1941Ltn. Erdmann Neumann9JG 26Spitfire-19.52Western Front
17/06/1941Uffz. Bartholamäus Eierstock9JG 26SpitfireNW Cap Gris Nez: 3500m19.35Western Front
17/06/1941Oblt. Klaus Mietusch7JG 26HurricaneSE Sidi Omar: [Libya]10.3Western Front
17/06/1941Oblt. Klaus Mietusch7JG 26HurricaneSE Sidi Omar: [Libya]-Western Front
18/06/1941Obstlt. Adolf GallandStabJG 26Spitfire1½km E. Ardres: 6500m18.18Western Front
18/06/1941Oblt. Gustav Sprick8JG 26Spitfire-18.2Western Front
18/06/1941 GruppenabschußIII.JG 26SpitfireNW Cap Gris Nez: 2000m18.35Western Front
20/06/1941Oblt. Joachim Müncheberg7JG 26Hurricane20km E. Buq Buq: [Egypt]7.55Western Front
21/06/1941Obstlt. Adolf GallandStabJG 26BlenheimS. St. Omer: 3500m12.32Western Front
21/06/1941Obstlt. Adolf GallandStabJG 26BlenheimMerville/NW St. Omer: 3500m12.36Western Front
21/06/1941Oblt. Josef Priller1JG 26SpitfireSW Ramsgate12.4Western Front
21/06/1941Uffz. Bartholamäus Eierstock9JG 26Spitfire-12.5Western Front
21/06/1941Oblt. Eberhard Mätzke4JG 26SpitfireN. Lederzeele: 3500m13.2Western Front
21/06/1941Obstlt. Adolf GallandStabJG 26SpitfireN. Etaples: 5000m16.37Western Front
21/06/1941Fw. Ernst Jäckel2JG 26SpitfireW. Boulogne16.3Western Front
21/06/1941Oblt. Martin Rysavy2JG 26SpitfireCap Gris Nez - Boulogne: 200m16.31Western Front
21/06/1941Ofw. Max Martin8JG 26SpitfireW. Boulogne16.4Western Front
21/06/1941Oblt. Gustav Sprick8JG 26HurricaneW. Boulogne16.42Western Front
21/06/1941Oblt. Gustav Sprick8JG 26Spitfire20km WNW Boulogne16.55Western Front
21/06/1941Ltn. Hans Naumann9JG 26HurricaneW. Boulogne16.35Western Front
22/06/1941Hptm. Rolf PingelStab I.JG 26SpitfireW. Dünkirchen16.1Western Front
22/06/1941Hptm. Walter AdolphStab II.JG 26SpitfireGravelines16Western Front
22/06/1941Oblt. Hans-Jürgen Westphal8JG 26Spitfirevor Gravelines16.1Western Front
22/06/1941Oblt. Gustav Sprick8JG 26Spitfirevor Gravelines16.2Western Front
23/06/1941Hptm. Johannes Seifert3JG 26Spitfirebei Samer13.5Western Front
23/06/1941Oblt. Heinrich Gottlob1JG 26SpitfireNW Calais20.5Western Front
23/06/1941Oblt. Kurt Ebersberger4JG 26SpitfireSt. Omer20.4Western Front
23/06/1941Hptm. Gerd SchöpfelStab III.JG 26Blenheim10km N. Dünkirchen20.3Western Front
23/06/1941Oblt. Josef Priller1JG 26SpitfireS. Sommemündung13.35Western Front
24/06/1941Ofw. Willi Roth4JG 26SpitfireGravelines: 7000m20.55Western Front
24/06/1941Ofw. Walter Meyer6JG 26SpitfireCalais20.4Western Front
24/06/1941Oblt. Gustav Sprick8JG 26Spitfirevor Gravelines20.58Western Front
24/06/1941Oblt. Joachim Müncheberg7JG 26HurricaneLavyet Ungheila8Western Front
25/06/1941Oblt. Josef Priller1JG 26SpitfireW. Gravelines13Western Front
25/06/1941Oblt. Martin Rysavy2JG 26SpitfireS. Dünkirchen12.4Western Front
25/06/1941Oblt. Martin Rysavy2JG 26SpitfireSW Dünkirchen12.56Western Front
25/06/1941Oblt. Walter Schneider6JG 26SpitfireS. Dünkirchen16.4Western Front
25/06/1941Ltn. Johannes Schmidt3JG 26Spitfire10km N. Dünkirchen16.45Western Front
26/06/1941Hptm. Walter AdolphStab II.JG 26SpitfireMardyck11.55Western Front
26/06/1941Ltn. Horst Sternberg5JG 26SpitfireDünkirchen11.5Western Front
27/06/1941Oblt. Josef Priller1JG 26SpitfireSW Gravelines10Western Front
27/06/1941Uffz. Albrecht Held1JG 26SpitfireN. Dünkirchen10.07Western Front
27/06/1941Fw. Ernst Jäckel2JG 26SpitfireE. Sangatte10.1Western Front
27/06/1941Oblt. Kurt Ebersberger4JG 26Spitfirebei Marquise16.59Western Front
27/06/1941Hptm. Gerd SchöpfelStab III.JG 26Hurricane-17.05Western Front
27/06/1941Hptm. Rolf-Peter PingelStab I.JG 26SpitfireNG-9: Roubaix21.43Western Front
28/06/1941Uffz. Emil Babenz3JG 26SpitfireW. Lille8.25Western Front
28/06/1941Hptm. Gerd SchöpfelStab III.JG 26SpitfireAudruicq8.5Western Front
30/06/1941Oblt. Josef Priller1JG 26Spitfire10km NW St. Inglevert18.56Western Front
30/06/1941Uffz. Georg Mondry7JG 26HurricaneLibya-Western Front
30/06/1941Hptm. Rudolf BieberStab I.JG 26Spitfire--Western Front
02/07/1941Obstlt. Adolf GallandStabJG 26Blenheimbei Merville: 4000m12.3Western Front
02/07/1941Hptm. Rudolf BieberStab I.JG 26BlenheimS. Fl.Pl. Merville12.35Western Front
02/07/1941Hptm. Rolf PingelStab I.JG 26HurricaneS. Dünkirchen12.5Western Front
02/07/1941Oblt. Josef Priller1JG 26Spitfire10km W. Lille12.45Western Front
02/07/1941Ltn. Horst Ulenburg2JG 26SpitfireE. Bouckerque12.5Western Front
02/07/1941Oblt. Walter Schneider6JG 26SpitfireMardyck12.55Western Front
02/07/1941Hptm. Gerd SchöpfelStab III.JG 26SpitfireS. Lillers: 2500-3000m12.5Western Front
02/07/1941Ofw. Max Martin8JG 26SpitfireSt. Omer14.1Western Front
03/07/1941Ltn. Hans-Joachim Harder2JG 26SpitfireS. Bouckerque15.45Western Front
03/07/1941Ltn. Hans Naumann9JG 26Spitfire-11.45Western Front
04/07/1941Oblt. Josef Priller1JG 26Spitfire10km SW St. Omer14.55Western Front
04/07/1941Gefr. Ernst Christof1JG 26SpitfireW. St. Omer14.58Western Front
04/07/1941Hptm. Johannes Seifert3JG 26Spitfire6km N. Béthune15.2Western Front
04/07/1941Ofw. Erwin Busch9JG 26Spitfire-15.05Western Front
05/07/1941Ltn. Horst Ulenberg2JG 26SpitfireSt. Herberthout: 6000m13.25Western Front
05/07/1941Ltn. Robert Unzeitig1JG 26SpitfireW. Dünkirchen13.4Western Front
05/07/1941Oblt. Josef Priller1JG 26SpitfireNW Dünkirchen13.4Western Front
06/07/1941Hptm. Walter AdolphStab II.JG 26SpitfireWormhoudt14.45Western Front
06/07/1941Ltn. Horst Ulenberg2JG 26Spitfire5km NW Dünkirchen: 2500m: [Straße: S. Socx]14.48Western Front
06/07/1941Oblt. Walter Otte3JG 26Spitfirebei Houten14.36Western Front
06/07/1941Ltn. Horst Ulenberg2JG 26SpitfireNW Dünkirchen14.25Western Front
06/07/1941Ltn. Friedrich Graf Uiberacker1JG 26SpitfireNW Dünkirchen14.55Western Front
06/07/1941Uffz. Gerhard Oemler9JG 26Spitfire--Western Front
06/07/1941Ltn. Paul Galland8JG 26Spitfire--Western Front
07/07/1941Ltn. Hans-Georg Dippel2JG 26SpitfireSamer15.2Western Front
07/07/1941Ltn. Robert Unzeitig1JG 26SpitfireSW Boulogne10.56Western Front
07/07/1941Oblt. Walter Otte3JG 26SpitfireKanalmitte10.45Western Front
07/07/1941Oblt. Josef Priller1JG 26SpitfireN. Gravelines10Western Front
07/07/1941Uffz. Albrecht Held1JG 26SpitfireSW Boulogne10.58Western Front
07/07/1941Oblt. Josef Priller1JG 26SpitfireW. Sommemündung10.47Western Front
08/07/1941Uffz. Albrecht Held1JG 26SpitfireMerckeghem6.35Western Front
08/07/1941Ltn. Johann Aistleitner1JG 26Spitfire10km NW Cap Gris Nez: 1200m6.4Western Front
08/07/1941Hptm. Walter AdolphStab II.JG 26SpitfireGravelines15.3Western Front
08/07/1941Ofw. Walter Meyer6JG 26SpitfireHazebrouck15.4Western Front
08/07/1941Uffz. Ulrich Grebe1JG 26SpitfireSE Dünkirchen15.4Western Front
08/07/1941Oblt. Werner Kahse1JG 26Spitfire20km NNW Coxyde15.45Western Front
08/07/1941Uffz. Hans-Jürgen Fröhlich2JG 26SpitfireNE Calais15.5Western Front
08/07/1941Ltn. Paul Schauder3JG 26Spitfireetwa 8km NE Gravelines15.5Western Front
08/07/1941Uffz. Ulrich Grebe1JG 26SpitfireN. Dünkirchen15.45Western Front
08/07/1941Uffz. Karl Finke6JG 26SpitfireS. Ypres-Western Front
08/07/1941Oblt. Josef Priller1JG 26Spitfire10km N. St. Omer15.3Western Front
09/07/1941Oblt. Josef Priller1JG 26SpitfireS. Aire14Western Front
09/07/1941Oblt. Christian Eickhoff2JG 26Spitfire10km SW St. Omer14.03Western Front
09/07/1941Oblt. Josef Priller1JG 26Spitfire2km S. Calais14.1Western Front
09/07/1941Ltn. Horst Ulenberg2JG 26Spitfire10km N. Etaples14.15Western Front
10/07/1941Oblt. Josef Priller1JG 26SpitfireN. St. Omer12.3Western Front
10/07/1941Oblt. Josef Priller1JG 26SpitfireNW Boulogne12.4Western Front
10/07/1941Ltn. Robert Unzeitig1JG 26SpitfireN. Cap Gris Nez12.43Western Front
11/07/1941Hptm. Gerd SchöpfelStab III.JG 26Spitfire-14.55Western Front
11/07/1941Hptm. Johannes SeifertStab I.JG 26SpitfireE. Wimereux15.05Western Front
11/07/1941Ltn. Horst Ulenberg2JG 26SpitfireW. Cap Gris Nez15.2Western Front
11/07/1941Oblt. Josef Priller1JG 26SpitfireW. Calais16.1Western Front
11/07/1941Ltn. Horst Ulenberg2JG 26SpitfireSE Dünkirchen16.2Western Front
11/07/1941Ltn. Hans-Joachim Harder2JG 26SpitfireN. Calais-Mardyck16.23Western Front
11/07/1941Fw. Emil Babenz3JG 26Spitfire10km NW Gravelines: 4000m16.3Western Front
14/07/1941Oblt. Otto Meyer8JG 26Spitfire-10.2Western Front
14/07/1941Oblt. Josef Priller1JG 26SpitfireS. Dünkirchen10.3Western Front
14/07/1941Hptm. Johannes SeifertStab I.JG 26SpitfireS. Dünkirchen10.3Western Front
14/07/1941Uffz. Ernst Christof1JG 26Spitfire10km N. Dover10.4Western Front
15/07/1941Oblt. Joachim Müncheberg7JG 26TomahawkSW Ras-el-Milh [Libya]18.4Western Front
17/07/1941Uffz. Heinz-Günther Adam2JG 26SpitfireS. Cassel21Western Front
18/07/1941Oblt. Walter Otte3JG 26Blenheimam Strande S. Mardyck11.25Western Front
18/07/1941Uffz. Hans-Jürgen Fröhlich2JG 26Spitfire10-15km NW Dünkirchen11.3Western Front
18/07/1941Fw. Erwin Leibold3JG 26Spitfirezw. Mardyck u. St. Pol11.29Western Front
18/07/1941Ltn. Paul Schauder3JG 26Blenheimzw. Gravelines u. Dünkirchen11.28Western Front
18/07/1941Fw. Ernst Jäckel2JG 26StirlingSE Lille [SE Deal]11.4Western Front
18/07/1941Ofw. Walter Meyer6JG 26SpitfireNW Dünkirchen12.2Western Front
19/07/1941Ltn. Josef HeyartzStab I.JG 26SpitfireN. Dünkirchen 4-5km ü. See14.15Western Front
19/07/1941Oblt. Christian Eickhoff2JG 26StirlingSE Bergues14.25Western Front
19/07/1941Oblt. Josef Priller1JG 26Spitfire5km vor Dover14.35Western Front
20/07/1941Ofw. Max Martin8JG 26Curtiss P-40Sea: W. Le Toquet16.05Western Front
21/07/1941Hptm. Johannes SeifertStab I.JG 26SpitfireSW Ypern [Ypres]20.25Western Front
21/07/1941Ofw. Walter März5JG 26SpitfireW. Lille: 5000m8.35Western Front
21/07/1941Hptm. Johannes SeifertStab I.JG 26SpitfireÄrmelkanal: 2000m8.4Western Front
21/07/1941Oblt. Werner Kahse1JG 26Spitfireca. 15km W. Calais Rtg. Dünkirchen8.45Western Front
21/07/1941Uffz. Gottfried Dietze2JG 26SpitfireSW Cap Gris Nez21Western Front
22/07/1941Oblt. Josef Priller1JG 26Spitfire10km NW Gravelines13.4Western Front
22/07/1941Oblt. Johannes SchmidStabJG 26Spitfire-19Western Front
23/07/1941Obstlt. Adolf GallandStabJG 26Spitfire40km NW Gravelines: 10m13.35Western Front
23/07/1941Uffz. Alfred Barthel5JG 26BlenheimOstende14.09Western Front
23/07/1941Ltn. Wolfgang Kosse5JG 26BlenheimOstende14.2Western Front
23/07/1941Fw. Erwin Leibold3JG 26Spitfirezw. Gravelines u. Watten14Western Front
23/07/1941Ltn. Johann Aistleitner1JG 26Spitfire10km N. Gravelines-Calais14Western Front
23/07/1941Oblt. Josef Priller1JG 26Spitfire16km NW Gravelines-Calais14.05Western Front
23/07/1941Ltn. Kurt-Erich Wenzel1JG 26Spitfire8km NNW Fort Philippe14.05Western Front
23/07/1941Hptm. Walter AdolphStab II.JG 26BlenheimOstende14.2Western Front
23/07/1941Ltn. Paul KellerStab II.JG 26BlenheimOstende14.25Western Front
23/07/1941Obstlt. Adolf GallandStabJG 26Spitfirebei Fruges: 7000m20.1Western Front
23/07/1941Obstlt. Adolf GallandStabJG 26Spitfirebei Fruges: 6500m20.15Western Front
23/07/1941Oblt. Johannes SchmidStabJG 26SpitfireBruges20.15Western Front
23/07/1941Oblt. Wilhelm-Ferdinand Galland6JG 26SpitfireHesdin, NW Hourtin: 4000m20.5Western Front
24/07/1941Ltn. Artur BeeseStab III.JG 26Spitfire-14.38Western Front
24/07/1941Oblt. Josef Priller1JG 26Spitfire7km NW Dünkirchen14.45Western Front
24/07/1941Ltn. Hans-Georg Dippel2JG 26Hurricanein Gegend Gravelines/15km NW Calais15Western Front
24/07/1941Hptm. Walter AdolphStab II.JG 26Spitfire15-20km NW Gravelines: 5000m14.55Western Front
24/07/1941Gefr. Heinz RichterStabJG 26Spitfire-19.5Western Front
27/07/1941Uffz. Hans-Jürgen Fröhlich2JG 26Hurricanebei Gravelines14.38Western Front
29/07/1941Uffz. Wagner7JG 26Tomahawk50km E. Bardia: 100-50m-Western Front
29/07/1941Fw. Karl-Heinz Ehlen7JG 26Tomahawk50km E. Bardia: 100-50m17.47Western Front
29/07/1941Oblt. Joachim Müncheberg7JG 26Tomahawk40km E. Bardia: 100-50m17.48Western Front
29/07/1941Ltn. Hans Johannsen7JG 26Tomahawk20km S. Sidi Barrani: 100m17.5Western Front
29/07/1941Oblt. Joachim Müncheberg7JG 26Tomahawk40km E. Bardia: 100m17.52Western Front
02/08/1941Ltn. Hans Johannsen7JG 26TomahawkNW Marsa Matrûh18.55Western Front
03/08/1941Oblt. Johannes SchmidStabJG 26Spitfire-18.32Western Front
07/08/1941Oblt. Walter Schneider6JG 26SpitfireSE Deal8.3Western Front
07/08/1941Oblt. Harry Koch5JG 26SpitfireGuînes11.3Western Front
07/08/1941Obstlt. Adolf GallandStabJG 26SpitfireLumbres, SW St. Omer11.23Western Front
07/08/1941Hptm. Johannes SeifertStab I.JG 26Spitfirebei Gravelines: 4-5000m11.25Western Front
07/08/1941Oblt. Johannes SchmidStabJG 26SpitfireSE Calais11.3Western Front
07/08/1941Oblt. Josef Priller1JG 26Spitfire5km NW Calais11.3Western Front
07/08/1941Uffz. Kurt Bohn3JG 26Spitfire10km SE Calais11.3Western Front
07/08/1941Hptm. Gerhard SchöpfelStab III.JG 26Spitfire-11.4Western Front
07/08/1941Oblt. Johannes SchmidStabJG 26SpitfireCampagne11.2Western Front
07/08/1941Obstlt. Adolf GallandStabJG 26Spitfire10km NW St. Omer17.4Western Front
07/08/1941Oblt. Johannes SchmidStabJG 26SpitfireSt. Omer-Ardres17.43Western Front
07/08/1941Hptm. Gerhard SchöpfelStab III.JG 26SpitfireSW Dünkirchen: 5000m18Western Front
07/08/1941Oblt. Walter Schneider6JG 26HurricaneGravelines18.05Western Front
07/08/1941Oblt. Josef HaiböckStab III.JG 26Spitfirebei Boulogne: 4-4500m18.05Western Front
07/08/1941Oblt. Josef Priller1JG 26Spitfire8km W. Calais18.2Western Front
07/08/1941Obstlt. Adolf GallandStabJG 26SpitfireN. Ardres17.44Western Front
09/08/1941Oblt. Johannes SchmidStabJG 26Spitfire10km E. St. Omer11.25Western Front
09/08/1941Ofw. Erwin Busch9JG 26Spitfire-11.25Western Front
09/08/1941Ofw. Walter Meyer6JG 26SpitfireSt. Omer11.25-30Western Front
09/08/1941Obstlt. Adolf GallandStabJG 26SpitfireNW St. Pol11.32Western Front
09/08/1941Ltn. Wolfgang Kosse5JG 26SpitfireS. St. Omer: 3000m11.45Western Front
09/08/1941Hptm. Gerd SchöpfelStab III.JG 26SpitfireE. Marquise11.45Western Front
09/08/1941Hptm. Gerd SchöpfelStab III.JG 26Spitfire-17.59Western Front
09/08/1941Obstlt. Adolf GallandStabJG 26SpitfireN. Ardres: 5000m17.44Western Front
09/08/1941Oblt. Johannes SchmidStabJG 26Spitfirebei Gravelines17.44Western Front
09/08/1941Oblt. Johannes SchmidStabJG 26Spitfirebei Gravelines17.45Western Front
09/08/1941Ltn. Paul Schauder3JG 26Spitfire15km N. Gravelines17.56Western Front
09/08/1941Ltn. Karl Borris6JG 26SpitfireCampagne18.3Western Front
09/08/1941Uffz. Heinz RichterStabJG 26SpitfireN. Dünkirchen11.3Western Front
09/08/1941 n.n.II.JG 26SpitfireSt. Omer-Western Front
09/08/1941 n.n.III.JG 26Spitfire--Western Front
10/08/1941Uffz. Heinz RichterStabJG 26SpitfireNW Gravelines13.05Western Front
10/08/1941Oblt. Johannes SchmidStabJG 26HurricaneN. Gravelines13Western Front
10/08/1941Oblt. Johannes SchmidStabJG 26HurricaneN. Gravelines13.01Western Front
10/08/1941Oblt. Johannes SchmidStabJG 26SpitfireN. Gravelines13.03Western Front
10/08/1941Ltn. Paul Schauder3JG 26Blenheim6-8km N. Geleitzug13.06Western Front
10/08/1941Oblt. Walter Otte3JG 26Blenheim2km N. Geleitzug13.04Western Front
12/08/1941Ltn. Hans-Karl WitzelStab I.JG 26Spitfire10-15km NW Ijzendijke: 120m12.55Western Front
12/08/1941Ltn. Hans-Karl WitzelStab I.JG 26Spitfirebei Groede12.56Western Front
12/08/1941Oblt. Christian Eickhoff2JG 26BeaufortScheldemündung12.55Western Front
12/08/1941Hptm. Johannes SeifertStab I.JG 26BlenheimSE Vlissingen13.1Western Front
12/08/1941Obstlt. Adolf GallandStabJG 26Spitfire20-25km W. Vlissinghen: 200m13.12Western Front
12/08/1941Obstlt. Adolf GallandStabJG 26BlenheimScheldemündung W. Haamstede13.18Western Front
12/08/1941Oblt. Kurt Ruppert9JG 26Blenheim20-25km NW Waalhaven: 10-15m13.2Western Front
12/08/1941Fw. Emil Babenz3JG 26Spitfire3km SW der Insel Groene13.2Western Front
12/08/1941Oblt. Hubertus von HolteyStabJG 26BlenheimS. Vlissinghen: 5m13.28Western Front
12/08/1941Ltn. Artur BeeseStab III.JG 26Spitfire-11.5Western Front
12/08/1941Oblt. Johannes SchmidStabJG 26SpitfireNW Vlissinghen13.22Western Front
12/08/1941 Flugzeugführer d.StabesStab III.JG 26Spitfire-20.03Western Front
12/08/1941Fw. Wilhelm Philipp2.Erg.JG 26Blenheim--Western Front
12/08/1941Fw. Wilhelm Philipp2.Erg.JG 26Blenheim--Western Front
13/08/1941Oblt. Kurt Ruppert9JG 26Blenheim-13.2Western Front
14/08/1941Ltn. Robert Unzeitig1JG 26SpitfireKanalmitte N. Gravelines: 3500m18.4Western Front
14/08/1941Ltn. Hermann Segatz4JG 26SpitfireAudruicq15.45Western Front
14/08/1941 Staffelabschüß4JG 26SpitfireArdres15.4Western Front
14/08/1941Ltn. Heinz Schenk6JG 26SpitfireLoon-Plage18.3Western Front
14/08/1941Oblt. Walter Schneider6JG 26Spitfire6km W. Dünkirchen18.37Western Front
14/08/1941Ltn. Erwin Biedermann9JG 26Spitfire-18.35Western Front
16/08/1941Oblt. Harry Koch5JG 26SpitfireE. Gravelines: 5-6000m9.3Western Front
16/08/1941Hptm. Walter AdolphStab II.JG 26Spitfire5-8km N. Marquise: 5000m19.40-45Western Front
16/08/1941Fw. Wilhelm Mackenstedt6JG 26SpitfireGravelines09.25-30Western Front
16/08/1941Hptm. Walter AdolphStab II.JG 26Spitfire20km NW Boulogne09.30-35Western Front
16/08/1941Ltn. Horst Sternberg4JG 26SpitfireDünkirchen9.28Western Front
19/08/1941Hptm. Johannes SeifertStab I.JG 26Spitfirebei Gravelines: 8000m11.45Western Front
19/08/1941Oblt. Harry Koch5JG 26SpitfireWormhoudt12Western Front
19/08/1941Hptm. Johannes Schmid8JG 26BlenheimN. Dünkirchen: 3000m12.25Western Front
19/08/1941Obstlt. Adolf GallandStabJG 26SpitfireNW St. Omer19.32Western Front
19/08/1941Hptm. Johannes SeifertStab I.JG 26Spitfirebei Cassel19.4Western Front
19/08/1941Fw. Hans-Georg Dippel2JG 26Spitfirezw. Gravelines u. Petit Fort Philippe19.4Western Front
19/08/1941Ltn. Paul Schauder3JG 26Spitfire5km NE Gravelines19.41Western Front
19/08/1941Obstlt. Adolf GallandStabJG 26HurricaneSE Gravelines19.45Western Front
19/08/1941Ltn. Horst Sternberg5JG 26SpitfireW. Dünkirchen: 6000m19.44Western Front
19/08/1941Oblt. Johannes Schmid8JG 26SpitfireE. St. Omer19.55Western Front
19/08/1941Obstlt. Adolf GallandStabJG 26SpitfireBergues11.55Western Front
19/08/1941Uffz. Heinrich Bartels1.Erg.JG 26Spitfire--Western Front
19/08/1941Oblt. Johannes SchmidStabJG 26BlenheimNW Dünkirchen12.25Western Front
19/08/1941Oblt. Johannes SchmidStabJG 26SpitfireW. Rubroeck19.55Western Front
21/08/1941Oblt. Klaus Mietusch7JG 26Martin 167Fl.Pl. Gambut [Libya]-Western Front
21/08/1941Ltn. Rudolf Lindemann7JG 26Martin 167W. Sidi Barrani17.55Western Front
21/08/1941Hptm. Gerhard SchöpfelStab III.JG 26Spitfire-10.18Western Front
21/08/1941Oblt. Kurt Ruppert9JG 26Spitfire-10.25Western Front
21/08/1941Ltn. Johann Aistleitner1JG 26Spitfirezw. Calais-Cap Blanc Nez: 200m10.3Western Front
21/08/1941Ltn. Horst Sternberg5JG 26SpitfireWormhoudt10.3Western Front
21/08/1941Oblt. Eberhard Maetzke4JG 26SpitfireHazebrouck14.55Western Front
21/08/1941Ofw. Willi Roth4JG 26SpitfireCapelle14.58Western Front
21/08/1941Oblt. Kurt Ebersberger4JG 26SpitfireMerville15Western Front
21/08/1941Fw. Emil Babenz3JG 26SpitfireSE Dünkirchen15.1Western Front
21/08/1941Ltn. Hans Naumann9JG 26Spitfire-15.1Western Front
21/08/1941Ltn. Robert Unzeitig1JG 26Spitfire10km S. Boulogne15.2Western Front
26/08/1941Oblt. Joachim Müncheberg7JG 26Spitfire2km N. Gravelines19.3Western Front
26/08/1941Hptm. Johannes Schmid8JG 26Blenheim-19.4Western Front
27/08/1941Ofw. Max Martin8JG 26Spitfire-8.1Western Front
27/08/1941Gefr. Hans Dirksen8JG 26Spitfire-8.12Western Front
27/08/1941Ofw. Eduard Koslowski9JG 26Spitfire-8.15Western Front
27/08/1941Fw. Emil Babenz3JG 26Spitfire3km seewärts Gravelines8.1Western Front
27/08/1941Oblt. Kurt Ruppert9JG 26Spitfire-8.2Western Front
27/08/1941Fw. Adolf Glunz4JG 26SpitfireBergues8.25Western Front
27/08/1941Hptm. Johannes Schmid8JG 26Spitfire20-25km N. Calais: 200m8.3Western Front
27/08/1941Uffz. Heinrich Bartels1.Erg.JG 26Spitfire--Western Front
29/08/1941Oblt. Otto Meyer8JG 26Spitfire-8.3Western Front
29/08/1941Ltn. Hermann Segatz4JG 26SpitfireNieuwpoort8.34Western Front
29/08/1941Oblt. Joachim Müncheberg7JG 26Spitfire10km NE Dünkirchen: 5500-1500m08.35-40Western Front
04/09/1941Oblt. Josef Priller1JG 26SpitfireNW Béthune17.3Western Front
04/09/1941Oblt. Joachim Müncheberg7JG 26SpitfireVollezeele: S. Dünkirchen17.26Western Front
04/09/1941Oblt. Joachim Müncheberg7JG 26SpitfireZeggers-Capelle S. Dünkirchen17.29Western Front
04/09/1941Hptm. Johannes Schmid8JG 26Spitfire-17.2Western Front
04/09/1941Uffz. Gottfried Weber8JG 26Spitfire-17.25Western Front
04/09/1941Ltn. Paul Galland8JG 26Spitfire-17.3Western Front
04/09/1941Hptm. Johannes Schmid8JG 26Spitfire-17.35Western Front
04/09/1941Hptm. Johannes Schmid8JG 26Spitfire-17.5Western Front
04/09/1941Oblt. Kurt Ruppert9JG 26SpitfireHesdin-Licques: 1200-1500m17.43Western Front
04/09/1941Obstlt. Adolf GallandStabJG 26BlenheimN. St. Omer: 3000m17.3Western Front
07/09/1941Obstlt. Adolf GallandStabJG 26Spitfire20km W. Boulogne17.19Western Front
07/09/1941Uffz. Ernst Schick1JG 26SpitfireKanalmitte-Western Front
07/09/1941Uffz. Kurt Bohn3JG 26Spitfire10km SE Boulogne17.2Western Front
07/09/1941Fw. Erwin Leibold3JG 26Spitfire20km E. Folkestone17.38Western Front
07/09/1941Oblt. Joachim Müncheberg7JG 26SpitfireNW Montreuil17.22Western Front
07/09/1941Hptm. Johannes Schmid8JG 26Spitfire-17.2Western Front
16/09/1941Oblt. Joachim Müncheberg7JG 26Spitfire12km E. Boulogne19.4Western Front
17/09/1941Ofw. Max Martin8JG 26SpitfireOE-2, Longuenesse15.25Western Front
17/09/1941Hptm. Johannes SiefertStab I.JG 26SpitfireN. Hazebrouck15.3Western Front
17/09/1941Oblt. Josef Priller1JG 26Spitfire5km S. Calais15.35Western Front
17/09/1941Ltn. Robert Unzeitig1JG 26Spitfire5km S. Gravelines15.4Western Front
17/09/1941Ltn. Gottfried Helmholtz2JG 26SpitfireNW Dünkirchen15.4Western Front
17/09/1941Uffz. Hans-Günther Adam2JG 26SpitfireNW Dünkirchen15.43Western Front
17/09/1941Fw. Paul Czwillinsky2JG 26Spitfire6km SW Boulogne15.55Western Front
17/09/1941Oblt. Kurt Ebersberger4JG 26SpitfireBoulogne15.36Western Front
17/09/1941 Staffelabschuß6JG 26Spitfirezw. Boulogne-Dungeness: 1500m19.05Western Front
17/09/1941Ltn. Paul Galland8JG 26Spitfire--Western Front
18/09/1941Oblt. Josef Priller1JG 26Spitfire5km W. Dungness16.25Western Front
18/09/1941Ofw. Willi Roth4JG 26BlenheimOstende11.15Western Front
18/09/1941Oblt. Theo Lindemann7JG 26Spitfire5km W. Fécamp16.05Western Front
18/09/1941Oblt. Joachim Müncheberg7JG 26SpitfireYvetôt16.05Western Front
18/09/1941Oblt. Klaus Mietusch7JG 26SpitfireSE Le Paradis16.15Western Front
18/09/1941Oblt. Joachim Müncheberg7JG 26HurricaneSainte-Helene16.15Western Front
18/09/1941Fw. Karl-Heinz Ehlen7JG 26Spitfire30km NW Dieppe: 3000m16.2Western Front
18/09/1941Hptm. Johannes Schmid8JG 26Spitfire-16Western Front
18/09/1941Oblt. Otto Meyer8JG 26Spitfire-16.05Western Front
20/09/1941Obstlt. Adolf GallandStabJG 26SpitfireBergues-Bourbourg16.45Western Front
20/09/1941Obstlt. Adolf GallandStabJG 26Spitfire6km NW Bray-Dunes16.55Western Front
20/09/1941Ltn. Hans-Georg Dippel2JG 26Spitfire6km N. Wissant16.55Western Front
20/09/1941Uffz. Gottfried Dietze2JG 26Spitfire6-8km SW Calais17Western Front
20/09/1941Fw. Erwin Leibold3JG 26Spitfire5-10km NE Fl.Pl. Clairmarais16.4Western Front
20/09/1941Oblt. Kurt Ebersberger4JG 26SpitfireMardyck16.52Western Front
20/09/1941Oblt. Karl Borris6JG 26SpitfireMardyck16.57Western Front
20/09/1941Hptm. Johannes Schmid8JG 26Spitfire-16.45Western Front
21/09/1941Obstlt. Adolf GallandStabJG 26SpitfireSE Etaples/Montreuil16.23Western Front
21/09/1941Obstlt. Adolf GallandStabJG 26SpitfireS. Dünkirchen17.35Western Front
21/09/1941Uffz. Karcher1JG 26Spitfire10km NW Boulogne-Western Front
21/09/1941Ltn. Robert Unzeitig1JG 26Spitfire20km E. Etaples-Western Front
21/09/1941Ltn. Friedrich Graf von Uiberacker1JG 26Spitfire8km SW Gravelines16.3Western Front
21/09/1941Oblt. Christian Eickhoff2JG 26Spitfirebei Béthune16.2Western Front
21/09/1941Uffz. Hans-Günther Adam2JG 26Spitfire3km NW Etaples16.35Western Front
21/09/1941Ltn. Paul Schauder3JG 26SpitfireE. Hazebrouck17.3Western Front
21/09/1941Ltn. Robert Weiß6JG 26Spitfire5km NW Berck-sur-Mer: 2500m16.25Western Front
21/09/1941Oblt. Karl Borris6JG 26SpitfireEtaples16.3Western Front
21/09/1941Oblt. Walter Schneider6JG 26SpitfireBoulogne16.3Western Front
21/09/1941Oblt. Walter Schneider6JG 26SpitfireDesvres16.35Western Front
21/09/1941Hptm. Gerd SchöpfelStab III.JG 26Spitfire-16.3Western Front
21/09/1941Ltn. Hans Johannsen7JG 26Spitfire20km W. Cap Gris Nez: 6000m16.2Western Front
21/09/1941Oblt. Klaus Mietusch7JG 26SpitfireBerck-sur-Mer16.23Western Front
21/09/1941Oblt. Klaus Mietusch7JG 26Spitfire20km NW Sommemündung: 3500m16.3Western Front
21/09/1941Hptm. Johannes Schmid8JG 26Spitfire-16.1Western Front
21/09/1941Hptm. Johannes Schmid8JG 26Spitfire-16.15Western Front
21/09/1941Uffz. Werner Korte8JG 26Spitfire-16.2Western Front
27/09/1941Fw. Erwin Leibold3JG 26Spitfire3km SW Gravelines15.31Western Front
27/09/1941Ltn. Paul KellerStab II.JG 26SpitfireWatten15.38Western Front
27/09/1941Oblt. Kurt Ebersberger4JG 26SpitfireGravelines15.39Western Front
27/09/1941Oblt. Harry Koch5JG 26SpitfireGravelines15.35Western Front
27/09/1941Ofw. Heinrich Bierwirth5JG 26Spitfire10km NW Calais: 3200m15.4Western Front
27/09/1941Oblt. Wilhelm-Ferdinand Galland6JG 26SpitfireBoulogne15.35Western Front
27/09/1941Hptm. Gerdhard SchöpfelStab III.JG 26Spitfire-15.3Western Front
27/09/1941Hptm. Johannes Schmid8JG 26Spitfire-15.23Western Front
27/09/1941Hptm. Johannes Schmid8JG 26Spitfire-15.35Western Front
27/09/1941Hptm. Johannes Schmid8JG 26Blenheim-15.5Western Front
27/09/1941Oblt. Josef Haibock9JG 26Spitfire1km N.Calais15.4Western Front
01/10/1941Hptm. Johannes Schmid8JG 26SpitfireDover17.37Western Front
01/10/1941Oblt. Josef Priller1JG 26SpitfireKanalmitte14.57Western Front
01/10/1941Ltn. Robert Unzeitig1JG 26SpitfireKanalmitte14.59Western Front
01/10/1941Oblt. Josef Priller1JG 26SpitfireW. Boulogne: 5000m15.35Western Front
02/10/1941Hptm. Johannes Schmid (Stkp)8JG 26Spitfire-18.42Western Front
03/10/1941Hptm. Johannes Schmid (Stkp)8JG 26Spitfire20km N. Ostende15.52Western Front
03/10/1941Ltn. Paul Schauder3JG 26Spitfire20km NW Dünkirchen15.5Western Front
03/10/1941Hptm. Johannes Seifert (Kdr)Stab I.JG 26Spitfire20km NW Ostende über See15.47Western Front
12/10/1941Hptm. Josef Priller1JG 26Spitfire5km E. Berck-sur-Mer13.25Western Front
12/10/1941Hptm. Johannes Seifert (Kdr)Stab I.JG 26SpitfireBerck-sur-Mer13.2Western Front
13/10/1941Obstlt. Adolf GallandStabJG 26SpitfireSt. Omer14.17Western Front
13/10/1941Fw. Emil Babenz3JG 26Spitfire10km E. Dungeness14.43Western Front
13/10/1941Hptm. Johannes Schmid8JG 26Spitfire-14.35Western Front
13/10/1941Hptm. Joachim MünchebergStab II.JG 26SpitfireSamer14.33Western Front
13/10/1941Ltn. Paul Schauder3JG 26SpitfireW. St. Omer14.3Western Front
13/10/1941Obstlt. Adolf GallandStabJG 26BlenheimSamer14.27Western Front
13/10/1941Ltn. Peter GöringStabJG 26BlenheimSamer-Hubersent14.3Western Front
13/10/1941Hptm. Josef Priller1JG 26Spitfire15km W. Berck-sur-Mer15.3Western Front
13/10/1941Ltn. Paul Schauder3JG 26Spitfire10-15km W. Etaples15.35Western Front
13/10/1941Hptm. Johannes Schmid8JG 26Spitfire-14.30±Western Front
21/10/1941Oblt. Otto Meyer8JG 26Spitfire-12.55Western Front
21/10/1941Uffz. Hans-Joachim Fast2JG 26Spitfire15km SW Boulogne18.17Western Front
21/10/1941Obstlt. Adolf GallandStabJG 26Spitfire15km W. Boulogne18.16Western Front
21/10/1941Oblt. Hermann Segatz4JG 26SpitfireBoulogne13.1Western Front
21/10/1941Oblt. Kurt Ebersberger4JG 26SpitfireSW Boulogne: 3000m13.06Western Front
21/10/1941Hptm. Josef Priller1JG 26Spitfire15km NNW Le Touquet13.05Western Front
21/10/1941Hptm. Johannes Schmid8JG 26Spitfire-13Western Front
21/10/1941Obstlt. Adolf GallandStabJG 26Spitfire6km W. Hardelot12.58Western Front
21/10/1941Hptm. Josef Priller1JG 26Spitfire4km W. Etaples12.55Western Front
21/10/1941Obstlt. Adolf GallandStabJG 26SpitfireW. Samer12.54Western Front
21/10/1941Ltn. Hans Johannsen7JG 26Spitfire2km S. Boulogne: 3500m13Western Front
27/10/1941Hptm. Johannes Schmid8JG 26SpitfireCalais15.05Western Front
27/10/1941Uffz. Hans Dirksen8JG 26Spitfire-13.25Western Front
27/10/1941Obstlt. Adolf GallandStabJG 26SpitfireS. Dünkirchen13.25Western Front
27/10/1941Ltn. Gottfried Helmholtz2JG 26SpitfireNW Watten13.15Western Front
27/10/1941Hptm. Josef Priller1JG 26Spitfire5km N. Watten13.15Western Front
27/10/1941Ltn. Johannes Schmidt3JG 26Spitfire20km NE St. Omer13.05Western Front
28/10/1941Oblt. Otto Meyer8JG 26Spitfire-13.3Western Front
05/11/1941Fw. Adolf Glunz4JG 26SpitfireGravelines10.4Western Front
06/11/1941Ofw. Willi Roth4JG 26SpitfireDünkirchen14.55Western Front
06/11/1941Ltn. Werner Michalski4JG 26SpitfireSee 30km Gravelines-Calais: 5-10m15.03Western Front
06/11/1941Oblt. Wilhelm-Ferdinand Galland6JG 26SpitfireCalais15.35Western Front
06/11/1941Ogefr. Gerhard Vogt6JG 26SpitfireCalais15.4Western Front
06/11/1941Hptm. Johannes Schmid8JG 26Spitfire10km N. Calais15.48Western Front
06/11/1941 Flakzug StabskompanieStab II.JG 26SpitfireCoxyde-Western Front
07/11/1941Uffz. Heinz RichterStabJG 26Spitfire2km N. Etaples15.1Western Front
08/11/1941Hptm. Joachim MünchebergStab II.JG 26SpitfireNNE Dünkirchen13.15Western Front
08/11/1941Ltn. Friedrich Graf Uiberacker1JG 26SpitfireE. Sommemündung: 6000m12.25Western Front
08/11/1941Fw. Emil Babenz3JG 26Spitfirebei Montreuil12.29Western Front
08/11/1941Hptm. Josef Priller1JG 26SpitfireN. Béthune: 4000m12.5Western Front
08/11/1941Obstlt. Adolf GallandStabJG 26SpitfireMontreuil12.58Western Front
08/11/1941Obstlt. Adolf GallandStabJG 26Spitfire10km S. Hazebrouck13Western Front
08/11/1941Oblt. Kurt Ebersberger4JG 26SpitfireN. Dünkirchen: 5000-4500m13.04Western Front
08/11/1941Hptm. Johannes SeifertStab I.JG 26SpitfireNW Dünkirchen13.05Western Front
08/11/1941Ofw. Walter Meyer6JG 26SpitfireSt. Omer13.00-05Western Front
08/11/1941Hptm. Joachim MünchebergStab II.JG 26SpitfireLoon-Plage13.07Western Front
08/11/1941Fw. Adolf Glunz4JG 26Spitfire15km N. Calais: tiefflug13.08Western Front
08/11/1941Oblt. Harry Koch5JG 26SpitfireHardifort13.05-10Western Front
08/11/1941Hptm. Josef Priller1JG 26Spitfire3-5km vor Gravelines-Calais: 10m13.1Western Front
08/11/1941Ofw. Wilhelm Mackenstedt6JG 26Spitfire10-20km N. Calais: tiefflug13.2Western Front
18/11/1941Obstlt. Adolf GallandStabJG 26Spitfire20km W. Boulogne12.32Western Front
22/11/1941Fw. Gottfried Weber8JG 26SpitfireCalais-Deal: 1500m16.55Western Front
22/11/1941Ltn. Walter Thorn7JG 26Spitfire-16.52Western Front
23/11/1941Ofw. Wilhelm Mackenstedt6JG 26SpitfireW. Dünkirchen: 100m13.27Western Front
23/11/1941Ofw. Gerhard Vogt6JG 26SpitfireW. Dünkirchen: 100m13.28Western Front
23/11/1941Oblt. Walter Schneider6JG 26SpitfireW. Dünkirchen: 100m13.27Western Front
27/11/1941Uffz. Ernst Christof1JG 26Hurricane15km W. Boulogne17.35Western Front
27/11/1941Hptm. Gerhard SchöpfelStab III.JG 26Hurricane5km W. Boulogne17.3Western Front
08/12/1941Oblt. Klaus Mietusch7JG 26SpitfireBerck-sur-Mer12.55Western Front
08/12/1941Ofw. Eduard Koslowski9JG 26Spitfire-13Western Front
08/12/1941Oblt. Kurt Ebersberger4JG 26SpitfireBoulogne13.02Western Front
08/12/1941Hptm. Johannes SeifertStab I.JG 26SpitfireSee bei Le Touquet13.2Western Front
08/12/1941Hptm. Joachim MünchebergStab II.JG 26SpitfireBoulogne14.17Western Front
08/12/1941Fw. Karl-Heinz Willius3JG 26Spitfire6-10km W. Boulogne15.15Western Front
16/12/1941Hptm. Joachim MünchebergStab II.JG 26SpitfireNW Dünkirchen16.01Western Front
16/12/1941Hptm. Joachim MünchebergStab II.JG 26SpitfireN. Dünkirchen16.04Western Front
17/12/1941Uffz. Oswald Fischer7JG 26Spitfirebei Wevelghem-Western Front
29/12/1941Ltn. Karl-Hermann Schrader3JG 26Spitfire80km N. Ostende15.54Western Front
03/01/1942Hptm. Josef PrillerStab III.JG 26Hurricane5km NW Calais: 10m15.38Western Front
09/01/1942Ofw. Eduard Koslowski9JG 26Spitfire--Western Front
09/01/1942Fw. Adolf Glunz4JG 26SpitfireWSW Le Touquet: 50-60m13.08Western Front
12/01/1942Fw. Adolf Glunz4JG 26SpitfireE. Eu17.08Western Front
12/02/1942Oblt. Johannes Naumann9JG 26Swordfish10km N. Gravelines13.45Western Front
12/02/1942Ltn. Paul Galland8JG 26Swordfish10km N. Gravelines13.45Western Front
12/02/1942Oblt. Johannes Naumann9JG 26Swordfish10km N. Gravelines13.47Western Front
12/02/1942Ltn. Paul Galland8JG 26Swordfish30km N. Gravelines: 20-30m13.47Western Front
12/02/1942Uffz. Heinrich Wälter8JG 26Swordfish25km NE Calais: 30-80m13.47Western Front
12/02/1942Ltn. Paul Galland8JG 26SwordfishN. Gravelines: 20-30m13.48Western Front
12/02/1942Ltn. Paul Galland8JG 26Swordfish20km N. Gravelines13.5Western Front
12/02/1942Fw. Emil Babenz3JG 26Spitfire30km N. Dünkirchen: 500m15.35Western Front
12/02/1942Uffz. Hans-Joachim Fast2JG 26Spitfire25km NW Dünkirchen15.5Western Front
12/02/1942Fw. Hans-Jürgen Fröhlich2JG 26Beaufort30km SW Ostende: 50-60m15.55Western Front
12/02/1942Ltn. Friedrich Graf von Uiberacker1JG 26Hurricane50km SW Vlissingen16Western Front
12/02/1942Oblt. Hans Ragotzi8JG 26Spitfire-16.2Western Front
15/02/1942Ltn. Hans-Georg Dippel2JG 26Spitfire15km W. Cap Gris Nez11Western Front
24/02/1942Ofw. Erwin Busch9JG 26SpitfireCap Gris Nez13.2Western Front
28/02/1942Ltn. Johann Aistleitner1JG 26Spitfire20km NE Margate-Western Front
28/02/1942Oblt. Kurt Ruppert9JG 26SpitfireN. Calais14.37Western Front
08/03/1942Ltn. Artur Beese1JG 26Spitfirebei Dünkirchen17.15Western Front
08/03/1942Fw. Emil Babenz3JG 26SpitfireSE Bergues: 4000m17.21Western Front
08/03/1942Ltn. Gottfried Helmholz2JG 26Spitfire30km NW Dünkirchen: 800m17.21Western Front
08/03/1942Ltn. Paul Schauder3JG 26Spitfire2km W. Bergues17.23Western Front
09/03/1942Ofw. Wilhelm Mackenstadt6JG 26SpitfireDrionville WSW Arques: 3500m16.27Western Front
09/03/1942Ltn. Robert Weiß6JG 26Spitfire4-6km W. Boulogne: 300m16.4Western Front
09/03/1942Ltn. Rudolf Leuschel6JG 26Spitfire10-15km SW Boulogne: 150016.4Western Front
09/03/1942Fw. Wilhelm Philipp4JG 26SpitfireBoulogne16.45Western Front
13/03/1942Oblt. Karl Borris8JG 26Spitfire-16.09Western Front
13/03/1942Fw. Heinz-Günther Adam2JG 26Spitfire40km SW Dünkirchen16.1Western Front
13/03/1942Ofw. Helmut Ufer4JG 26SpitfireWirre Effroy NE Boulogne16.15Western Front
13/03/1942Hptm. Johannes SeifertStab I.JG 26SpitfireSW Dünkirchen: 4500m16.15Western Front
13/03/1942Hptm. Joachim MünchebergStab II.JG 26SpitfireWirre Effroy NE Boulogne16.17Western Front
13/03/1942Oblt. Kurt Ebersberger4JG 26SpitfireWimeraux16.18Western Front
13/03/1942Ltn. Horst Sternberg5JG 26SpitfireÄrmelkanalmitte: 1300m [16.21Western Front
13/03/1942Fw. Adolf Glunz4JG 26Spitfirevor Dungeness: tiefflug16.29Western Front
24/03/1942Major Gerhard SchöpfelStabJG 26SpitfirePas-de-Calais-Western Front
24/03/1942Hptm. Joachim MünchebergStab II.JG 26SpitfirePendé 15km NW Abbéville16.3Western Front
24/03/1942Hptm. Joachim MünchebergStab II.JG 26SpitfireCambron 4km W. Abbéville16.35Western Front
24/03/1942Ofw. Erwin Leibold3JG 26SpitfireLille-Ypres16.37Western Front
24/03/1942Ofw. Werner Gerhardt5JG 26SpitfireSommemündung16.38Western Front
24/03/1942Gefr. Gerhard Birke4JG 26SpitfireS. Hurt 16km NW Abbéville16.4Western Front
24/03/1942Hptm. Johannes SeifertStab I.JG 26Spitfire12km W. Boulogne17.1Western Front
25/03/1942Oblt. Hans Ragotzi10.(J)JG 26HurricaneJD-1 [E. Harwich]-Western Front
25/03/1942Ofw. Erwin Busch10.(J)JG 26HurricaneJD-1 [E. Harwich]-Western Front
25/03/1942Ofw. Erwin Leibold3JG 26SpitfireOD-1: [Boulogne]18.3Western Front
25/03/1942Major Gerhard SchöpfelStabJG 26Spitfire--Western Front
27/03/1942Hptm. Josef PrillerStab III.JG 26Spitfire10km W. Ostend16.4Western Front
28/03/1942Major Gerhard SchöpfelStabJG 26SpitfirePas-de-Calais18.3Western Front
28/03/1942Ltn. Hans-Georg Dippel2JG 26SpitfireN. Wissant18.45Western Front
28/03/1942Oblt. Wilhelm-Ferdinand Galland6JG 26SpitfireCap Gris Nez18.5Western Front
28/03/1942Hptm. Josef PrillerStab III.JG 26SpitfireCap Gris Nez - Blanc Nez18.5Western Front
28/03/1942Ltn. Robert UnzeitigStab III.JG 26SpitfireCap Gris Nez18.55Western Front
28/03/1942Fw. Emil Babenz3JG 26SpitfireCap Blanc Nez18.58Western Front
28/03/1942Ofw. Heinrich Bierwirth5JG 26SpitfireCap Gris Nez19.00-05Western Front
29/03/1942Fw. Emil Babenz3JG 26Spitfire10km SE Dünkirchen: 5000m17.05Western Front
04/04/1942Fw. Kurt Bohn3JG 26Spitfire10km SW St. Omer11.35Western Front
04/04/1942Oblt. Rolf Hermichen7JG 26SpitfirePas-de-Calais [NW Bouckerque]11.35Western Front
04/04/1942Ofw. Paul Kirstein2JG 26SpitfireNNW St. Omer11.35Western Front
04/04/1942Oblt. Kurt Ruppert9JG 26SpitfirePas-de-Calais [NE Cassel]11.39Western Front
04/04/1942Hptm. Johannes SeifertStab I.JG 26SpitfireS. Gravelines11.4Western Front
04/04/1942Ofw. Werner Gerhardt5JG 26SpitfireCalais11.4Western Front
04/04/1942Uffz. Gerhard Vogt6JG 26SpitfireWatten11.4Western Front
04/04/1942Oblt. Karl Borris8JG 26SpitfirePas-de-Calais11.4Western Front
04/04/1942Ltn. Hans-Georg Dippel2JG 26Spitfire3km N. Cap Blanc Nez: 200-300m11.42Western Front
04/04/1942Ofw. Helmut Ufer4JG 26SpitfireSE Calais11.43Western Front
04/04/1942Oblt. Wolfgang Kosse5JG 26SpitfireNNW Calais11.45Western Front
04/04/1942Ofw. Hans Heitmann8JG 26Spitfire3km N. Calais11.45Western Front
04/04/1942Hptm. Joachim MünchebergStab II.JG 26SpitfireW. Calais11.46Western Front
04/04/1942Oblt. Karl Borris8JG 26Spitfire3km N. Sangatte11.46Western Front
04/04/1942Hptm. Josef PrillerStab III.JG 26SpitfireKanal: Calais-Dover14.15Western Front
08/04/1942Ofw. Heinrich Bierwirth5JG 26Spitfire8km N. Calais8.15Western Front
08/04/1942Ltn. Friedrich von Uiberacker1JG 26Spitfire5km vor Engl. Küste: tiefflug8.35Western Front
10/04/1942Fw. Karl-Heinz Willius3JG 26SpitfireNE Calais17.4Western Front
10/04/1942Oblt. Kurt Ebersberger4JG 26SpitfireLe Touquet17.42Western Front
10/04/1942Ltn. Paul Galland8JG 26Spitfire7km N. Mardyck17.43Western Front
10/04/1942Fw. Adolf Glunz4JG 26SpitfireÉtaples17.43Western Front
10/04/1942Oblt. Wilhelm-Ferdinand Galland6JG 26Spitfire4-6km W. Etaples: 4000-20m17.45Western Front
10/04/1942Hptm. Joachim MünchebergStab II.JG 26SpitfireNW Etaples17.5Western Front
12/04/1942Hptm. Josef PrillerStab III.JG 26SpitfireW. Boulogne13.2Western Front
12/04/1942Oblt. Klaus Mietusch7JG 26SpitfireSE St. Omer/Arques13.34Western Front
12/04/1942Hptm. Johannes SeifertStab I.JG 26SpitfireBoulogne-St. Omer13.45Western Front
12/04/1942Fw. Karl-Heinz Ehlen7JG 26SpitfireSE St. Omer/Arques13.36-7Western Front
12/04/1942Fw. Kurt Bohn3JG 26Spitfire5km NE St. Omer13.4Western Front
12/04/1942Oblt. Rolf Hermichen7JG 26Spitfire3km N. Cassel13.4Western Front
12/04/1942Oblt. Wolfgang Kosse5JG 26SpitfireCalais13.42Western Front
12/04/1942Fw. Karl Willius3JG 26Spitfire2-3km S. Bourbourg13.45Western Front
12/04/1942Ltn. Horst Sternberg5JG 26SpitfireSte. Mariekerque13.45Western Front
12/04/1942Hptm. Josef PrillerStab III.JG 26SpitfireN. Gravelines13.45-50Western Front
12/04/1942Oblt. Klaus Mietusch7JG 26Spitfire15km NNW Dünkirchen13.49Western Front
12/04/1942Oblt. Josef Haibock1JG 26Spitfire10km E. Dover13.5Western Front
12/04/1942Hptm. Wilhelm GäthStabJG 26Boston IIIKanal13.57Western Front
12/04/1942Oblt. Kurt Ruppert9JG 26SpitfireKanal14.46Western Front
14/04/1942Major Gerhard SchöpfelStabJG 26Spitfire10km N. Sangatte18.33Western Front
14/04/1942Ltn. Bruno HegenauerStabJG 26Spitfire4km N. Sangatte18.35Western Front
14/04/1942Fw. Adolf Glunz4JG 26SpitfireCalais18.5Western Front
15/04/1942Oblt. Karl Borris8JG 26SpitfireE. Cap Gris Nez19.04Western Front
16/04/1942Hptm. Josef PrillerStab III.JG 26Spitfire5km N. Calais18.26Western Front
17/04/1942Oblt. Karl Borris8JG 26SpitfireKanal16.14Western Front
17/04/1942Ofw. Walter Meyer6JG 26SpitfireCalais16.15Western Front
24/04/1942Ofw. Hermann Hoffmann4JG 26SpitfireBerck-sur-Mer14.45Western Front
24/04/1942Oblt. Kurt Ebersberger4JG 26SpitfireLe Touquet14.46Western Front
24/04/1942Oblt. Karl Borris8JG 26Spitfire70-80kmWNW Ostende: 6800m14.5Western Front
24/04/1942Ltn. Paul Galland8JG 26SpitfireNW Ostend14.51Western Front
24/04/1942Oblt. Kurt Ebersberger4JG 26SpitfireLe Touquet14.53Western Front
24/04/1942Oblt. Wilhelm-Ferdinand Galland6JG 26SpitfireCap d'Albert14.54Western Front
24/04/1942Fw. Karl Willius3JG 26SpitfireE. Calais15.02Western Front
24/04/1942Hptm. Johannes SeifertStab I.JG 26SpitfireE. Calais15.02-05Western Front
24/04/1942Fw. Kurt Bohn3JG 26SpitfireE. Calais15.04Western Front
25/04/1942Oblt. Kurt Ruppert9JG 26Spitfire-16.37Western Front
25/04/1942Hptm. Joachim MünchebergStab II.JG 26SpitfireSW Crécy-en-Ponthieu16.4Western Front
25/04/1942Oblt. Johannes Schmidt3JG 26Spitfire5km W. Le Tréport: 1000m16.4Western Front
25/04/1942Hptm. Johannes SeifertStab I.JG 26Spitfire5-10km W. Berck-sur-Mer: 8000m16.4Western Front
25/04/1942Ltn. Paul Galland8JG 26Spitfire-16.4Western Front
25/04/1942Hptm. Joachim MünchebergStab II.JG 26SpitfireSW Rue16.43Western Front
25/04/1942Fw. Adolf Glunz4JG 26SpitfireAbbéville16.43Western Front
25/04/1942Uffz. Walter Grünlinger9JG 26Spitfire-16.5Western Front
25/04/1942Hptm. Josef PrillerStab III.JG 26Spitfire10km W. St. Etienne16.54Western Front
26/04/1942Ltn. Johann Aistleitner1JG 26Spitfire10-15km NW Cap Gris Nez14.35Western Front
26/04/1942Oblt. Johannes Schmidt3JG 26Curtiss P-405km N. Cap Blanc Nez17.55Western Front
26/04/1942Ltn. Paul Galland8JG 26SpitfireSE Calais17.57Western Front
26/04/1942Hptm. Joachim MünchebergStab II.JG 26SpitfireWNW Calais18.06Western Front
26/04/1942Hptm. Joachim MünchebergStab II.JG 26Spitfire10km W. Cap Gris Nez18.07Western Front
27/04/1942Oblt. Josef Haiböck1JG 26SpitfireN. St. Omer12.14Western Front
27/04/1942Oblt. Josef Haiböck1JG 26SpitfireN. St. Omer12.14½Western Front
27/04/1942Stfw. Karl Kühdorf7JG 26Spitfire3km NW Calais-Marck: 7000m12.2Western Front
27/04/1942Oblt. Fülbert Zink2JG 26Spitfirebei Watten12.2Western Front
27/04/1942Hptm. Josef PrillerStab III.JG 26SpitfireS. Ardres12.25Western Front
27/04/1942Oblt. Johannes Naumann9JG 26Spitfire4km N. Calais12.3Western Front
27/04/1942Hptm. Josef PrillerStab III.JG 26Spitfire15km NW Gravelines: 2500m12.3Western Front
27/04/1942Oblt. Kurt Ebersberger4JG 26Spitfire30km NW Calais: 100m14.46Western Front
27/04/1942Hptm. Joachim MünchebergStab II.JG 26SpitfireNE Dünkirchen14.47Western Front
27/04/1942Hptm. Wilhelm GäthStabJG 26Spitfirebei Wylder15.5Western Front
27/04/1942Hptm. Johannes SeifertStab I.JG 26Boston IIIbei Bourbourg15.50-16.00Western Front
27/04/1942Ltn. Heinz Rahardt2JG 26Spitfirebei Steenvoorde15.55Western Front
27/04/1942Fw. Karl Willius3JG 26Spitfire10-15km NW Dünkirchen: 3000-10m16.02Western Front
27/04/1942Hptm. Joachim MünchebergStab II.JG 26SpitfireN. Dünkirchen-Mardyck16.06Western Front
28/04/1942Oblt. Karl Borris8JG 26SpitfireS. Gravelines: 6800m11.34Western Front
28/04/1942Hptm. Johannes SeifertStab I.JG 26Spitfire3km W. Gravelines11.35-40Western Front
28/04/1942Hptm. Josef PrillerStab III.JG 26SpitfireDünkirchen-Gravelines11.55Western Front
28/04/1942Oblt. Karl Borris8JG 26SpitfireS. Gravelines11.59Western Front
29/04/1942Hptm. Joachim MünchebergStab II.JG 26Spitfirebei Le Touquet16.04Western Front
29/04/1942Ofw. Hermann Hoffmann4JG 26Spitfirebei Le Touquet16.08Western Front
30/04/1942Oblt. Klaus Mietusch7JG 26Spitfire3km W. Sommemündung19.3Western Front
30/04/1942Ofw. Kurt Kruska6JG 26Spitfirebei Le Tréport19.30-35Western Front
30/04/1942Oblt. Johannes Schmidt3JG 26SpitfireS. Sommemündung: 4000m19.36Western Front
30/04/1942Hptm. Joachim MünchebergStab II.JG 26SpitfireW. Sommemündung: 4000m19.36Western Front
30/04/1942Ofw. Helmut Ufer4JG 26SpitfireSt. Valéry-sur-Somme19.37Western Front
30/04/1942Fw. Emil Babenz3JG 26Spitfire2km W. Sommemündung19.38Western Front
30/04/1942Oblt. Fülbert Zink2JG 26Spitfire8km W. Sommemündung19.4Western Front
30/04/1942Ltn. Horst Sternberg5JG 26Spitfire15km NW Sommemündung: 4000m19.42Western Front
01/05/1942Hptm. Josef PrillerStab III.JG 26Spitfire5km N. Calais19.3Western Front
01/05/1942Hptm. Joachim MünchebergStab II.JG 26SpitfireSW Calais19.31Western Front
01/05/1942Ltn. Paul Galland8JG 26Spitfire-19.32Western Front
01/05/1942Ofw. Hans Heitmann8JG 26Spitfire-19.34Western Front
01/05/1942Hptm. Joachim MünchebergStab II.JG 26Spitfire5km N. Calais19.4Western Front
01/05/1942Uffz. Heinrich Krieg5JG 26SpitfireMarquise19.45Western Front
01/05/1942Oblt. Wilhelm-Ferdinand Galland6JG 26SpitfireDover19.45Western Front
01/05/1942Uffz. Gerhard Vogt6JG 26SpitfireDover19.46-48Western Front
03/05/1942Oblt. Ernst Laube7JG 26SpitfireCalais16.03Western Front
03/05/1942Oblt. Klaus Mietusch7JG 26SpitfireCalais16.05Western Front
05/05/1942Oblt. Klaus Mietusch7JG 26Spitfire3km NW Poperinghe15.35-40Western Front
05/05/1942Ltn. Artur Beese1JG 26SpitfireN. Hazebrouck15.4Western Front
05/05/1942Hptm. Johannes SeifertStab I.JG 26SpitfireBailleul15.42Western Front
05/05/1942Oblt. Josef Haiböck1JG 26Spitfire--Western Front
05/05/1942Oblt. Wilhelm-Ferdinand Galland6JG 26SpitfireBoulogne14.53Western Front
05/05/1942Hptm. Josef PrillerStab III.JG 2611km S. Ypern15.4Western Front
05/05/1942Ofw. Hans Heitmann8JG 26Kemmel15.55Western Front
06/05/1942Hptm. Joachim MünchebergStab II.JG 26SpitfireNW Cap Gris Nez18.53-55Western Front
09/05/1942Hptm. Joachim MünchebergStab II.JG 26Spitfire15km S. Gravelines13.39Western Front
09/05/1942Ltn. Artur Beese1JG 26Spitfire4km N. Ardres13.4Western Front
09/05/1942Oblt. Josef Haiböck1JG 26Spitfire2km N. Cassel: 5000m13.4Western Front
09/05/1942Hptm. Josef PrillerStab III.JG 26Spitfire3km N. Gravelines13.4Western Front
09/05/1942Hptm. Joachim MünchebergStab II.JG 26Spitfire15km S. Gravelines13.44Western Front
09/05/1942Oblt. Kurt Ebersberger4JG 26SpitfireGravelines13.44Western Front
09/05/1942Ltn. Horst Sternberg5JG 26SpitfireW. Calais: 700m13.46Western Front
09/05/1942Ofw. Willi Roth4JG 26SpitfireLe Touquet13.55Western Front
09/05/1942Hptm. Rolf Hermichen3JG 26Spitfire10km NW Coxyde17.39Western Front
17/05/1942Ltn. Paul Schauder3JG 26SpitfireN. Desvres11.32Western Front
17/05/1942Hptm. Josef PrillerStab III.JG 26SpitfireS. Guînes-Audembert11.33-35Western Front
17/05/1942Fw. Adolf Glunz4JG 26SpitfireArdres11.35Western Front
17/05/1942Ofw. Wilhelm Philipp4JG 26Spitfire3km NE Calais11.37Western Front
17/05/1942Hptm. Johannes SeifertStab I.JG 26Spitfire2km NW Wissant11.4Western Front
17/05/1942Fw. Karl-Heinz Willius3JG 26Spitfire3km S. Calais11.4Western Front
17/05/1942Oblt. Karl Borris8JG 26Spitfire6km NW Sangatte11.5Western Front
17/05/1942Ltn. Johann AistleitnerStab III.JG 26Spitfire15km NW Calais11.53Western Front
17/05/1942Oblt. Kurt Kranefeld8JG 26Spitfire-14.45Western Front
17/05/1942Hptm. Joachim MünchebergStab II.JG 26SpitfireGuînes-St. Omer17.35Western Front
23/05/1942Oblt. Johannes Naumann9JG 26SpitfireN. Calais11.52Western Front
23/05/1942Fw. Karl-Heinz Willius3JG 26Spitfire10km N. Calais12Western Front
23/05/1942Ltn. Hans-Georg Dippel2JG 26Spitfirevor Folkestone: tiefflug12.05Western Front
25/05/1942Fw. Emil Babenz3JG 26Spitfirebei Nieuport11.4Western Front
25/05/1942Fw. Ernst Jäckel2JG 26Spitfire12-15km NW Dünkirchen: 4000-0m11.40-45Western Front
25/05/1942Oblt. Johannes Schmidt3JG 26Spitfirebei Nieuport11.5Western Front
26/05/1942Uffz. Konrad von Jutrzenka1JG 26SpitfireKanalmitte10.1Western Front
29/05/1942Fw. Emil Babenz3JG 26SpitfireKanalmitte8.2Western Front
29/05/1942Oblt. Josef Haiböck1JG 26SpitfireKanalmitte8.3Western Front
31/05/1942Hptm. Joachim MünchebergStab II.JG 26SpitfireS. Foret de Crécy19.37Western Front
31/05/1942Oblt. Robert Weiß6JG 26SpitfireAbbéville19.4Western Front
31/05/1942Hptm. Joachim MünchebergStab II.JG 26SpitfireQuend Plage-les-Pins19.41Western Front
01/06/1942Hptm. Johannes SeifertStab I.JG 26Spitfire15km NNW Ostende13.45Western Front
01/06/1942Hptm. Josef PrillerStab III.JG 26Spitfire5km W. Blankenberge13.45Western Front
01/06/1942Ltn. Paul Galland8JG 26Spitfire-13.46Western Front
01/06/1942Oblt. Johannes Schmidt3JG 26SpitfireNE Ostende: 4000m13.48Western Front
01/06/1942Ofw. Leopold Eichinger3JG 26SpitfireNE Ostende13.48Western Front
01/06/1942Fw. Erwin Leibold3JG 26Spitfire2km N. Zeebrügge13.5Western Front
01/06/1942Fw. Emil Babenz3JG 26SpitfirePl.Qu. 22456/05 Ost13.5Western Front
01/06/1942Oblt. Johannes Schmidt3JG 26SpitfireNW Ostende13.51Western Front
01/06/1942Ltn. Johann AistleitnerStab III.JG 26Spitfire-13.51Western Front
01/06/1942Major Gerhard SchöpfelStabJG 26Spitfire-13.55Western Front
01/06/1942Oblt. Fülbert Zink2JG 26Spitfire6km NE Dünkirchen13.55Western Front
01/06/1942Oblt. Hans-Jürgen Westphal7JG 26Spitfire20km N. Dünkirchen13.55-14.00Western Front
01/06/1942Oblt. Karl Borris8JG 26Spitfire7-8km N. La Panne: 200-500m13.58Western Front
01/06/1942Ltn. Johann AistleitnerStab III.JG 26Spitfire-18.43Western Front
02/06/1942Oblt. Wilhelm-Ferdinand Galland5JG 26SpitfireSommemündung07.10-15Western Front
02/06/1942Oblt. Wilhelm-Ferdinand Galland5JG 26SpitfireSommemündung07.18-20Western Front
02/06/1942Oblt. Josef Haiböck1JG 26SpitfireW. Sommemündung10.55Western Front
02/06/1942Hptm. Joachim MünchebergStab II.JG 26SpitfireSW Abbéville11.01Western Front
02/06/1942Ofw. Willi Roth4JG 26SpitfireKanalmitte11.04Western Front
02/06/1942Fw. Ernst Jäckel2JG 26SpitfireNW Foret de Crécy11.05Western Front
02/06/1942Fw. Emil Babenz1JG 26Spitfire15km W. Sommemündung: 4000m11.05Western Front
02/06/1942Ofw. Wilhelm Philipp4JG 26SpitfireW. Berck-sur-Mer: 3500m11.05Western Front
02/06/1942Hptm. Joachim MünchebergStab II.JG 26Spitfire15km W. Etaples: 600-800m11.07Western Front
02/06/1942Hptm. Johannes SeifertStab I.JG 26Spitfire5km S. St. Valéry11.25Western Front
02/06/1942Ltn. Horst Sternberg5JG 26SpitfireKanalmitte zw. Hastings-Berck: 30m07.25-47Western Front
03/06/1942Fw. Erwin Leibold3JG 26Spitfire20km N. Le Tréport16.53Western Front
05/06/1942Ofw. Heinrich Bierwirth5JG 26SpitfireSommemündung15.45Western Front
05/06/1942Fw. Adolf Glunz4JG 26Spitfire15km WNW Ault: tiefflug15.5Western Front
08/06/1942Fw. Karl-Heinz Willius3JG 26Spitfire5km SE Arques13.4Western Front
08/06/1942Uffz. Erich Scheyda3JG 26SpitfireN. Hazebrouck13.45Western Front
08/06/1942Uffz. Konrad von Jutrzenka1JG 26Spitfire6km NW Dünkirchen13.56Western Front
08/06/1942Ofw. Wilhelm Philipp4JG 26SpitfireWNW Dünkirchen13.58Western Front
08/06/1942Fw. Adolf Glunz4JG 26SpitfireWNW Dünkirchen13.59Western Front
08/06/1942Uffz. Gerhard Vogt6JG 26SpitfireDünkirchen14.03Western Front
20/06/1942Hptm. Joachim MünchebergStab II.JG 26SpitfireS. Ardres15.44Western Front
20/06/1942Oblt. Wilhelm-Ferdinand Galland5JG 26SpitfireGuînes15.46Western Front
20/06/1942Hptm. Joachim MünchebergStab II.JG 26SpitfireE. Boulogne15.47Western Front
20/06/1942Oblt. Kurt Ebersberger4JG 26SpitfireCalais15.48Western Front
20/06/1942Uffz. Gerhard Birke4JG 26SpitfireCalais/Marck15.56Western Front
21/06/1942Ofw. Paul Czwilinsky2JG 26SpitfireN. Gravelines18.12Western Front
22/06/1942Hptm. Josef PrillerStab III.JG 26Spitfire30km N. Gravelines: 8500m12.10-15Western Front
28/06/1942Fw. Adolf Glunz4JG 26SpitfireS. Hastings21.16Western Front
28/06/1942Uffz. Gerhard Birke4JG 26SpitfireSE Hastings: 2500-3000m21.15Western Front
29/06/1942Ofw. Paul Kirstein2JG 26SpitfireN. Coxyde16.43Western Front
29/06/1942Uffz. Ernst Christof1JG 26SpitfireW. Gravelines16.45Western Front
29/06/1942Oblt. Fülbert Zink2JG 26Spitfire15km NNW Dünkirchen: 1500m16.48Western Front
29/06/1942Ogefr. Viktor Hager7JG 26Spitfire-16.50-55Western Front
29/06/1942Ltn. Paul Galland8JG 26Spitfire-16.55Western Front
29/06/1942Oblt. Josef Haiböck1JG 26SpitfireSW Dünkirchen16.5Western Front
12/07/1942Ofw. Erwin Leibold3JG 26MosquitoLicques14.35Western Front
13/07/1942 GruppenstabsschwarmStab II.JG 26SpitfireS. Berck-sur-Mer14.55Western Front
13/07/1942 Staffelabschüß6JG 26SpitfireS. Berck-sur-Mer14.55Western Front
13/07/1942Ofw. Wilhelm Philipp4JG 26SpitfireKanalmitte15.1Western Front
15/07/1942Hptm. Josef PrillerStab III.JG 26Spitfire8km NE Dover15.38Western Front
25/07/1942Uffz. Edgar Dörre9JG 26SpitfireNW Dünkirchen14.28Western Front
25/07/1942Uffz. Karl Börner9JG 26DefiantN. Dünkirchen14.3Western Front
25/07/1942Oblt. Kurt Ruppert9JG 26SpitfireW. Dünkirchen14.31Western Front
26/07/1942Uffz. Gerhard Vogt6JG 26Spitfire15-20km W. Le Touquet: tiefflug13.28Western Front
26/07/1942Ofw. Walter Meyer6JG 26Spitfire20km N. Boulogne: tiefflug13.3Western Front
26/07/1942Ofw. Walter Meyer6JG 26SpitfireS. Cap Gris Nez13.38Western Front
26/07/1942Ltn. Heinz Rahardt2JG 26Spitfire10km N. Calais: 3500m13.38Western Front
26/07/1942Ofw. Wilhelm Philipp4JG 26Spitfirevor englischer Küste13.47Western Front
30/07/1942Ltn. Paul Galland8JG 26Spitfire--Western Front
30/07/1942Ltn. Paul Galland8JG 26Spitfire--Western Front
30/07/1942Oblt. Johann Schmidt11JG 26Spitfire15km W. Boulogne: 6000m17.4Western Front
30/07/1942Hptm. Johannes SeifertStab I.JG 26SpitfireBoulogne: 6000m17.45Western Front
30/07/1942Oblt. Fülbert Zink2JG 26Spitfire15km NW Boulogne: 800m17.5Western Front
30/07/1942Hptm. Johannes SeifertStab I.JG 26SpitfireDungeness-Boulogne: 7000m17.47Western Front
30/07/1942Hptm. Josef PrillerStab III.JG 26SpitfireGravelines19Western Front
30/07/1942Oblt. Hans-Jürgen Westphal7JG 26SpitfireS. Dünkirchen: 3000m19.05-10Western Front
30/07/1942Oblt. Rolf Hermichen3JG 26Hurricane800m N. Fl.Pl. St. Omer-Wizernes: 10-20m19.11Western Front
30/07/1942Ofw. Leopold Eichinger3JG 26Spitfire4km vor St. Omer: 800-1000m19.12Western Front
30/07/1942Fw. Emil Babenz3JG 26Spitfirebei Watten: 200m19.15Western Front
30/07/1942Hptm. Johannes SeifertStab I.JG 26SpitfireNW St. Omer: 500m19.18Western Front
30/07/1942Oblt. Karl Borris8JG 26Spitfire-19.2Western Front
30/07/1942Ofw. Werner Gerhardt5JG 26Spitfire-19.32Western Front
31/07/1942Ofw. Heinrich Bierwirth5JG 26SpitfireSommemündung15.00-02Western Front
31/07/1942Fw. Adolf Glunz4JG 26SpitfireW. Berck-sur-Mer15.01Western Front
31/07/1942Uffz. Gerhard Birke4JG 26SpitfireW. Berck-sur-Mer15.04Western Front
31/07/1942Hptm. Karl-Heinz MeyerStab II.JG 26SpitfireW. Sommemündung15.05Western Front
31/07/1942Oblt. Wilhelm-Ferdinand Galland5JG 26SpitfireWNW Sommemündung15.07Western Front
31/07/1942Fw. Adolf Glunz4JG 26SpitfireW. Berck-sur-Mer15.08Western Front
31/07/1942Oblt. Wilhelm-Ferdinand Galland5JG 26SpitfireWNW Sommemündung15.08Western Front
31/07/1942Ltn. Friedrich Graf von Uiberacker1JG 26Curtiss P-405km W. Sommemündung: 6000m15.1Western Front
31/07/1942Ofw. Werner Gerhardt5JG 26Spitfire10km SW Dungeness: 100m15.12Western Front
31/07/1942Ofw. Wilhelm Philipp4JG 26SpitfireW. Berck-sur-Mer15.13Western Front
31/07/1942Oblt. Fülbert Zink2JG 26Spitfire15km W. Authiemündung: 1000m15.15Western Front
31/07/1942Ltn. Wilhelm Cadenbach4JG 26SpitfireW. Berck-sur-Mer15.17Western Front
31/07/1942Uffz. Wilhelm Mayer6JG 26SpitfireKanalmitte15.2Western Front
31/07/1942Uffz. Heinz KlemsStab I.JG 26Spitfire20km W. Etaples: 50m15.25Western Front
31/07/1942Ofw. Werner Gerhardt5JG 26SpitfireSW Dungeness: 100m15.22-25Western Front
31/07/1942Hptm. Johannes SeifertStab I.JG 26Spitfire20km W. Berck-sur-Mer: 200-300m15.22Western Front
17/08/1942Uffz. Gerhard Vogt6JG 26SpitfireNNW Fécamp18.52Western Front
17/08/1942Ltn. Wilhelm Cadenbach4JG 26SpitfireSW Dieppe18.53Western Front
17/08/1942Ofw. Wilhelm Philipp4JG 26SpitfireW. Dieppe19.06Western Front
17/08/1942Ltn. Horst Sternberg5JG 26SpitfireSW Eastbourne19.1Western Front
18/08/1942Fw. Karl Willius3JG 26Spitfire10km N. Cap Gris Nez: 6000m15.04Western Front
18/08/1942Oblt. Rolf Hermichen3JG 26Spitfire15-20km SE Dungeness: 4-5000m15.01Western Front
19/08/1942Ofw. Heinrich Bierwirth5JG 26SpitfireN. Dieppe6.43Western Front
19/08/1942Oblt. Wilhelm-Ferdinand Galland5JG 26SpitfireN. Dieppe7.55Western Front
19/08/1942Ltn. Roland Prym4JG 26SpitfireSommemündung8.17Western Front
19/08/1942Ofw. Wilhelm Philipp4JG 26SpitfireSW Dieppe8.37Western Front
19/08/1942Ofw. Kurt Kruska6JG 26MustangForêt de Vron: 20m08.45-09.00Western Front
19/08/1942Oblt. Fülbert Zink2JG 26Spitfire3km NW Dieppe: 2500m8.53Western Front
19/08/1942Oblt. Johannes Schmidt11JG 26SpitfireW. Dieppe: 4000m9.17Western Front
19/08/1942Oblt. Rolf Hermichen3JG 26SpitfireNE Dieppe: 200m9.51Western Front
19/08/1942Ofw. Emil Babenz11JG 26SpitfireNE Dieppe9.52Western Front
19/08/1942Uffz. Erich Scheyda3JG 26Spitfire20-25km W. Dieppe: 200m9.52Western Front
19/08/1942Oblt. Kurt Ebersberger4JG 26SpitfireW. Dieppe10.03Western Front
19/08/1942Fw. Hermann Meyer4JG 26SpitfireN. Dieppe10.07Western Front
19/08/1942Oblt. Klaus Mietusch7JG 26Spitfire10km NW Dieppe: 1800m10.35Western Front
19/08/1942Oblt. Karl Borris8JG 26SpitfireDieppe10.15Western Front
19/08/1942Fw. Adolf Glunz4JG 26Spitfire5-8km W. Dieppe: 1500m10.28Western Front
19/08/1942Oblt. Klaus Mietusch7JG 26Spitfire2-3km NE Dieppe: 2000m10.32-34Western Front
19/08/1942Oblt. Rolf Hermichen3JG 26Airacobra1km Ostmale Dieppe: 1000m11.28Western Front
19/08/1942Fw. Karl Willius3JG 26Spitfire4km SE Dieppe: 400-500m11.33Western Front
19/08/1942Fw. Hans-Günther Adam2JG 26Spitfire5km NE Dieppe: 1000m11.36Western Front
19/08/1942Uffz. Ernst Christof1JG 26Spitfire5km NE Dieppe: tiefflug11.4Western Front
19/08/1942Oblt. Fülbert Zink2JG 26Mustang10-15km SW Dieppe: tiefflug16.1Western Front
19/08/1942Ofw. Walter Meyer6JG 26Spitfire2-3km NE Dieppe: 3000m12.16Western Front
19/08/1942Oblt. Kurt Ruppert9JG 26Spitfire2km N. Dieppe12.4Western Front
19/08/1942Ltn. Paul Galland8JG 26SpitfireDieppe12.43Western Front
19/08/1942Oblt. Johannes Schmidt11JG 26SpitfireW. Dieppe12.26Western Front
19/08/1942Ofw. Emil Babenz11JG 26SpitfireDieppe13.3Western Front
19/08/1942Ofw. Emil Babenz11JG 26SpitfireSE Dieppe: 500m13.35Western Front
19/08/1942Hptm. Johannes SeifertStab I.JG 26Spitfire7km W. Dieppe: 800m14Western Front
19/08/1942Ltn. Otto Stammberger9JG 26Spitfire2km N. Dieppe14.57Western Front
19/08/1942Oblt. Kurt Ruppert9JG 26SpitfireDieppe15Western Front
19/08/1942Uffz. Edgar Dörre9JG 26SpitfireDieppe15.2Western Front
19/08/1942Oblt. Kurt Ebersberger4JG 26SpitfireNW Dieppe16.17Western Front
19/08/1942Oblt. Fülbert Zink2JG 26Spitfire15-20km NE Dieppe: 1500m12.1Western Front
19/08/1942Major Gerhard SchöpfelStabJG 26SpitfireDieppe: 4000m16.31Western Front
19/08/1942Ofw. Wilhelm Philipp4JG 26SpitfireW. Dieppe17.32Western Front
19/08/1942Oblt. Kurt Ruppert9JG 26SpitfireDieppe17.38Western Front
19/08/1942Ofw. Willi Roth4JG 26SpitfireNE Dieppe17.32Western Front
19/08/1942Major Gerhard SchöpfelStabJG 26SpitfireDieppe: 4000m18.3Western Front
19/08/1942Uffz. Gerhard Vogt6JG 26SpitfireDieppe8.25Western Front
19/08/1942Ltn. Horst Sternberg5JG 26SpitfireDieppe8.2Western Front
20/08/1942Uffz. Heinrich Schild2JG 26HurricaneKanal-Western Front
20/08/1942Uffz. Heinrich Schild2JG 26StirlingKanal-Western Front
20/08/1942Uffz. Heinrich Schild2JG 26HurricaneKanal-Western Front
21/08/1942Hptm. Josef PrillerStab III.JG 26Spitfire50km N. Gravelines11.1Western Front
22/08/1942 n.n.1. Flak unitJG 26SpitfireE. St. Omer/Arques-Western Front
24/08/1942Oblt. Kurt Ebersberger4JG 26SpitfireE. Doudeville: 6000m17.3Western Front
24/08/1942Ofw. Heinrich Bierwirth5JG 26SpitfireNW St. Valéry-en-Caux: 6000m17.3Western Front
24/08/1942Fw. Paul Fritsch5JG 26SpitfireVeules-les-Roses: 6000m17.32Western Front
24/08/1942Ofw. Wilhelm Philipp4JG 26Spitfire25km NW Fécamp: tiefflug17.35Western Front
24/08/1942Ltn. Gerhard Strasen5JG 26Spitfire10km E. Fécamp: 8000m17.45-50Western Front
27/08/1942Uffz. Wilhelm Mayer6JG 26SpitfireSommemündung16Western Front
27/08/1942Uffz. Hans-Joachim Fast2JG 26Spitfire5-10km E. Watten: 200m13.35Western Front
27/08/1942Ofw. Heinrich Bierwirth5JG 26Spitfire2-3km NE Rue: 1500m13.39Western Front
27/08/1942Ltn. Konrad Frhr. Von Donner5JG 26Spitfire8km WNW Sommemündung: 4-500m13.41-42Western Front
27/08/1942Uffz. Gerhard Vogt6JG 26Spitfire3km W. Sommemündung: 200m13.43-44Western Front
27/08/1942Oblt. Wilhelm-Ferdinand Galland5JG 26Spitfire15-18km NW Sommemündung: 100m13.45Western Front
27/08/1942Oblt. Fülbert Zink2JG 26Spitfire7-8km NNW Calais: 500m13.48Western Front
27/08/1942Uffz. Peter Crump5JG 26Spitfire15km W. Berck-sur-Mer: 150m13.5Western Front
27/08/1942Ltn. Paul Galland8JG 26Spitfire12km E. Dover: 2800m15.06Western Front
27/08/1942Oblt. Klaus Mietusch7JG 26Spitfire15km SW Calais: 3500m15.1Western Front
27/08/1942Ltn. Johann AistleitnerStab III.JG 26Spitfire15km NE Cap Gris Nez: 3000m15.11Western Front
27/08/1942Ogefr. Victor Hager7JG 26Spitfire15km NW Cap Gris Nez: 2500m15.12Western Front
27/08/1942Oblt. Klaus Mietusch7JG 26Spitfire20km WNW Cap Gris Nez: 1500m15.16Western Front
28/08/1942Oblt. Wilhelm-Ferdinand Galland5JG 26Spitfire10km ESE Amiens: 8500m14.35-40Western Front
28/08/1942Ltn. Ernst Janda4JG 26SpitfireS. Amiens: 8500m14.39Western Front
28/08/1942Uffz. Wilhelm Mayer6JG 26SpitfireAmiens14.45Western Front
29/08/1942Hptm. Josef PrillerStab III.JG 26Spitfire15km NW Cap Gris Nez: 4000m11.46Western Front
29/08/1942Fw. Walter Grünlinger9JG 26Spitfire15km W. Cap Gris Nez: 4000m11.46Western Front
29/08/1942Ltn. Paul Galland8JG 26Spitfire15km W. Cap Gris Nez: 7000m11.47Western Front
29/08/1942Ltn. Paul Galland8JG 26Spitfire5km WNW Cap Gris Nez: 5800m11.5Western Front
29/08/1942Ofw. Wilhelm Philipp4JG 26Mosquito15-20km SE Hastings: tiefflug12.53Western Front
05/09/1942Hptm. Karl-Heinz MeyerStab II.JG 26Spitfire15km N. Sommemündung: 600-800m11.41Western Front
05/09/1942Ofw. Walter Meyer6JG 26SpitfireW. Sommemündung: 6000m11.33Western Front
05/09/1942Ltn. Gerhard Strasen5JG 26SpitfireLe Tréport11.32-34Western Front
05/09/1942Uffz. Heinz Budde6JG 26SpitfireW. Cayeux-sur-Mer11.32-35Western Front
05/09/1942Oblt. Wilhelm-Ferdinand Galland5JG 26SpitfireLe Tréport11.35-36Western Front
05/09/1942Fw. Adolf Glunz4JG 26SpitfireW. Berck-sur-Mer: 20m11.41Western Front
06/09/1942Uffz. Wilhelm Mayer6JG 26B-17-18.45Western Front
06/09/1942Oblt. Johannes Naumann4JG 26SpitfireN. Hallancourt18.54Western Front
06/09/1942Hptm. Karl-Heinz MeyerStab II.JG 26B-17NW Amiens18.55Western Front
06/09/1942Ofw. Willi Roth4JG 26B-1720-15km N.W. Le Tréport: tiefflug19.06Western Front
07/09/1942Uffz. Alfred Niese9JG 26SpitfireN. Dünkirchen11.09Western Front
16/09/1942Fw. Hermann Meyer4JG 26SpitfireAult13.1Western Front
22/09/1942Oblt. Klaus Mietusch7JG 26Boston III3km E. Ostende13.15Western Front
23/09/1942Ltn. Artur Beese1JG 26Spitfire5km W. Cap Gris Nez: 20-50m7.45Western Front
02/10/1942Ogefr. Viktor Hager7JG 26Spitfire-15.35Western Front
02/10/1942Ltn. Otto Stammberger9JG 26SpitfireE. Deal15.4Western Front
02/10/1942Uffz. Hans-Joachim Stoller2JG 26P-38Calais-Cap Gris Nez: 6500m16.25Western Front
02/10/1942Oblt. Fülbert Zink2JG 26P-3910km NW Cap Blanc Nez: 2500m16.3Western Front
02/10/1942Ltn. Helmut Hoppe6JG 26SpitfireSommemündung16.58Western Front
09/10/1942Oblt. Klaus Mietusch7JG 26StirlingLille10.35Western Front
09/10/1942Hptm. Josef PrillerStab III.JG 26B-24SW Roubaix-Wevelgem [Lille]10.4Western Front
09/10/1942Oblt. Kurt Ruppert9JG 26B-17-10.4Western Front
09/10/1942Hptm. Klaus Mietusch7JG 26B-17NE Lille10.45Western Front
09/10/1942Ltn. Otto Stammberger9JG 26B-17E. Lille/Vendeville10.45Western Front
09/10/1942Ltn. Walter Meyer7JG 26B-17-10.55Western Front
11/10/1942Uffz. Herbert Bremer3JG 26Spitfire15km SSE Dünkirchen: 7500m15.25Western Front
11/10/1942Uffz. Wilhelm Hofmann1JG 26Spitfire5km W. Cassel: 4000m15.35Western Front
11/10/1942Hptm. Paul SteindlStab I.JG 26Spitfire5km E. Dünkirchen: 1500m15.4Western Front
12/10/1942Uffz. Hans-Joachim Fast2JG 26Spitfire8km NNW Cap Gris Nez: 400-600m9.4Western Front
15/10/1942Oblt. Wilhelm-Ferdinand Galland5JG 26SpitfireWNW Fécamp16.34Western Front
31/10/1942Ofw. Paul Kirstein2JG 26Spitfire5km W. Etaples: tiefflug12.5Western Front
31/10/1942Ltn. Paul Galland8JG 26Boston III7km SE Dixmuiden: 0-700m13.1Western Front
31/10/1942Fw. Johann Edmann8JG 26Spitfire15km NW Calais: 300-700m18.15-.20Western Front
02/11/1942Uffz. Georg Granabetter6JG 26Spitfire10km SW Boulogne: 100m15.23Western Front
02/11/1942Uffz. Gerhard Vogt6JG 26Spitfire10-15km SW Boulogne: 100m15.24Western Front
02/11/1942Fw. Adolf Glunz4JG 26Spitfire10-15km W. Berck-sur-Mer: 7000-500m16.57Western Front
08/11/1942Major Gerhard SchöpfelStabJG 26B-17--Western Front
08/11/1942Ltn. Gerhard Seifert9JG 26B-176-8km NE Lille: 6000-7500m12.24Western Front
08/11/1942Uffz. Heinz KlemsStab I.JG 26Spitfire5km S. Merville: 4000m12.25Western Front
08/11/1942Oblt. Josef Haiböck1JG 26Spitfire2-5km N. Gravelines: 1200m12.3Western Front
08/11/1942Ltn. Heinz Hoppe6JG 26SpitfireSW Gravelines: 8000m12.49Western Front
08/11/1942Oblt. Fülbert Zink2JG 26Spitfire10km SE Dover: 2500m12.5Western Front
08/11/1942Uffz. Gerhard Vogt6JG 26Spitfire3km E. Calais: 8000m12.51Western Front
19/11/1942Uffz. Edgar Dörre9JG 26Spitfire2km NE Consigny: 4000m [10km N. Zeebrügge]14.58Western Front
28/11/1942Ofw. Emil Babenz11JG 26P-3820km W. Mateur: tiefflug15.41Western Front
30/11/1942Fw. Werner Kraft9JG 26HurricaneW. Brighton-Western Front
04/12/1942Oblt. Rolf Hermichen3JG 26Spitfire10km NE Desvres: 1000-10m [S. Ardres]14.34Western Front
04/12/1942Major Josef PrillerStab III.JG 26Spitfire20km SE Dover: 4000m14.4Western Front
04/12/1942Fw. Walter GrünlingerStab III.JG 26Spitfire20km E. Dover: 4000m14.4Western Front
04/12/1942Ltn. Hans-Georg Dippel2JG 26SpitfireTilques: 8500-6000m [NW Arques]14.45Western Front
04/12/1942Ltn. Friedrich Graf von Uiberacker1JG 26Spitfire5km E. Boulogne: 9000-7000m14.5Western Front
04/12/1942Major Johannes SeifertStab I.JG 26SpitfireS. Calais: 10500-2000m14.52Western Front
04/12/1942Oblt. Wilhelm-Ferdinand Galland5JG 26Spitfire20km NW Bologne, zw. Dover u. Folkestone: 8000-200m14.56Western Front
06/12/1942Major Gerd SchöpfelStabJG 26B-17--Western Front
06/12/1942Ltn. Kurt-Erich Wenzel6JG 26Spitfire8km W. Dieppe: 1000m8.35Western Front
06/12/1942Uffz. Gerhard Vogt6JG 26Spitfire10km W. Dieppe: 50m8.36Western Front
06/12/1942Oblt. Rolf Hermichen3JG 26Spitfire15-20km W. Le Tréport: 1800m11.37Western Front
06/12/1942Uffz. Heinrich Schnell3JG 26B-2435km W. Étaples: 2000-1500m11.44Western Front
06/12/1942Major Josef PrillerStab III.JG 26Spitfire5-6km S. Lille: 4000-2000m12.1Western Front
06/12/1942Uffz. Peter Crump5JG 26Spitfire15km NW Calais: 6800m12.42Western Front
07/12/1942Fw. Franz Hiller1JG 26Spitfire10km NW Calais: 200m8.35Western Front
07/12/1942Uffz. Heinrich Schnell3JG 26Spitfire4-6km N. Berck-sur-Mer: 80-50m17.05Western Front
11/12/1942Fw. Karl Willius2JG 26Defiant2-3km E. Dungeness: 5m12.15Western Front
12/12/1942Uffz. Peter Crump5JG 26Spitfire20km N. Dieppe11.3Western Front
12/12/1942Oblt. Wilhelm-Ferdinand Galland5JG 26SpitfireNW Boulogne: 100m11.39Western Front
12/12/1942Oblt. Fülbert Zink2JG 26SpitfireMarquise: 3000m11.4Western Front
12/12/1942Fw. Karl Willius3JG 26Spitfire15km W. Wimeraux: 3500-700m11.43Western Front
12/12/1942Uffz. Erich Schwarz9JG 26B-1750km S. Paris: 6500m12.15Western Front
12/12/1942Uffz. Walter Lühs9JG 26B-1710km SE Paris: 1500m12.35Western Front
12/12/1942Ogefr. Heinz Gomann5JG 26Spitfire20km NNW Dieppe: 2000m13.44Western Front
15/12/1942Uffz. Josef Zirngibl1JG 26Buffalo2km E. Dover: 50 m15.57Western Front
19/12/1942Oblt. Rolf Hermichen3JG 26Spitfire25km ESE Deal: tiefflug14.15Western Front
20/12/1942Major Josef PrillerStab III.JG 26B-24Baie de la Seinebogen: 6000-7000m [NW Paris]12.02Western Front
20/12/1942Hptm. Karl-Heinz MeyerStab II.JG 26B-174-6 km SW Mantes: 6500m12.11Western Front
20/12/1942Uffz. Alfred Niese9JG 26B-1710km W. Châteaubleau: 6500m12.55Western Front
20/12/1942Ltn. Otto Stammberger9JG 26B-175-6km NW Meaux: 6500m13.1Western Front
20/12/1942 Staffelabschuß4JG 26B-17Dieppe-St. Valéry-en-Caux: 4500m13.5Western Front
23/12/1942Uffz. Heinrich Schnell3JG 26Vengeance20km N. Cap Blanc Nez: 500m11.2Western Front
31/12/1942Oblt. Wilhelm-Ferdinand Galland5JG 26SpitfireNNW Sommemündung: 8000m14.45Western Front
09/01/1943Ltn. Heinz Hoppe6JG 26Spitfire12km W. Cayeux: 4000m13.45Western Front
09/01/1943Hptm. Wilhelm-Ferdinand GallandStab II.JG 26SpitfireW. Sommemündug: 6000m13.45Western Front
13/01/1943Ofw. Heinz Kemethmüller7JG 26B-17Furnes-Lo: 3000m [NNW Ypres]14.45Western Front
13/01/1943Uffz. Erich Scheyda3JG 26B-17Lille: 6000-7000m14.35Western Front
13/01/1943Hptm. Klaus Mietusch7JG 26B-17Lille14.35Western Front
18/01/1943Fw. Hermann Meyer4JG 26Mustang1km W. Rue: tiefflug10.57Western Front
20/01/1943Oblt. Fulbert Zink2JG 26Spitfire30km NW Boulogne: 1000m13.1Western Front
20/01/1943Hptm. Klaus Mietusch7JG 26Spitfire1-5km S. Margate: 5-6000m12.42Western Front
20/01/1943Hptm. Klaus Mietusch7JG 26SpitfireArdres: 50m13.12Western Front
20/01/1943Major Josef PrillerStabJG 26SpitfireN. Canterbury: 3000-4000m11.35Western Front
22/01/1943Hptm. Klaus Mietusch7JG 26Spitfire10-15km N. Gravelines: 3500m15.15Western Front
22/01/1943Hptm. Wilhelm-Ferdinand GallandStab II.JG 26Spitfire10km NW Gravelines: 10m15.25-30Western Front
22/01/1943Ltn. Helmut Hoppe5JG 26Spitfire4km NW Gravelines: 1500m15.15Western Front
23/01/1943Uffz. Peter Crump5JG 26Mustang4-5km S. Montreuil: tiefflug13.45Western Front
23/01/1943Uffz. Peter Crump5JG 26Mustang4-5km S. Montreuil: 80km13.46Western Front
23/01/1943Ltn. Melchior Kestel9JG 26B-1715 West S/408514.17Western Front
23/01/1943Uffz. Edgar Dörre9JG 26B-17Edern E. Brion: 7500m14.2Western Front
26/01/1943Hptm. Wilhelm-Ferdinand GallandStab II.JG 26Spitfire1km W. Watten: 4000m12.52Western Front
26/01/1943Uffz. Peter Crump5JG 26Spitfire5km N. Dunkirk12.45Western Front
03/02/1943Ofw. Willi Kalitzki8JG 26Spitfireoff Gravelines: 2000-100m15.35Western Front
03/02/1943Fw. Adolf Glunz4JG 26Spitfire-15.3Western Front
03/02/1943Uffz. Peter Crump5JG 26Spitfire5km NE Calais11Western Front
03/02/1943Hptm. Wilhelm-Ferdinand GallandStab II.JG 26Hudson10km N. Fort Philippe: 800m11.05Western Front
03/02/1943Oblt. Fulbert Zink2JG 26Spitfire7km SW Gravelines: 1500m11.05Western Front
03/02/1943Ltn. Johann Aistleitner8JG 26HudsonNW Gravelines: 2000m15.27Western Front
03/02/1943Hptm. Wilhelm-Ferdinand GallandStab II.JG 26Spitfire12-15km N. Dunkirk: 20m15.28-30Western Front
03/02/1943Ofw. Wilhelm Mackenstedt6JG 26Spitfire10-12km NW Gravelines: 200-300m11.08Western Front
03/02/1943Ofw. Hans Heitmann8JG 26Spitfirezw. Dunkirk-Calais: 3000m11.08Western Front
03/02/1943Ltn. Horst Sternberg5JG 26Spitfire7km NE Calais: 300m11.1Western Front
03/02/1943Fw. Erich Jauer7JG 26Spitfire5-7km W. Dunkirk: 2500m11.12Western Front
03/02/1943Ofw. Heinz Kemethmüller7JG 26VenturaNW Dunkirk: 3-4000m11.12Western Front
03/02/1943Hptm. Wilhelm-Ferdinand GallandStab II.JG 26Spitfire10-15km N. Fort Philippe: 200m11.12Western Front
03/02/1943Hptm. Günther Kelch7JG 26Ventura10-15km NW Dunkirk: 2500m11.15-17Western Front
03/02/1943Hptm. Karl Borris8JG 26SpitfirePoperinghe-Bergues: 4000m15.22Western Front
03/02/1943Oblt. Fulbert Zink2JG 26Spitfire1km N. Cassel: 5000-7000m10.57-11.02Western Front
03/02/1943Hptm. Karl Borris8JG 26SpitfireN. Poperinghe: 4000m15.21Western Front
05/02/1943Ofw. Heinz Gomann5JG 26Spitfire8km WNW Boulogne: 100m12.11Western Front
07/02/1943Hptm. Karl Borris8JG 26TyphoonStaden: tiefflug14.46Western Front
13/02/1943Hptm. Wilhelm-Ferdinand GallandStab II.JG 26Spitfire6km W. Hardelot: 7000m10.17Western Front
13/02/1943Ltn. Konrad von DonnerStab II.JG 26Spitfire8-10km W. Boulogne: 7000-800m10.18Western Front
13/02/1943Ltn. Horst Sternberg5JG 26Spitfire1km NE Waben: 5600m [Montreuil]10.25Western Front
13/02/1943Uffz. Peter Crump5JG 26Spitfirebei Watten10.3Western Front
13/02/1943Hptm. Kurt Ruppert9JG 26Spitfire5-10km S. Herde Glénan: 8500m11.06Western Front
13/02/1943Hptm. Wilhelm-Ferdinand GallandStab II.JG 26SpitfireSE Le Touquet: 5000m12.2Western Front
13/02/1943Ltn. Helmut Hoppe5JG 26Spitfire5km E. Etaples: tiefflug12.3Western Front
13/02/1943Oblt. Johannes Naumann6JG 26SpitfireNE Rue: 6000-1000m12.24Western Front
15/02/1943Hptm. Wilhelm-Ferdinand GallandStab II.JG 26Spitfire6-8km SE Ramsgate: 5000m16.04Western Front
16/02/1943Ofw. Alfred Heckmann1JG 26Il-228 142: 800m15.25Eastern Front
16/02/1943Ofw. Alfred Heckmann1JG 26Il-218 423: 800m14.53Eastern Front
16/02/1943Hptm. Walter Hoeckner1JG 26Il-218 453: 800m14.5Eastern Front
16/02/1943Hptm. Walter Hoeckner1JG 26Il-218 422: 800m14.52Eastern Front
16/02/1943Ltn. Heinrich JessenStab I.JG 26Il-215km S. Adler 7: 200m14.1Eastern Front
16/02/1943Major Johannes SeifertStab I.JG 26Il-28-10km SE Adler 7: 300m14.1Eastern Front
16/02/1943Gefr. Helmut Kaiser1JG 26Il-218 452: 800m14.5Eastern Front
16/02/1943Fw. Waldemar Söffing1JG 26Il-218 461: 800m14.51Eastern Front
16/02/1943Fw. Waldemar Söffing1JG 26Il-218 464: 800m14.52Eastern Front
16/02/1943Gefr. Helmut Kaiser1JG 26Il-218 454: 800m14.54Eastern Front
16/02/1943Ogefr. Gauss1JG 26Il-218 454: 800m14.55Eastern Front
16/02/1943Ltn. Otto Stammberger9JG 26B-17bei St. Nazaire11.2Western Front
16/02/1943 GruppenabschußStab II.JG 26Spitfire8km NW Abbéville17.35Western Front
16/02/1943Hptm. Wilhelm-Ferdinand GallandStab II.JG 26Spitfire8km NW Abbéville17.35Western Front
16/02/1943Oblt. Johannes Naumann6JG 26SpitfireBourseville: 8000m ENE Le Tréport17.28Western Front
16/02/1943Uffz. Erich Schwarz9JG 26B-176-10km W. Ploërmel: 1500m11.25Western Front
16/02/1943Fw. Edgar Dörre9JG 26B-172km SW Ploemeur: 5500m SW Lorient11.2Western Front
17/02/1943Fw. Waldemar Söffing1JG 26Curtiss P-4018 461: 400m13.17Eastern Front
17/02/1943Ltn. Artur Beese1JG 26Curtiss P-4018 463: 400m13.18Eastern Front
17/02/1943Ltn. Hans-Georg DippelStab I.JG 26Curtiss P-4018 430: 150-100m14.05Eastern Front
17/02/1943Ofw. Adolf Glunz4JG 26SpitfireArdres: 4000m10.45-50Western Front
17/02/1943Fw. Hermann Meyer4JG 26SpitfireNW St. Omer: 5000-1000m10.46Western Front
17/02/1943Uffz. Peter Crump5JG 26Spitfire1km W. Cap Gris Nez: 1600m10.49Western Front
17/02/1943Ltn. Helmut Hoppe5JG 26Spitfire6km SE Calais: 6000-400m11.02Western Front
18/02/1943Hptm. Rolf Hermichen3JG 26LaGG-328 321: 150m8.23Eastern Front
18/02/1943Hptm. Walter Hoeckner1JG 26Il-228 454: 5m10.57Eastern Front
18/02/1943Ofw. Friedrich Lindelaub1JG 26Il-228 173: 20m11.01Eastern Front
18/02/1943Ofw. Alfred Heckmann1JG 26Il-228 311: 20m11.02Eastern Front
18/02/1943Uffz. Erich Scheyda3JG 26Il-228 354: tiefflug11.04Eastern Front
18/02/1943Ofw. Alfred Heckmann1JG 26Il-228 351: 20m11.04Eastern Front
19/02/1943Hptm. Rolf Hermichen3JG 26Il-218 293: 400m9.59Eastern Front
19/02/1943Hptm. Rolf Hermichen3JG 26Il-218 462: tiefflug10.01Eastern Front
19/02/1943Uffz. Heinz Münch3JG 26Il-218 463: 400-tiefflug.10.03Eastern Front
20/02/1943Fw. Waldemar Söffing1JG 26Il-218 214: 10m11.48Eastern Front
21/02/1943Ofw. Friedrich Lindelaub1JG 26LaGG-318 291: 2000m13.19Eastern Front
21/02/1943Hptm. Walter Hoeckner1JG 26Curtiss P-4018 264: 40m13.26Eastern Front
21/02/1943Hptm. Walter Hoeckner1JG 26LaGG-318 294: 1800m13.2Eastern Front
21/02/1943Ltn. Artur Beese1JG 26Curtiss P-4028 141: 50m13.28Eastern Front
23/02/1943Ogefr. Gauss1JG 26LaGG-329 773: 1100m15.31Eastern Front
23/02/1943Fw. Waldemar Söffing1JG 26LaGG-329 772: 1100m15.32Eastern Front
23/02/1943Major Johannes SeifertStab I.JG 26Il-218 430: 200m11.1Eastern Front
23/02/1943Ltn. Heinrich JessenStab I.JG 26Il-218 430: 200m11.1Eastern Front
23/02/1943Uffz. Otto Glaser2JG 26Il-218 261: 1500m6.5Eastern Front
23/02/1943Ltn. Hans-Georg Dippel2JG 26Il-218 272: 600m10.21Eastern Front
26/02/1943Hptm. Wilhelm-Ferdinand GallandStab II.JG 26Spitfire10-15km W. St. Omer: 4000m10.38Western Front
26/02/1943Ofw. Adolf Glunz4JG 26Spitfirebei St. Omer: 1500m10.37Western Front
27/02/1943Hptm. Walter Hoeckner1JG 26Curtiss P-4028 122: 4000m8.4Eastern Front
27/02/1943Hptm. Walter Hoeckner1JG 26Curtiss P-4028 311: 300m8.45Eastern Front
27/02/1943Ltn. Hans-Georg Dippel2JG 26Pe-218 394: 1000m10.07Eastern Front
27/02/1943Oblt. Fülbert Zink2JG 26LaGG-318 460: 2000m13.5Eastern Front
27/02/1943Ofw. Friedrich Lindelaub1JG 26LaGG-318 391: 3000m14.55Eastern Front
27/02/1943Fw. Waldemar Söffing1JG 26Airacobra18 382: 3000m14.56Eastern Front
27/02/1943Fw. Paul Fritsch5JG 26Spitfire50-60km WNW Dunkirk: 7800m14.34Western Front
27/02/1943Uffz. Peter Crump5JG 26Spitfire50-60km WNW Dunkirk: 7800m14.32Western Front
28/02/1943Major Johannes SeifertStab I.JG 26Airacobra18 412: Bodennähe15Eastern Front
28/02/1943Ltn. Heinrich JessenStab I.JG 26MiG-318 350: 2000m15Eastern Front
28/02/1943Major Johannes SeifertStab I.JG 26LaGG-518 350: 2000m15.01Eastern Front
28/02/1943Oblt. Fülbert Zink2JG 26Airacobra28 340: 2000m15.05Eastern Front
28/02/1943Ltn. Heinrich JessenStab I.JG 26P-218 354: 2000m15.05Eastern Front
03/03/1943Oblt. Fülbert Zink2JG 26Il-218 650: 5500m14.07Eastern Front
04/03/1943Hptm. Rolf Hermichen3JG 26Pe-218 242: 1500m8.03Eastern Front
04/03/1943Uffz. Hans-Joachim Fast2JG 26Pe-219 860: 5000m12.35Eastern Front
04/03/1943Ltn. Artur Beese1JG 26Il-218 217: 300m13.4Eastern Front
04/03/1943Ltn. Artur Beese1JG 26Il-218 251: 300m13.46Eastern Front
05/03/1943Fw. Erich Jauer7JG 26LaGG-328 321: 1800m14.59Eastern Front
05/03/1943Hptm. Walter Hoeckner1JG 26Curtiss P-4013 214: 2000m8.45Eastern Front
05/03/1943Ofw. Waldemar Söffing1JG 26LaGG-318 251: 2000m8.48Eastern Front
05/03/1943Ltn. Wolfgang Grimm3JG 26Il-218 640: tiefflug9.5Eastern Front
05/03/1943Ltn. Klaus Kunze2JG 26Il-218 352: 1500-tiefflug12.26Eastern Front
05/03/1943Fw. Erich Scheyda3JG 26Il-218 640: tiefflug9.5Eastern Front
05/03/1943Fw. Erich Scheyda3JG 26Pe-218 360: 1200m14.3Eastern Front
05/03/1943Fw. Erich Scheyda3JG 26Il-218 37-18 38: 800m14.35Eastern Front
05/03/1943Fw. Erich Scheyda3JG 26Il-218 380: 1000m14.37Eastern Front
05/03/1943Major Johannes SeifertStab I.JG 26Pe-218 220: 1200m13.4Eastern Front
05/03/1943Major Johannes SeifertStab I.JG 26Il-218 160: 1200m13.53Eastern Front
05/03/1943Major Johannes SeifertStab I.JG 26Il-218 240: 500m13.54Eastern Front
05/03/1943Ltn. Hans-Georg Dippel2JG 26Il-218 484: 1500-tiefflug12.37Eastern Front
05/03/1943Ltn. Boer3JG 26Pe-218 360: 1200m14.35Eastern Front
05/03/1943Hptm. Rolf Hermichen3JG 26Curtiss P-4018 443: tiefflug15.09Eastern Front
07/03/1943Hptm. Walter Hoeckner1JG 26Il-219 573: 10m6.55Eastern Front
07/03/1943Hptm. Walter Hoeckner1JG 26Curtiss P-4019 673: 20m7Eastern Front
07/03/1943Hptm. Walter Hoeckner1JG 26Il-218 193: 200m14Eastern Front
07/03/1943Hptm. Walter Hoeckner1JG 26Il-218 322: 50-60m14.01Eastern Front
07/03/1943Hptm. Walter Hoeckner1JG 26Il-218 352: 40m14.02Eastern Front
07/03/1943Hptm. Walter Hoeckner1JG 26Il-218 382: 15m14.03Eastern Front
07/03/1943Hptm. Rolf Hermichen3JG 26Pe-218 254: 1800m10.03Eastern Front
07/03/1943Hptm. Rolf Hermichen3JG 26Pe-218 551: 2000-1500m15.43Eastern Front
07/03/1943Ltn. Wolfgang Grimm3JG 26LaGG-318 554: 2000-1500m15.44Eastern Front
07/03/1943Fw. Josef Zirngibl3JG 26Il-219 880: 100m9.58Eastern Front
07/03/1943Hptm. Günther Kelch7JG 26Il-218 390: 10m11.1Eastern Front
07/03/1943Fw. Erich Jauer7JG 26Il-290 254: 500m12.49Eastern Front
07/03/1943Fw. Erich Jauer7JG 26LaGG-390 253: 20m12.52Eastern Front
07/03/1943Fw. Erich Jauer7JG 26LaGG-390 263: 700m12.5Eastern Front
08/03/1943Uffz. Peter Crump5JG 26B-24 HSSN. Rouen14Western Front
08/03/1943Hptm. Wilhelm-Ferdinand GallandStab II.JG 26B-24N. Tôtes: 7000m W. Saint-Saëns14.04Western Front
08/03/1943Ofw. Willi Roth4JG 26B-24Barentin: 7000m NW Rouen14.05Western Front
08/03/1943Ofw. Adolf Glunz4JG 26SpitfireRouen: 6000-7000m14.06-08Western Front
08/03/1943Oblt. Johannes Naumann6JG 26B-2415km SE Hastings: 5000-5570m14.08-10Western Front
08/03/1943Major Josef PrillerStabJG 26Spitfire8km NW St. Valéry-en-Caux: 7000-8000m14.15Western Front
09/03/1943Hptm. Walter Hoeckner1JG 26LaGG-518 471: 3000m14.15Eastern Front
09/03/1943Ltn. Manfred DraheimStab I.JG 26LaGG-318 346: 1500m14.26Eastern Front
12/03/1943Fw. Edgar Dörre9JG 26SpitfireSE Calais: 5500m16.30-35Western Front
13/03/1943Ltn. Wiegmann6JG 26Spitfire5km E. Berck-sur-Mer: 7500-4000m15.31Western Front
13/03/1943Ltn. Waldemar Radener4JG 26SpitfireE. Etaples15.33Western Front
13/03/1943Hptm. Wilhelm-Ferdinand GallandStab II.JG 26SpitfireEtaples: 7000m15.35Western Front
14/03/1943Ltn. Heinrich JessenStab I.JG 26LaGG-318 270: 2000m14.55Eastern Front
14/03/1943Fw. Josef Zirngibl3JG 26Il-219 880: 100m9.58Eastern Front
14/03/1943Major Johannes SeifertStab I.JG 26P-218 28214.5Eastern Front
14/03/1943Ltn. Artur Beese1JG 26Il-219 848: 200m9.36Eastern Front
14/03/1943Ltn. Wilms1JG 26Il-219 549: 200m9.4Eastern Front
14/03/1943Ltn. Wilms1JG 26Il-219 867: 400m9.45Eastern Front
14/03/1943Ofw. Kurt Kruska6JG 26Spitfire5km W. Camiers: 7000m17.54Western Front
14/03/1943Hptm. Wilhelm-Ferdinand GallandStab II.JG 26Spitfire10km SW Boulogne: 4000m17.55Western Front
14/03/1943Uffz. Wilhelm Mayer6JG 26SpitfireW. Canche Estuary: 5000m17.57Western Front
14/03/1943Ltn. Ernst Hahne4JG 26Spitfirebei Ste. Cécile-Plage: 600m17.58Western Front
14/03/1943Ofw. Adolf Glunz4JG 26Spitfire2-3km SW Boulogne: 1500-2500m17.59Western Front
15/03/1943Ltn. Heinrich JessenStab I.JG 26MiG-319 730: 2500m9.25Eastern Front
15/03/1943Fw. Josef Zirngibl3JG 26LaGG-518 274: 3200m15.3Eastern Front
15/03/1943Gefr. Heinrich Heuser2JG 26LaGG-318 720: 3000m16.05Eastern Front
16/03/1943Uffz. Erich Ahrens3JG 26Il-2N. Tennyuk14.25Eastern Front
16/03/1943Major Johannes SeifertStab I.JG 26Il-218 211: 600m16.16Eastern Front
16/03/1943Ofw. Jüppner7JG 26LaGG-318 210: 800m11.15Eastern Front
16/03/1943Ltn. Peter Reischer7JG 26LaGG-515km S. Obsovka12.25Eastern Front
17/03/1943Fw. Erich Scheyda3JG 26Jak-118 440: 300m16.25Eastern Front
18/03/1943Ltn. Peter Reischer7JG 26Curtiss P-4018 362: 4000m15.32Eastern Front
18/03/1943Fw. Erich Scheyda3JG 26Jak-718 275: 2000m15.5Eastern Front
18/03/1943Fw. Erich Scheyda3JG 26Il-219 847: 800m16.1Eastern Front
18/03/1943Ofw. Waldemar Söffing1JG 26Il-219 763: 800m16.09Eastern Front
19/03/1943Uffz. Otto Glaser2JG 26ER-219 883: tiefflug10.51Eastern Front
22/03/1943Fw. Erich Jauer7JG 26Il-200 414: 50m15.15Eastern Front
23/03/1943Hptm. Rolf Hermichen3JG 26Jak-100 412: 1500m13.42Eastern Front
24/03/1943Ltn. Artur Beese1JG 26P-218 574: 200m7.28Eastern Front
24/03/1943Hptm. Walter Hoeckner1JG 26P-210 281: 2500m10.2Eastern Front
24/03/1943Ofw. Waldemar Söffing1JG 26P-200 412: 2500m10.21Eastern Front
24/03/1943Uffz. Peter Crump5JG 26Spitfire10km NNW Cap Gris Nez: 600m10.15Western Front
24/03/1943Fw. Wilhelm Freuwörth5JG 26Spitfire8km E. Dungeness: 900m10.17Western Front
25/03/1943Fw. Wilhelm Freuwörth5JG 26Spitfire5km S. Dover: 2000m18.14Western Front
26/03/1943Fw. Erich Jauer7JG 26LaGG-300 410: 50-20m9.35Eastern Front
28/03/1943Ofw. Adolf Glunz4JG 26MosquitoS. Lille: 10m18.41Western Front
28/03/1943Ofw. Adolf Glunz4JG 26MosquitoS. Lille: 10m18.42Western Front
31/03/1943Uffz. Peter Crump5JG 26B-17Themsemündung12.45Western Front
31/03/1943Oblt. Otto Stammberger4JG 26B-24100km NW Ostende: 7800m12.48Western Front
03/04/1943Ofw. Adolf Glunz4JG 26SpitfireLe Touquet: 5700-6000m16.08Western Front
03/04/1943Ofw. Wilhelm Mackenstedt6JG 26Mosquito10km W. Maubeuge: tiefflug20.3Western Front
04/04/1943Fw. Erich Scheyda3JG 26Jak-408 623: tiefflug8.1Eastern Front
04/04/1943Hptm. Wilhelm-Ferdinand GallandStab II.JG 26SpitfireSE Fécamp: 8000m14.4Western Front
04/04/1943Ltn. Helmut Hoppe5JG 26Spitfire30km S. Beachy Head: 6000m14.55Western Front
04/04/1943Oblt. Horst Sternberg5JG 26SpitfireFérville-Motteville: 7500m14.42Western Front
04/04/1943Ofw. Adolf Glunz4JG 26SpitfireSW Dieppe: 7000-8000m14.42Western Front
04/04/1943Hptm. Wilhelm-Ferdinand GallandStab II.JG 26B-1720-30km N. Fécamp: 5000m14.55-15.00Western Front
04/04/1943Hptm. Wilhelm-Ferdinand GallandStab II.JG 26B-17SE Fécamp: 8000m14.45Western Front
04/04/1943Uffz. Wilhelm Mayer6JG 26Spitfire25km NW Dieppe15Western Front
04/04/1943Oblt. Johannes Naumann6JG 26Spitfire10km SE Dieppe: 7000m14.41Western Front
04/04/1943Uffz. Robert Hager8JG 26SpitfireE. Rouen b. Blainville: 7500m14.37Western Front
04/04/1943Uffz. Walter Holl9JG 26SpitfireRouen: 6000m14.4Western Front
04/04/1943Hptm. Karl Borris8JG 26B-17Rouen-Dieppe: 7000m14.4Western Front
05/04/1943Hptm. Wilhelm-Ferdinand GallandStab II.JG 26B-17S. Antwerp: 7500m15.25Western Front
05/04/1943Major Josef PrillerStabJG 26B-17Ostende: 7500m15.12Western Front
05/04/1943Hptm. Kurt Ruppert9JG 26B-17N. Ghent: 7500-8000m15.22Western Front
05/04/1943Ofw. Adolf Glunz4JG 26B-17Dinteloord: 7000m15.38-15.40Western Front
05/04/1943Oblt. Otto Stammberger4JG 26B-17Bergen-op-Zoom: 7000m15.35-15.40Western Front
08/04/1943Oblt. Otto Stammberger4JG 26Spitfire5km S. Dieppe: 7000m18.55Western Front
09/04/1943Fw. Walter GrünlingerStabJG 26Typhoon15km NW Cap Gris Nez: tiefflug18.45Western Front
11/04/1943Hptm. Paul Steindl9JG 26MosquitoNW Ghent: tiefflug20.36Western Front
13/04/1943Hptm. Günther Kelch7JG 26Pe-290 271: 1000m15.35Eastern Front
13/04/1943Ltn. Peter Reischer7JG 26LaGG-300 271: 2500m18.57Eastern Front
17/04/1943Hptm. Wilhelm-Ferdinand GallandStab II.JG 26Mustang20km WNW Somme Estuary: 2500m15.06Western Front
19/04/1943Ltn. Peter Reischer7JG 26LaGG-510 312: 2000m6.1Eastern Front
21/04/1943Fw. Karl Willius3JG 26Jak-419 350: tiefflug5.46Eastern Front
21/04/1943Fw. Erich Ahrens3JG 26LaGG-318 241: tiefflug9.3Eastern Front
21/04/1943Hptm. Rolf Hermichen3JG 26R-590 614: 10m10.45Eastern Front
21/04/1943Hptm. Wilhelm-Ferdinand GallandStab II.JG 26Ventura10-20km W. Kürfürst: 1500-2000m12.2Western Front
21/04/1943Hptm. Wilhelm-Ferdinand GallandStab II.JG 26VenturaNW Abbéville: 3000m12.14Western Front
21/04/1943Uffz. Peter Crump5JG 26Spitfire2km S. Boismont: tiefflug12.17Western Front
21/04/1943Oblt. Horst Sternberg5JG 26VenturaAcheux-en-Vimeu: 2900m12.16Western Front
21/04/1943Ltn. Hans Fischer4JG 26SpitfireN. Port le Grand: 2000m12.13Western Front
23/04/1943Ofw. Paul Fritsch5JG 26Mustang25km W. Sommemündung: tiefflug11.28Western Front
29/04/1943Uffz. Hans Mayer6JG 26P-4730km N. Ostende: 300m13.32-34Western Front
29/04/1943Ofw. Hans Heitmann8JG 26P-47Knokke-le-Zoute: 6-7000m13.2Western Front
29/04/1943Ofw. Johann Edmann8JG 26Spitfire5-10km N. Zeebrugge in See: 500m13.24Western Front
03/05/1943Hptm. Johannes Naumann6JG 26SpitfireW. Zandvoort: 2000-4000m18.10-15Western Front
03/05/1943Ltn. Waldemar Radener4JG 26Spitfire15km N. Berck-sur-Mer: tiefflug16.5Western Front
03/05/1943Ltn. Günther Bloemertz4JG 26Mosquito80km NNW Fécamp: tiefflug13.45Western Front
04/05/1943Oblt. Konrad von DonnerStab II.JG 26B-17Scheld-Mündung18.48-52Western Front
04/05/1943Major Josef PrillerStabJG 26SpitfireNW Antwerpen: 7000m18.42Western Front
04/05/1943Ofw. Johann Edmann8JG 26SpitfireScheld-Mündung: 6000-7000m18.5Western Front
05/05/1943Hptm. Walter Hoeckner1JG 26Pe-253 121: 1800m18.05Eastern Front
07/05/1943Ltn. Arno Staschen2JG 26Il-217 950: 100m4.12Eastern Front
07/05/1943Fw. Horst Schwentick2JG 26Il-219 810: 100m4.15Eastern Front
12/05/1943Major Johannes SeifertStab I.JG 26Il-235 612: 300m11.35Eastern Front
13/05/1943Major Johannes SeifertStab I.JG 26MiG-34556/4564: 1000 - 0m14.05Eastern Front
13/05/1943Uffz. Erich Ahrens3JG 26Pe-235 491: 2000m5.52Eastern Front
13/05/1943Fw. Karl Willius3JG 26Pe-235 491: 2000m5.52Eastern Front
13/05/1943Fw. Karl Willius3JG 26Pe-235 491: 2000m5.52Eastern Front
13/05/1943Fw. Karl Willius3JG 26Pe-235 462: 2000m5.58Eastern Front
13/05/1943Fw. Karl Willius3JG 26MiG-345 550: tiefflug14.02Eastern Front
13/05/1943Major Josef PrillerStabJG 26Spitfire8km NW Etaples: 6000m16.46Western Front
13/05/1943Major Josef PrillerStabJG 26B-17Amplier: 7500m [12km SSE Frévent]16.24Western Front
13/05/1943Ltn. Rudolf Leuschel10JG 26Spitfire1km W. Bray-sur-Somme: 3500m16.32Western Front
13/05/1943Hptm. Johannes Naumann6JG 26Spitfire10km NW Doullens: 7500m16.35Western Front
13/05/1943Ltn. Helmut Hoppe5JG 26B-17S. Amiens: 6500m16.27Western Front
13/05/1943Hptm. Karl RuppertStab III.JG 26Spitfire10-15km W. Hesdin: 7-8000m16.46Western Front
13/05/1943Hptm. Karl Borris8JG 26SpitfireSt. Pol: 7500m16.45Western Front
13/05/1943Ofw. Johann Edmann8JG 26SpitfireGravlines: 5000-45m12.22Western Front
14/05/1943Uffz. Ernst Christof1JG 26LaGG-354 341: 800m4.3Eastern Front
14/05/1943Ofw. Waldemar Söffing1JG 26LaGG-354 312: 600m4.35Eastern Front
14/05/1943Ltn. Artur Beese1JG 26Pe-254 242: 50m5.49Eastern Front
14/05/1943Ofw. Alfons Gräve7JG 26I-15390 441: 50m6.25Eastern Front
14/05/1943Fw. Wilhelm Hofmann1JG 26LaGG-544 484: 800m7Eastern Front
14/05/1943Uffz. Peter Crump5JG 26B-1710km NW Vlissinghen13.3Western Front
14/05/1943Oblt. Horst Sternberg5JG 26B-17Scheldemündung: 7000m13.15Western Front
14/05/1943Ltn. Waldemar Radener4JG 26B-17NW Antwerp13Western Front
14/05/1943Uffz. Heinz Gomann5JG 26SpitfireW. Schouwen: 4000m13.26Western Front
14/05/1943Hptm. Johannes Naumann6JG 26B-174km N. Menin: 6500m [Dadizeele]12.4Western Front
14/05/1943Oblt. Paul Schauder9JG 26SpitfireW. Stahlhille: 800m12.45Western Front
14/05/1943Oblt. Rudolf Leuschel10JG 26P-476km N. Ath: tiefflug13.25Western Front
16/05/1943Major Josef PrillerStabJG 26P-47Scheldemündung: 7000-2000m13.12Western Front
16/05/1943Fw. Walter GrünlingerStabJG 26P-4710km E. Zeebrugge: 6000m13.15-16Western Front
16/05/1943Ofw. Johann Edmann8JG 26P-476-8km W. Vlissinghen: tiefflug13.15Western Front
18/05/1943Ltn. Melchior Kestel9JG 26P-4710km NW Ostende: 10.500m17.05Western Front
20/05/1943Fw. Otto7JG 26LaGG-3auf See: 1000m14.08Eastern Front
21/05/1943Ofw. Heinz Kemethmüller7JG 26Pe-280 442: 800m6.46Eastern Front
21/05/1943Hptm. Klaus Mietusch7JG 26LaGG-320 364: 1300m5.47Eastern Front
21/05/1943Ofw. Heinz Kemethmüller7JG 26LaGG-380 283: 200m5.51Eastern Front
21/05/1943Hptm. Klaus Mietusch7JG 26LaGG-380 264: 700m5.53Eastern Front
21/05/1943Hptm. Klaus Mietusch7JG 26Pe-280 234: 700m5.55Eastern Front
21/05/1943Hptm. Klaus Mietusch7JG 26I-15370 221: 800m10.2Eastern Front
21/05/1943Ofw. Heinz Kemethmüller7JG 26I-16 Rata70 221: 200m12.21Eastern Front
21/05/1943Hptm. Günther Kelch7JG 26LaGG-370 221: 1000m10.01Eastern Front
22/05/1943Hptm. Wilhelm Gäth2JG 26Airacobra62 180: 4000m5.2Eastern Front
22/05/1943Hptm. Wilhelm Gäth2JG 26Airacobra62 180: 4000m5.2Eastern Front
26/05/1943Hptm. Günther Kelch7JG 26LaGG-310 161: 3000m20.03Eastern Front
26/05/1943Hptm. Günther Kelch7JG 26LaGG-310 321: 1000m20.09Eastern Front
27/05/1943Hptm. Klaus Mietusch7JG 26LaGG-300 264: 5000m13.32Eastern Front
27/05/1943Fw. Karl Willius3JG 26LaGG-353 620: 3000m6.29Eastern Front
27/05/1943Oblt. Wolfgang Neu3JG 26LaGG-353 660: 3000m6.33Eastern Front
28/05/1943Fw. Karl Willius3JG 26LaGG-563 253: tiefflug11.25Eastern Front
28/05/1943Fw. Bernhard Schellknecht3JG 26Curtiss O-5207 583: 1200m11.35Eastern Front
28/05/1943Oblt. Horst Sternberg5JG 26SpitfireBergues: 6000-0m17.52Western Front
30/05/1943Uffz. Wöge7JG 26I-15370 161: 200m12.02Eastern Front
30/05/1943Hptm. Klaus Mietusch7JG 26LaGG-311 782: 4000m19.55Eastern Front
30/05/1943Hptm. Günther Kelch7JG 26I-15370 211: 800m12.07Eastern Front
30/05/1943Ofw. Heinz Kemethmüller7JG 26LaGG-310 112: 3000m13.35Eastern Front
31/05/1943Hptm. Klaus Mietusch7JG 26LaGG-300 243: 5000m16.13Eastern Front
31/05/1943Uffz. Erich Ahrens3JG 26Il-216 362: 500m13.1Eastern Front
31/05/1943Uffz. Heinz Münch3JG 26Il-216 334: 3-500m13.12Eastern Front
31/05/1943Fw. Josef Zirngibl3JG 26P-226 854: 4-5000m16.05Eastern Front
31/05/1943Oblt. Horst Sternberg5JG 26Spitfire1km N. Ostende17.50-51Western Front
31/05/1943Ltn. Heinz Hoppe4JG 26Spitfire10km vor Dünkirchen: 5000m17.53Western Front
01/06/1943Hptm. Günther Kelch7JG 26LaGG-320 18: 4000m4.4Eastern Front
01/06/1943Fw. Erich Jauer7JG 26LaGG-300 254: 400m [5km. N. Ostrovki]21.09Eastern Front
01/06/1943Uffz. Heinrich Heuser2JG 26Boston35 793: 5000-0m14.4Eastern Front
01/06/1943Hptm. Wilhelm Gäth2JG 26Pe-235 652: 5500-2000m16.42Eastern Front
01/06/1943Uffz. Heinrich Heuser2JG 26Boston35 793: 5000-0m14.4Eastern Front
02/06/1943Fw. Erich Jauer7JG 26Pe-290 113: tiefst.14.56Eastern Front
02/06/1943Ofw. Heinz Kemethmüller7JG 26LaGG-590 113: 1000m14.55Eastern Front
02/06/1943Oblt. Wolfgang Neu3JG 26LaGG-362 195: 3000m7.34Eastern Front
02/06/1943Ltn. Hans-Georg Dippel2JG 26Curtiss P-4062 195: 4800m10.35Eastern Front
02/06/1943Fw. Karl Willius3JG 26LaGG-362 189: 3500m10.38Eastern Front
02/06/1943Fw. Karl Willius3JG 26LaGG-362 194: 2000m7.33Eastern Front
03/06/1943Uffz. Ernst Christof1JG 26Pe-244 289: 2000m8.55Eastern Front
05/06/1943Ofw. Heinz Kemethmüller7JG 26Curtiss P-4021 763: 6000m12.1Eastern Front
05/06/1943Hptm. Günther Kelch7JG 26Curtiss P-4010 223: 4000m12.32Eastern Front
05/06/1943Ltn. Peter Reischer7JG 26Curtiss P-4021 781: 5000m12.14Eastern Front
05/06/1943Ltn. Peter Reischer7JG 26Curtiss P-4021 753: 4000m12.17Eastern Front
08/06/1943Ofw. Heinz Kemethmüller7JG 26I-18020 123: 5000m15.57Eastern Front
08/06/1943Fw. Erich Jauer7JG 26I-18020 124: 5000m15.58Eastern Front
08/06/1943Fw. Erich Jauer7JG 26Jak-700 252: 1500m20.29Eastern Front
11/06/1943Ltn. Peter Reischer7JG 26LaGG-320 574: 4000m17.58Eastern Front
11/06/1943Uffz. Rudolf StuttStab III.JG 26B-17N. Wilhelmshaven: 7000-8000m17.52Western Front
11/06/1943Ofw. Adolf Glunz4JG 26SpitfireN. Doullens: 4000m16.42Western Front
11/06/1943Fw. Alfred Niese9JG 26B-17Grossheide-Norden: 6500m18.05-08Western Front
12/06/1943Hptm. Günther Kelch7JG 26LaGG-510 153: 4000m15.15Eastern Front
13/06/1943Fw. Alfred Niese9JG 26B-179km SE Kiel: 8000m9.28Western Front
13/06/1943Ltn. Melchior Kestel9JG 26B-17Schönberg9.31Western Front
13/06/1943Uffz. Walter Holl9JG 26B-17Königsförde: 7500m9.32Western Front
13/06/1943Uffz. Günther Steinberg9JG 26B-1712km NNE Selenter See: 8000m9.36Western Front
13/06/1943Ofw. Hans Erbskorn9JG 26B-1718km N. Lutjenburg: 8000m9.38Western Front
13/06/1943Ogefr. Schöbel8JG 26Spitfire20km N. Dunkirk: 6500m9.55Western Front
13/06/1943Ofw. Heinz Gomann5JG 26P-47La Chapte Armentières: 5000m14.48Western Front
13/06/1943Ltn. Friedrich Lange5JG 26P-47St. Jean: 7000m [St. Jan bei Ypres]14.5Western Front
13/06/1943Fw. Hans Mayer6JG 26P-4740-50km NNW Dunkirk: 6000-tiefflug14.54Western Front
16/06/1943Ltn. Heinz Hoppe4JG 26TyphoonMitte Kanal: 500-0m5.3Western Front
16/06/1943Ltn. Dieter Kehl4JG 26TyphoonNeuville-Vitasse:700-50m [SE Arras5.34Western Front
16/06/1943Oblt. Horst Sternberg5JG 26Spitfire10km SE Dover: 500m7.06Western Front
16/06/1943Ofw. Adolf Glunz4JG 26Spitfire20km NW Cap Gris Nez: 1000-200m7.07Western Front
16/06/1943Hptm. Wilhelm-Ferdinand GallandStab II.JG 26Spitfirezwischen Calais-Dover: 400m7.1Western Front
17/06/1943Hptm. Klaus Mietusch7JG 26LaGG-320 133: 5000m5.13Eastern Front
17/06/1943Ltn. Walter Matoni6JG 26Spitfire1km SW Hazebrouck: 7000m9.5Western Front
17/06/1943Oblt. Horst Sternberg5JG 26Spitfire1km SW Hazebrouck: 7000m15.45Western Front
17/06/1943Uffz. Paul Schwarz6JG 26SpitfireAlquines: 2500m [12km NE Desvres]15.56Western Front
18/06/1943Hptm. Günther Kelch7JG 26Curtiss P-4020 133: 4000m6.08Eastern Front
18/06/1943Uffz. Wöge7JG 26Jak-121 764: 5000m6.1Eastern Front
18/06/1943Ofw. Heinz Kemethmüller7JG 26Jak-121 173: 5000m6.12Eastern Front
18/06/1943Hptm. Klaus Mietusch7JG 26LaGG-321 782: 4000m [Kinderovo]6.12Eastern Front
18/06/1943Hptm. Klaus Mietusch7JG 26La-520 764: 3000m [Podborovye]6.19Eastern Front
18/06/1943Hptm. Klaus Mietusch7JG 26LaGG-300 264: 5000m17.15Eastern Front
18/06/1943Hptm. Klaus Mietusch7JG 26LaGG-300 292: 5000m17.18Eastern Front
18/06/1943Hptm. Klaus Mietusch7JG 26Jak-710 131: 4200m20.2Eastern Front
18/06/1943Uffz. Hans Pritze7JG 26Curtiss P-4020 161: 5000m6.14Eastern Front
18/06/1943Fw. Erich Jauer7JG 26Curtiss P-4020 164: 5000m6.15Eastern Front
18/06/1943Hptm. Günther Kelch7JG 26LaGG-310 252: 3000m17.05Eastern Front
18/06/1943Ofw. Heinz Kemethmüller7JG 26LaGG-320 113: 1000m12.22Eastern Front
20/06/1943Hptm. Wilhelm-Ferdinand GallandStab II.JG 26SpitfireNE Hesdin: 5000m13.3Western Front
20/06/1943Fw. Peter Crump5JG 26SpitfireVielles le Blequin: 7000m13.34Western Front
20/06/1943Ofw. Adolf Glunz4JG 26SpitfireSE Etaples bei Lefaux: 4000-5000m13.35Western Front
22/06/1943Hptm. Günther Kelch7JG 26Jak-700 514: 10m2.3Eastern Front
22/06/1943Uffz. Wöge7JG 26Il-200 583: 1800m2.31Eastern Front
22/06/1943Ofw. Heinz Kemethmüller7JG 26Il-200 552: 1500m2.33Eastern Front
22/06/1943Hptm. Klaus Mietusch7JG 26LaGG-390 134: 3500m15.3Eastern Front
22/06/1943Hptm. Klaus Mietusch7JG 26LaGG-390 164: 3000m15.33Eastern Front
24/06/1943Oblt. Rudolf Leuschel10JG 26SpitfireSW Ostende: 5000m9.04Western Front
24/06/1943Uffz. Gerhard Schülwitz10JG 26SpitfireSt. Pierre-Capelle: 7500m9.05Western Front
24/06/1943Uffz. Heinz Gomann5JG 26SpitfireCalonne-sur-la-Lys: 5000m12.15Western Front
24/06/1943Ltn. Paul Fritsch5JG 26TyphoonSomme Estuary: tiefflug14.45Western Front
24/06/1943Fw. Hans Mayer6JG 26B-17Antwerp: 7000-2-3000m9.16Western Front
24/06/1943Hptm. Hans Naumann6JG 26B-17bei Antwerp: 7000-8000m09.15-20Western Front
24/06/1943Ofw. Adolf Glunz4JG 26B-17W. Bergen-op-Zoom: 6000-7000m09.15-20Western Front
24/06/1943Ltn. Friedrich Lange5JG 26B-173km W. Goes: 4500m [Tholen]9.2Western Front
24/06/1943Hptm. Wilhelm-Ferdinand GallandStab II.JG 26B-1710km NW Vlissinghen: 6000m9.22Western Front
24/06/1943Hptm. Wilhelm-Ferdinand GallandStab II.JG 26B-1720km NW Vlissinghen: 3000m9.25Western Front
24/06/1943Major Josef PrillerStabJG 26B-17Terneuzen: 8000-20m9.32Western Front
24/06/1943Ltn. Waldemar Radener4JG 26P-4710-75km NW Domburg: tiefflug9.34Western Front
24/06/1943Uffz. Ernst Christof1JG 26Spitfire32 IH 6: 1000m [N. Ouddorp]10.32Western Front
24/06/1943Fw. Gerhard Vogt6JG 26B-1710km W. Dunkirk: tiefflug11.41Western Front
25/06/1943Hptm. Wilhelm Gäth2JG 26B-1710km W. Papenburg: 4000m9.08Western Front
25/06/1943Fw. Edgar Dörre9JG 26B-1730-40km NW Helgoland: 7500m9.02Western Front
25/06/1943Ofw. Hans Erbskorn9JG 26B-1715-20km WNW Wangerooge: 7500m9.03Western Front
25/06/1943Oblt. Hans-Georg Dippel2JG 26B-176km S. Emden: 2000m9.08Western Front
26/06/1943Hptm. Wilhelm-Ferdinand GallandStab II.JG 26P-47N. Neufchâtel: 8000m18.52Western Front
26/06/1943Major Josef PrillerStabJG 26B-17Le Tréport-Dieppe: 7000m18.54Western Front
26/06/1943Ofw. Adolf Glunz4JG 26P-47N. Neufchâtel: 7000m18.54Western Front
26/06/1943Ltn. Heinz Hoppe4JG 26P-47Neufchâtel: 7000m18.55Western Front
26/06/1943Fw. Günther Scholz5JG 26P-4720km N. Neufchâtel: 2500m19Western Front
26/06/1943Hptm. Wilhelm-Ferdinand GallandStab II.JG 26P-4710km NW Dieppe: 7-8000m19.04Western Front
26/06/1943Ltn. Waldemar Radener4JG 26P-4710-12km NNW Le Tréport: 400m19.04Western Front
26/06/1943Fw. Peter Crump5JG 26P-4715-20km NW Somme Estuary: 300m19.1Western Front
26/06/1943Ltn. Heinz Hoppe4JG 26P-4710km NW Somme Estuary: 100-0m19.1Western Front
04/07/1943Oblt. Rudolf Leuschel10JG 26SpitfireBerck-sur-Mer: 5000m17.34Western Front
04/07/1943Major Wilhelm-Ferdinand GallandStab II.JG 26SpitfireVignacourt: 3000m [NW Amiens]17.37Western Front
04/07/1943Ofw. Adolf Glunz4JG 26Spitfirebei Amiens17.45Western Front
04/07/1943Ltn. Waldemar Radener4JG 26SpitfireBerck-sur-Mer17.4Western Front
09/07/1943Major Wilhelm-Ferdinand GallandStab II.JG 26Spitfire12-15km W. Boulogne: 7000m8.16Western Front
10/07/1943Ltn. Helmut Hoppe4JG 26B-17W. Rouen: 7000m8.1Western Front
11/07/1943Ofw. Xavier Ellenrieder8JG 26TyphoonNeuzen E. Ghent: 150m - tiefflug15.5Western Front
12/07/1943Uffz. Emil Leitz7JG 26Il-264 683: 100m14.45Eastern Front
13/07/1943Uffz. Karl Seebeck7JG 26Jak-764 892: 2000m5.25Eastern Front
13/07/1943Uffz. Karl Seebeck7JG 26I-18064 889: 700m5.25Eastern Front
13/07/1943Uffz. Emil Leitz7JG 26I-18064 899: 500m12.17Eastern Front
14/07/1943Major Wilhelm-Ferdinand GallandStab II.JG 26P-47NW Hesdin7.5Western Front
14/07/1943Major Wilhelm-Ferdinand GallandStab II.JG 26P-4710-15km W. Étaples: 3500m8.05Western Front
15/07/1943Ltn. Helmut Hoppe4JG 26Spitfire7-8km S. Berck-sur-Mer: 1000m17.02Western Front
15/07/1943Ltn. Ernst Heinemann4JG 26Spitfire IX10km SW Hesdin: 2000-2500m16.55Western Front
15/07/1943Uffz. Heinz Gomann5JG 26Spitfire5km off Berck-Somme Estuary: 3000m17Western Front
15/07/1943Ltn. Friedrich Lange5JG 26SpitfireSomme Estuary: 2500m16.57Western Front
15/07/1943Major Wilhelm-Ferdinand GallandStab II.JG 26BostonSomme Estuary: 4000m16.5Western Front
15/07/1943Major Wilhelm-Ferdinand GallandStab II.JG 26P-47WNW Somme Estuary: tiefflug16.55Western Front
15/07/1943Ltn. Walter Matoni5JG 26Spitfire IX3km NNW Le Crotoy: 2000m16.55Western Front
17/07/1943Uffz. Heinrich Schild2JG 26B-17North Sea11Western Front
17/07/1943Uffz. Walter Holl9JG 26B-17UO 2: 600m [60km NNW Juist]9.4Western Front
17/07/1943Hptm. Hermann Staiger (Stkp)12JG 26B-17SP 1: 6000m [80km W. Amrun Is.]9.28Western Front
17/07/1943Uffz. Rudolf David12JG 26B-17SO 7:4000m [90km NW Juist]9.32Western Front
22/07/1943Ofw. Hans Heitmann8JG 26Mustang15-20km N. Dünkirchen: tiefflug13.37Western Front
22/07/1943Ofw. Hans Heitmann8JG 26Mustang25-30km N. Dünkirchen: 10-15 m.13.45Western Front
25/07/1943Hptm. Karl BorrisStab I.JG 26SpitfireLH-9: 4800m [Axel]15.04Western Front
25/07/1943Hptm. Karl BorrisStab I.JG 26SpitfireLH-2: 1000m [SW Goes]15.09Western Front
25/07/1943Oblt. Artur Beese1JG 26SpitfireLH-5 in See: 50m [NW Terneuzen]15.11Western Front
25/07/1943Fw. Peter Ahrens3JG 26SpitfireKG-9: 500m [Westkapelle]15.15Western Front
25/07/1943Hptm. Klaus Mietusch (Kdr)Stab III.JG 26B-1710km N. Hamburg: 7500m17.02Western Front
25/07/1943Oblt. Franz NelsStab III.JG 26B-1710km S. Stade: 8500m16.32Western Front
25/07/1943Hptm. Hermann Staiger (Stkp)12JG 26B-17BB 42: 9000m [Ratzeburg]16.5Western Front
26/07/1943Uffz. Walter Holl9JG 26B-17UL-5: 8500m [65km N. Terschelling]13.4Western Front
26/07/1943Uffz. Günther Steinberg9JG 26B-17UP-5.2: 9000m [N. Nordeney]13.4Western Front
26/07/1943Hptm. Hermann Staiger12JG 26B-17CS-9.2: 400m [N. Scharmbeck]11.54Western Front
26/07/1943Oblt. Hans-Georg Dippel8JG 26Spitfire3km E. Roubaix: 3500m11.34Western Front
26/07/1943Uffz. Erich Schwarz8JG 26SpitfireFl.Pl. Lille-Nord: 3000m11.3Western Front
26/07/1943Hptm. Johannes Naumann6JG 26BostonFl.Pl. Lille/Vendeville: 400-800m11.16Western Front
26/07/1943Ltn. Waldemar Radener6JG 26Spitfire15km SE Lille11.25Western Front
26/07/1943Fw. Gerhard Vogt6JG 26SpitfireMouscron: 3500m [NERoubaix]11.26Western Front
28/07/1943Ofw. Heinz Kemethmüller7JG 26B-17RP-5: 2000m [NW Rhaunen]9.16Western Front
28/07/1943Fw. Edgar Dörre9JG 26B-17RO-12: 6000m [Bittburg-Wittlich]9.15Western Front
28/07/1943Uffz. Heinrich Schild2JG 26B-17NW s'Hertogenbosch10.15Western Front
28/07/1943Hptm. Rolf Hermichen3JG 26TyphoonIH-1 to NH-7: 6-7000m [Scheldt-Brakel]12.17Western Front
28/07/1943Fw. Peter Ahrens3JG 26B-17JL-8/KL-2: 7000m [Leerdam-Vucht]12.07Western Front
28/07/1943Uffz. Walther Holl9JG 26B-17SO-5: 6000m [Saar-Hünsruck Forest]9.2Western Front
29/07/1943Hptm. Hermann Staiger (Stkp)12JG 26B-1705 Ost S/ TQ 1: 6200m [Kiel]9.42Western Front
29/07/1943Hptm. Hermann Staiger (Stkp)12JG 26B-17TQ-1: 7500m [55km W. St. Peter]9.4Western Front
29/07/1943Oblt. Paul Schauder9JG 26B-17UQ-4: 8500m [Helgoland]9.25Western Front
29/07/1943Ofw. Heinz Kemethmüller7JG 26B-1715km NE Schleswig: 2600m9.3Western Front
30/07/1943Ltn. GöhringerStab I.JG 26B-17MK-3: 7000m [N. Geel]8.25Western Front
30/07/1943Ltn. Waldemar Radener6JG 26P-47Elten SE Arnhem: 6000m10.2Western Front
30/07/1943Fw. Wolfgang Polster11JG 26Spitfire05 Ost S/LI-4: 4200m Scheldmündung10.3Western Front
30/07/1943Flg. Hans-Walter Sander10JG 26B-17S. Antwerp: 7000-8000m8.2Western Front
30/07/1943Uffz. Gerd Wiegand8JG 26B-1705 Ost S/BE-1: 6000m. W. Eupen8.2Western Front
30/07/1943Ofw. Hans Heitmann8JG 26B-17SE Antwerp: 7000-8000m8.2Western Front
30/07/1943Ltn. Waldemar Radener6JG 26P-473km S. Werkendam: 500m10.28Western Front
30/07/1943Uffz. Heinz Gomann6JG 26B-17-10.15Western Front
30/07/1943Hptm. Johannes Naumann6JG 26B-175km SE Est: 7000m [SW Tiel]10.25Western Front
30/07/1943Fw. Peter Crump5JG 26YB-40bei Arnheim10.3Western Front
30/07/1943Major Wilhelm-Ferdinand GallandStab II.JG 26B-17Apeldoorn: 7000m10.05-10Western Front
30/07/1943Uffz. Fritz Münsch3JG 26SpitfireKH-7: 500m [5km W. Goes]7.15Western Front
30/07/1943Ltn. Georg Kiefner3JG 26Boston-7.15Western Front
30/07/1943Hptm. Rolf Hermichen3JG 26P-47IL-2.3: 3000m [Tiel-Leerdam]10.15Western Front
30/07/1943Hptm. Rolf Hermichen3JG 26B-17IM-3: 7000-8000m [Nijmegen]10.12Western Front
30/07/1943Fw. Karl-Friedrich Willius2JG 26BostonLJ-1: 4000m [Yerseke b. Goes]7.05Western Front
30/07/1943Fw. Ernst Christof1JG 26B-17MJ-5.7: 1500m [Temse-Londerzeel]8.35Western Front
30/07/1943Hptm. Kurt Ebersberger8JG 26B-17Gegend Lüttich: 8000m [Liège]8.28Western Front
31/07/1943Hptm. Kurt Ebersberger8JG 26SpitfireE. Gravelines: 6000m11.3Western Front
12/08/1943Uffz. Heinrich Heuser2JG 26B-175km NE Enschede: 500m9.1Western Front
12/08/1943Uffz. Heinrich Schild2JG 26B-17KO 8: 8000m [S. Dinslaken]8.47Western Front
12/08/1943Gefr. Hans Sandoz2JG 26B-17Florsheim: 200m [Hessen]09.15-30Western Front
12/08/1943Hptm. Rolf Hermichen3JG 26B-17KN 3-6: 8.500m [Hamminkeln-Xanten]8.42Western Front
12/08/1943Ltn. Georg Kiefner3JG 26B-17LH 5-6 Hulst-Terneuzen10.3Western Front
12/08/1943Fw. Erich Scheyda3JG 26B-17IH-7: 2500-250m [SW Ooudorp]10.19Western Front
12/08/1943Hptm. Johannes Naumann6JG 26B-17feste Morsheim-Felsnick: 9000m9Western Front
12/08/1943Ofw. Walter GrünlingerStabJG 26B-1730km W. Maasluis: 7000m10.19-22Western Front
12/08/1943Major Wilhelm-Ferdinand GallandStab II.JG 26B-17bei Siegburg9.08Western Front
12/08/1943Ofw. Willi Roth4JG 26B-1715km E. Köln: 8500m9.1Western Front
12/08/1943Ofw. Adolf Glunz4JG 26B-17W. Mönchen-Gladbach: 4-5000m9.28Western Front
12/08/1943Ltn. Heinz Hoppe4JG 26B-172km W. Phillipine: 8500m9.3Western Front
12/08/1943Major Wilhelm-Ferdinand GallandStab II.JG 26B-17Siegburg: 8500m9.1Western Front
12/08/1943Ofw. Willi Roth4JG 26B-1710km E. Köln-Ostheim: 8570m9.1Western Front
14/08/1943Fw. Müller3JG 26Spitfire5km S. Dover: 3500m13.55Western Front
15/08/1943Oblt. Artur Beese1JG 26P-47KG-9: 50m [Westkapelle]11.57Western Front
15/08/1943Hptm. Rolf Hermichen3JG 26SpitfireKH-7 in See: 400m [Middelburg]11.59Western Front
15/08/1943Uffz. Hans Dirksen8JG 26SpitfireSW Lille: 5500m20.3Western Front
16/08/1943Ltn. Karl-Heinz Kempf11JG 26Boston5km N. Auxi-le-Château: 10m18.57Western Front
16/08/1943Ltn. Gottfried Schmidt11JG 26Boston10km NW Frévent: 10m18.59Western Front
17/08/1943Fw. Edgar Dörre9JG 26B-17bei Genk: 7000m [Limburg]11.3Western Front
17/08/1943Hptm. Karl BorrisStab I.JG 26B-17E. Diest: 6800m [Brabant]11.3Western Front
17/08/1943Fw. Peter Ahrens3JG 26B-17LJ-8: 4000m11.31Western Front
17/08/1943Oblt. Artur Beese1JG 26B-17LI-8: 30-50m [E. Antwerp]11.35Western Front
17/08/1943Uffz. Günter Steinberg9JG 26B-17500m W. Montzen: 5000m [SW Aachen]11.4Western Front
17/08/1943Ltn. Erich Burkert7JG 26B-17LL-7: 7000m [Kasterlee]11.42Western Front
17/08/1943Ofw. Friedrich Lindelaub4JG 26B-17ML: 6000m [Raum Overpelt-Hechtel]14.46Western Front
17/08/1943Oblt. Artur Beese4JG 26B-17ML: 6000m [Raum Overpelt-Hechtel]14.5Western Front
17/08/1943Ofw. Hans Heitmann8JG 26Typhoonzw. Bergues-Furnes: tiefflug12.2Western Front
17/08/1943Ltn. Heinz Hoppe4JG 26SpitfireN. Antwerpen: 6500m18Western Front
17/08/1943Fw. Peter Ahrens3JG 26B-17Ostmalle: 3500m15.03Western Front
17/08/1943Hptm. Klaus MietuschStab III.JG 26B-17Schleiden: 6000m [SW Mechernich]15.2Western Front
17/08/1943Hptm. Hermann Staiger12JG 26B-17W. Pesch: 300m [NNE Jülich]15.2Western Front
17/08/1943Hptm. Klaus MietuschStab III.JG 26B-17PP-5: 6000m [Mendig]15.25Western Front
17/08/1943Fw. Willi Würtz12JG 26B-17bei Ridder: 6500m15.45Western Front
17/08/1943Hptm. Hans Naumann6JG 26P-4710km W. Lüttich: 7000m [Liège]17Western Front
17/08/1943Ofw. Adolf Glunz4JG 26B-17Insel Schouwen: 7000-8000m17.35Western Front
17/08/1943Obstlt. Josef PrillerStabJG 26B-17M- 7: 7000m [2km NE Diest]17.45Western Front
17/08/1943Fw. Karl-Heinz Zeschke6JG 26B-17St. Trond-Leuven: 5800m17.45Western Front
18/08/1943Uffz. Pittmann1JG 26SpitfireLJ-2: 600m [Bergen-op-Zoom]11.39Western Front
18/08/1943Ltn. Karl Willius2JG 26SpitfireHD-81: [off Ipswich]19.07Western Front
19/08/1943Ltn. Ernst Heinemann4JG 26Typhoon1km SE Canaples: 1000-700m [Somme]12.24Western Front
19/08/1943Ltn. Heinz Hoppe4JG 26Typhoon15km N. Amiens: 3500m12.25Western Front
19/08/1943Ltn. Heinz Hoppe4JG 26Typhoon3-5km NW Blangy: 1000m tiefflug12.31Western Front
19/08/1943Hptm. Hans NaumannStab II.JG 26Spitfire5km NW Le Touquet18.32Western Front
19/08/1943Ofw. Walter GrünlingerStabJG 26B-17KI: 7600m [Steenbergen Raum]18.5Western Front
19/08/1943Obstlt. Josef PrillerStabJG 26B-17Middelburg-Vlissinghen: 7000m19Western Front
19/08/1943Hptm. Klaus MietuschStab III.JG 26B-17NW Breda: 6500m19.13Western Front
19/08/1943Uffz. Erich Schwarz8JG 26B-17Insel Schouwen: 6000m20.15Western Front
27/08/1943Oblt. Walter Matoni5JG 26B-17Merville: 5000m19.35Western Front
27/08/1943Uffz. Schöhl8JG 26Spitfire5km NW Dunkirk: 6000-6500m19.5Western Front
27/08/1943Hptm. Kurt Ebersberger4JG 26SpitfireSt. Pol: 2000-50m19.5Western Front
31/08/1943Ofw. Adolf Glunz4JG 26B-17S. Le Tréport: 7000-8000m19.32Western Front
02/09/1943Fw. Karl Ehret6JG 26P-47Merville: 7000m20.18Western Front
02/09/1943Ltn. Dieter KehlStab II.JG 26P-4710km ENE Etaples: 7000m20.25Western Front
02/09/1943Hptm. Johannes NaumannStab II.JG 26P-47Raum Merville: 6500m20.21Western Front
02/09/1943Fw. Wilhelm Mayer6JG 26P-47Lille-Merville20.3Western Front
03/09/1943Fw. Adolf Glunz4JG 26B-17E. Paris: 7000-8000m10.35Western Front
03/09/1943Ltn. Waldemar Radener6JG 26P-473km N. Guyancourt: 30m9.58Western Front
03/09/1943Ltn. Helmut Hoppe4JG 26B-17N. Paris: 7000m9.3Western Front
03/09/1943Fw. Wilhelm Mayer6JG 26B-17Melun/Villaroche: 7000-8000m9.57Western Front
03/09/1943Fw. Wilhelm Mayer6JG 26P-47bei Creil10Western Front
03/09/1943Uffz. Gerd Wiegand8JG 26VenturaNE-2: 4500m14.3Western Front
04/09/1943Oblt. Rudolf Leuschel10JG 26SpitfireSE Roubaix9.03Western Front
04/09/1943Fw. Rudolf Weyrich4JG 26Spitfire1-2km W. Berck-sur-Mer: 1-2000m19.5Western Front
04/09/1943Gefr. Heinz Wyrich4JG 26SpitfireS. Le Tréport: 2000m10.28Western Front
04/09/1943Fw. Gerhard Vogt6JG 26SpitfireS. Le Tréport: 2000-200m10.3Western Front
04/09/1943Uffz. Heinz Heuser2JG 26SpitfireME-3: 4500m [Ostende]19.07Western Front
04/09/1943Ltn. Helmut Hoppe4JG 26Spitfire2km W. Berck-sur-Mer: 2-3000m19.46Western Front
04/09/1943Uffz. Erwin Hanke4JG 26Spitfire2-3km W. Berck-sur-Mer: 2000m19.48Western Front
04/09/1943Ltn. Karl Willius2JG 26SpitfireME-8.1: 4000m [340° out Loon Plage]19.14Western Front
04/09/1943Fw. Gerhard Vogt6JG 26Spitfire8km W. Berck-sur-Mer: 2000m19.55Western Front
05/09/1943Uffz. Gerd Wiegand8JG 26Spitfire5km W. Dunkirk: 600m9.3Western Front
06/09/1943Fw. Erich Scheyda3JG 26B-176km NEChaumont: 4000m13Western Front
06/09/1943Fw. Karl Willius3JG 26B-1712km NW Aumale: 2000m13.25Western Front
06/09/1943Fw. Walter Ullrich3JG 26B-17--Western Front
06/09/1943Oblt. Horst Sternberg5JG 26B-1730km NW Paris12.18Western Front
06/09/1943Ltn. Waldemar Radener6JG 26B-17S. Reims12.1Western Front
06/09/1943Fw. Wilhelm Mayer6JG 26B-17Chalons-sur-Marne: 7-8000m12.1Western Front
06/09/1943Oblt. Horst Sternberg5JG 26B-17Épinay: 7500m [NE Troyes]12.18Western Front
06/09/1943 n.n.3JG 26B-17-13Western Front
06/09/1943 n.n.4JG 26B-17-13.06Western Front
06/09/1943Fw. Erich Scheyda3JG 26B-17--Western Front
07/09/1943Ltn. Dieter Kehl4JG 26MustangRosay: 50-0m [NW St. Saëns]16.25Western Front
07/09/1943Oblt. Artur Beese1JG 26P-47LJ 5: 3000m [10km NW Antwerp]10.03Western Front
08/09/1943Fw. Erich Schwarz8JG 26SpitfireNW Menin: 3000m10.26Western Front
08/09/1943Uffz. Gerd Wiegand8JG 26MustangME-57: 2500m [bei Dunkirk]14.2Western Front
08/09/1943Hptm. Hermann Staiger8JG 26SpitfireNE Rue: 3000m10.25Western Front
09/09/1943Fw. Peter Crump5JG 26B-17Beauvais-Somme9.3Western Front
09/09/1943Uffz. Gerd Wiegand8JG 26SpitfirePE-5 at 2000m [10km W. St. Pol]16Western Front
11/09/1943Ltn. Helmut Hoppe4JG 26TyphoonS. Aumale: 1000m18.48Western Front
11/09/1943Fw. Peter Crump5JG 26Typhoon5-7km südl. Aumale: 3500m18.41Western Front
11/09/1943Hptm. Johannes Naumann6JG 26TyphoonRaum Forges-les-Eaux: 5000m18.42Western Front
15/09/1943Fw. Hans Dirksen8JG 26SpitfireNF: 3000m [Poperinghe-Ypres Raum]18.45Western Front
19/09/1943Hptm. Karl BorrisStab I.JG 26SpitfireE. Furnes: 10m12.52Western Front
19/09/1943Hptm. Klaus Mietusch (Kdr)Stab III.JG 26SpitfireNF-5: 6.5-6000m [Poperinghe]12.4Western Front
19/09/1943Uffz. Gerd Wiegand8JG 26SpitfireNG-2: 3000m [Ardoie N. Isegehm]12.4Western Front
21/09/1943Obstlt. Josef PrillerStabJG 26MitchellN. St. Pol: 4000m10.45Western Front
21/09/1943Hptm. Johannes Naumann6JG 26MitchellArras-St. Pol: 3000m10.4Western Front
21/09/1943Uffz. Heinz Gomann5JG 26Spitfire10-15km NW Le Tréport: 3000m11.1Western Front
23/09/1943Oblt. Paul Schauder9JG 26Spitfire-17.1Western Front
23/09/1943Major Johannes Seifert (Kdr)Stab II.JG 26Spitfire8km SE Eu: 100-50m17.1Western Front
24/09/1943Ltn. Helmut Hoppe4JG 26SpitfireNE Poix: 3000m12.17Western Front
24/09/1943Uffz. Heinz Gomann5JG 26SpitfireSW Amiens: tiefflug12.15Western Front
27/09/1943Uffz. Manfred Hecker2JG 26SpitfireRC-1: 1200m [Somme Estuary]12.06Western Front
27/09/1943Oblt. Wolfgang Neu4JG 26BostonNE Rouen-Western Front
27/09/1943Fw. Gerhard Vogt6JG 26Spitfire15km SE Fécamp18.52Western Front
27/09/1943Hptm. Klaus Mietusch (Kdr)Stab III.JG 26Spitfire10-15km SW Poix12.46Western Front
27/09/1943Ltn. Peter Reischer7JG 26SpitfirePoix-Le Tréport11.11Western Front
03/10/1943Fw. Gerd Wiegand4JG 26Spitfirebei Dieppe18.3Western Front
03/10/1943Ltn. Helmut Hoppe5JG 26Spitfire-15.47Western Front
03/10/1943Ltn. Helmut Hoppe5JG 26Spitfire10-15km W. Cayeux15.5Western Front
03/10/1943Ofw. Adolf Glunz5JG 26Spitfire-16Western Front
03/10/1943Fw. Peter Crump6JG 26SpitfireSF-9 bei Noyon18.5Western Front
03/10/1943Hptm. Klaus MietuschStab III.JG 26SpitfireNE Beauvais18.25Western Front
03/10/1943Hptm. Hermann Staiger12JG 26SpitfireBeauvais-Western Front
05/10/1943Uffz. Gerd Wiegand4JG 26TyphoonN. Tourcoing: 200m11.1Western Front
10/10/1943Uffz. Hans Oeckel12JG 26B-17Holthausen: 6000-7000m [NW Meppen]15.12Western Front
10/10/1943Hptm. Hermann Staiger12JG 26B-17Tilbeck W. Münster: 5500m15.15Western Front
10/10/1943Uffz. Heinrich Heuser2JG 26B-17HQ: 7500m [Greven-Lengerich]15.2Western Front
10/10/1943Fw. Gerd Wiegand4JG 26B-1705 Ost S/HO-1: [NW Haaksbergen]15.22Western Front
10/10/1943Oblt. Horst Sternberg6JG 26B-1710km SSW Enschede: 7000-8000m15.23Western Front
10/10/1943Major Johannes SeifertStab II.JG 26B-17Missingen: 700m15.3Western Front
10/10/1943Ofw. Adolf Glunz5JG 26B-17Harskamp: 7000m15.41Western Front
10/10/1943Ofw. Friedrich Lindelaub1JG 26B-17--Western Front
10/10/1943Ltn. Helmut Hoppe5JG 26B-17--Western Front
10/10/1943Uffz. Johann Scheu6JG 26B-17--Western Front
10/10/1943Ltn. Waldemar Radener7JG 26B-17NE Münster15.35Western Front
10/10/1943Fw. Walter Polster11JG 26B-17NW Münster15Western Front
14/10/1943Ofw. Leopold Eichinger3JG 26B-17NE-1 Calais/Marck14Western Front
14/10/1943Ofw. Johann Edmann3JG 26B-172km SE Geilenkirchen: 8100m13.4Western Front
14/10/1943Major Johannes Seifert (Kdr)Stab II.JG 26B-17Limmel b. Maastricht: 7500m13.32Western Front
14/10/1943Ofw. Adolf Glunz5JG 26P-47LL-6 Budel 15km S. Eindhoven14Western Front
14/10/1943Ofw. Willi Roth5JG 26B-17Odendorf: 7500m [SW Bonn]14.02Western Front
14/10/1943Gefr. Heinz Wyrich5JG 26P-47LN-7: tiefflug [W. Brüggen]14Western Front
14/10/1943Hptm. Johannes Naumann7JG 26B-17Raum Maastricht: 7500m13.3Western Front
14/10/1943Ofw. Alfred Heckmann1JG 26B-17RK-7 W. Charleville-Mézières14Western Front
14/10/1943Ltn. Waldemar Radener7JG 26B-17PQ-1 N. Koblenz13.35Western Front
14/10/1943Uffz. Heinrich Schild2JG 26B-17LK-7 E. Antwerp14Western Front
18/10/1943Uffz. Kurt Laub11JG 26P-47PE 6-9: [SE St. Pol]14.1Western Front
18/10/1943Fw. Wilhelm Hofmann8JG 26SpitfireArdres: 5500m14.2Western Front
20/10/1943Hptm. Klaus MietuschStab III.JG 26B-17PG-QG-PH-QH: 8000m [Denain-Cambrai]14.1Western Front
20/10/1943Hptm. Paul Steindl11JG 26B-17PG u. PH: 8000m [Douai-Valenciennes]14.11Western Front
20/10/1943Oblt. Hans-Georg Dippel9JG 26P-47ML: 8500m [Raum Leopoldsburg]14.33Western Front
20/10/1943Ltn. Erich Burkert9JG 26B-17HL 5: 8500m [Zeist]14.4Western Front
20/10/1943Obstlt. Josef PrillerStabJG 26B-17SE Arras-Cambrai13.45Western Front
20/10/1943Ofw. Hans Heitmann4JG 26SpitfireS. Ostende: 6000m9.45Western Front
20/10/1943Fw. Gerd Wiegand4JG 26SpitfireS. Ostende: 6000m9.47Western Front
20/10/1943Fw. Robert Hager4JG 26SpitfireDixmuide9.45Western Front
20/10/1943Uffz. Voigt4JG 26SpitfireDixmuide9.45Western Front
22/10/1943Ofw. Karl Ehret7JG 26SpitfireSW Beauvais: 7000-2000m10.33Western Front
24/10/1943Fw. Peter Crump6JG 26B-26S. Montdidier12.3Western Front
05/11/1943Fw. Peter Ahrens3JG 26B-17KN-4: 8000m [5km SW Goch]14.03Western Front
05/11/1943Uffz. Hans Hein11JG 26P-47KJ-5: 2000m [Breda]13.4Western Front
05/11/1943Hptm. Hermann Staiger12JG 26B-17KJ-6: Scheldemündung: 2000m13.46Western Front
05/11/1943Hptm. Hermann Staiger12JG 26B-17KP-9 Dortmund-Western Front
11/11/1943Ofw. Adolf Glunz5JG 26B-17SW Dordrecht: 6000m14.55Western Front
11/11/1943Ofw. Adolf Glunz5JG 26B-17SW Dordrecht14.57Western Front
11/11/1943Hptm. Hans Naumann7JG 26B-17NNW Breda: 6000m14.55Western Front
11/11/1943Oblt. Rudolf Leuschel8JG 26B-17SW Numansdorp: 5500m [Hoekswaard]15Western Front
13/11/1943Oblt. Wolfgang Neu4JG 26B-17HN: 7800m [Zutphen Raum]12.15Western Front
13/11/1943Ofw. Hans Heitmann4JG 26B-24FN-79: 5000m [Zwolle-Ommen]12.3Western Front
13/11/1943Fw. Gerd Wiegand4JG 26P-47GN: 4000m [Raalte-Deventer Raum]12.23Western Front
14/11/1943Ofw. Adolf Glunz5JG 26MosquitoSW Lille: 8000m16Western Front
25/11/1943Major Johannes SeifertStab II.JG 26P-38OF-8 Cuinchy SW La Bassée: 5000m12.21Western Front
26/11/1943Oblt. Wolfgang Neu4JG 26B-17SE-3 Creil10.45Western Front
26/11/1943Ofw. Hans Heitmann4JG 26B-17Domont: 6000m [N. Paris]10.45Western Front
26/11/1943Ofw. Adolf Glunz5JG 26P-47Domont: 6000m [N. Paris]10.4Western Front
26/11/1943Fw. Josef Zirngibl8JG 26B-17Forêt de Montmorency: 7000m [N. Paris]10.4Western Front
26/11/1943Uffz. Heinrich Vandeveerd3JG 26P-47TD: 30m [Étrépagny-Gisors-Gournay]11Western Front
26/11/1943Ofw. Adolf Glunz5JG 26B-17Le Neuville: 3500-4000m11.03Western Front
29/11/1943Hptm. Klaus MietuschStab III.JG 26B-17DP-EP: 8500m [Ems: Reden-Lathen]14.3Western Front
29/11/1943Fw. Peter Crump6JG 26SpitfireN. Ypres: 3000m10.05Western Front
29/11/1943Fw. Gerhard Vogt7JG 26SpitfireSW Ostende: 3000m10.05Western Front
30/11/1943Hptm. Klaus MietuschStab III.JG 26P-38LN: 9500m [Venlo-Krefeld Raum]11.45Western Front
30/11/1943Stfw. Gühl12JG 26B-17LP-9: 8000m [Breketfeld E. Wuppertal]11.55Western Front
01/12/1943Ofw. Adolf Glunz5JG 26SpitfireSW Arras: 4000-5000m10.03Western Front
01/12/1943Ofw. Adolf Glunz5JG 26SpitfireSW Arras: 4000-5000m10.05Western Front
01/12/1943Hptm. Klaus MietuschStab III.JG 26P-38PP 7-2: 7000m [Neuwied]11.45Western Front
01/12/1943Ltn. Karl Willius2JG 26B-17PP: 3500-9600m [Polch-Mendig]11.45Western Front
01/12/1943Oblt. Hans-Georg Dippel9JG 26P-47MJ-2m: 8000m [Beveren/Antwerp]11.32Western Front
01/12/1943Uffz. Gerhard Guttmann8JG 26Typhoon15km S. Valenciennes: 100m13.15Western Front
01/12/1943Oblt. Rudolf Leuschel8JG 26P-47bei Ghent: 6000m13Western Front
01/12/1943Ltn. Karl-Heinz Kempf11JG 26B-17OO 1 Zülfisch: 8000m12.12Western Front
01/12/1943Uffz. Heinz Voigt4JG 26B-17NF-58: 3500m [Poperinghe-Bailleul]13.3Western Front
01/12/1943Oblt. Wolfgang Neu4JG 26B-17NF-7: 3.900m [3km N. Hazebrouck]13.27Western Front
01/12/1943Oblt. Artur Beese1JG 26B-17LE-3: 3000m [30km N. Dunkirk]13.3Western Front
01/12/1943Ltn. Gottfried Dietze1JG 26B-17MF-1: 2300m [10km NW Coxyde]13.3Western Front
20/12/1943Fw. Gerd Wiegand4JG 26SpitfireSW Courtrai: 3000m11.15Western Front
20/12/1943Ltn. Peter Reischer9JG 26B-17DS-8: 7000m [Delmenhorst]11.54Western Front
20/12/1943Uffz. Karl Laub11JG 26B-17FR-3.6: 6500m [W. Barnstorf]11.56Western Front
20/12/1943Ltn. Karl-Heinz Kempf11JG 26B-17CQ-6: 6500m [Neuenburg]12.25Western Front
20/12/1943Hptm. Klaus MietuschStab III.JG 26B-17BQ-69: 8000m [5km N. Wittmund]12.25Western Front
20/12/1943Uffz. Seebeck9JG 26B-17DD SW: 8000m [Bremen Raum]13.48Western Front
21/12/1943Ofw. Adolf Glunz5JG 26SpitfireSW Douai: 6000m11.5Western Front
21/12/1943Hptm. Hans Naumann7JG 26SpitfireRaum Douai: 6000m11.51Western Front
21/12/1943Oblt. Walter Matoni6JG 26SpitfireWSW Boulogne: 1000-300m12.02Western Front
22/12/1943Ltn. Karl-Heinz Kempf11JG 26B-1710km SE Meppel: 6500m14.08Western Front
28/12/1943Fw. Wilhelm Mayer7JG 26SpitfireBrailly: tiefflug [Brailly-Cornehotte]16.07Western Front
30/12/1943Fw. Gerd Wiegand4JG 26P-47QK-1.2: 4000m [Philippeville]11.15Western Front
30/12/1943Fw. Robert Hager4JG 26B-17QK-1.9: 4000m [Philippeville]11.27Western Front
30/12/1943Oblt. Walter Matoni6JG 26B-24NW Soissons: 7000-2000m11.5Western Front
30/12/1943Fw. Wilhelm Mayer7JG 26P-474km NW Soissons13.3Western Front
30/12/1943Ltn. Karl Willius2JG 26B-17TJ: 7000m [Neuchâtel-sur-Aisne]13.43Western Front
30/12/1943Fw. Heinrich Schild2JG 26B-17TJ-2: 7000m [Neuchâtel-sur-Aisne]13.43Western Front
30/12/1943Ltn. Waldemar Radener7JG 26P-47SE Beauvais: 8500m14Western Front
30/12/1943Ltn. Waldemar Radener7JG 26B-17b. St. Pol: 32km WNW Arras14.36Western Front
30/12/1943Fw. Gerd Wiegand4JG 26P-47NJ-9 or NF-9: 1000m14.45Western Front
30/12/1943Fw. Gerd Wiegand4JG 26P-47bei Dunkirchen15Western Front
30/12/1943Fw. Wilhelm Mayer7JG 26B-177km E. Frévillers: 5500m15.4Western Front
31/12/1943Ltn. Kurt Vavken7JG 26B-175km N. Ault: 2200m13.3Western Front
31/12/1943Fw. Heinz GomannStab II.JG 26P-47NE Vire: 5000m14.14Western Front
31/12/1943Ofw. Adolf Glunz5JG 26B-17Raum Bannalec: 4000m [SW Rosporden]15Western Front
02/01/1944Fw. Gerd Wiegand4JG 26SpitfireSommemündung: 100m16.3Western Front
03/01/1944Uffz. Gerhard Guttmann8JG 26Typhoon5-10km E. Doullens13.4Western Front
04/01/1944Ltn. Wilhelm Hoffmann8JG 26SpitfireHesdin: 2000m16.1Western Front
05/01/1944Ltn. Waldemar Radener7JG 26B-17SW Miraumont: 2500m13.14Western Front
07/01/1944Ltn. Wilhelm Hofmann8JG 26B-172km E. La Calique/SE Boulogne: 5000-200m13.45Western Front
07/01/1944Uffz. Gerhard Schulwitz8JG 26B-171km N. Trois-Marquettes/SE Boulogne: 5000-200m13.44Western Front
07/01/1944Uffz. Gerhard Guttmann8JG 26P-47bei Doullens/Raum Arras: 800m13.55Western Front
07/01/1944Ltn. Georg Kiefner1JG 26P-47E. Colleret: 150m [E. Maubeuge]12.31Western Front
07/01/1944Ofw. Adolf Glunz5JG 26P-47Raum Boulogne: 4000m13.4Western Front
07/01/1944Oblt. Kurt KranefeldStab I.JG 26P-47W. Cousolre: tiefflug [Maubeuge]12.3Western Front
07/01/1944Oblt. Hummel6JG 26B-1710km NW Abbéville13.27Western Front
07/01/1944Hptm. Karl BorrisStab I.JG 26P-47SW Cousolre: tiefflug [Maubeuge]12.3Western Front
11/01/1944Hptm. Karl BorrisStab I.JG 26B-17Zuider Zee: 5300m13.20-25Western Front
11/01/1944Fw. Gerd Wiegand4JG 26B-17Zuider Zee: 5500m13.25Western Front
11/01/1944Ltn. Wilhelm Hoffmann8JG 26B-174km NW Rheine13.18Western Front
11/01/1944Ltn. Waldemar Radener7JG 26P-47Bakum 10km SE Cloppenburg13.15Western Front
11/01/1944Uffz. Rudolf Georgi7JG 26B-17FP-8: [E. Lingen]13.12Western Front
11/01/1944Oblt. Artur Beese1JG 26B-17Zuider Zee: 5500m13.25Western Front
11/01/1944Fw. Heinrich Vandeveerd3JG 26B-17Zuider Zee13.21Western Front
11/01/1944Oblt. Walter Matoni6JG 26B-17Tubbergen 10km N. Almelo13.3Western Front
11/01/1944Fw. Gerd Wiegand4JG 26B-17Zuider Zee: 5500m13.28Western Front
11/01/1944Ltn. Karl Willius2JG 26B-1705 Ost S/GM: [Harderwijk]13.32Western Front
11/01/1944Ofw. Alfred Heckmann1JG 26B-17Zuider Zee: 5500m13.25Western Front
11/01/1944Oblt. Kurt KranefeldStab I.JG 26B-17Zuider Zee: 5500m13.27Western Front
11/01/1944Oblt. Johann Aistleitner5JG 26B-17Zuider Zee13.2Western Front
11/01/1944Oblt. Johann Aistleitner5JG 26B-17Zuider Zee: 5500m13.27Western Front
11/01/1944Ltn. Otto Triebnig3JG 26B-17Zuider Zee: 5500m13.25Western Front
14/01/1944Major Klaus MietuschStab III.JG 26P-47St. Pol: 6500m15.35Western Front
14/01/1944Oblt. Walter Matoni6JG 26SpitfireQE-3 Doullens12.02Western Front
14/01/1944Ofhr. Heinz Kemethmüller9JG 26Spitfire05 Ost S/ND-5: 7000m [Marquise]11.5Western Front
14/01/1944Uffz. Karl Laub11JG 26Spitfire-11.58Western Front
14/01/1944Fw. Wilhelm Mayer7JG 26B-2615km WNW Etaples: 3000m11.58Western Front
14/01/1944Major Klaus MietuschStab III.JG 26SpitfireSSW St. Omer: 6000m11.45-50Western Front
14/01/1944Uffz. Otto Salewsky12JG 26P-4705 Ost S/PH: 7500m [Dour Raum]14.5Western Front
21/01/1944Fw. Gerd Wiegand4JG 26B-26Raum Calais-Western Front
21/01/1944Uffz. Rudolf Georgi7JG 26P-47im Raum Albert-Amiens: 800m15.04Western Front
21/01/1944Hptm. Hermann Staiger12JG 26SpitfireE. St. Pol-Western Front
21/01/1944Ofhr. Heinz Kemethmüller9JG 26SpitfireS. St. Omer12.45Western Front
21/01/1944Hptm. Hermann Staiger12JG 26SpitfireE. Amiens-Western Front
21/01/1944Oblt. Wolfgang Neu4JG 26B-26NE-1: [St. Omer]-Western Front
21/01/1944Ltn. Leberecht Altmann1JG 26B-24gegend Poix: 3200m15.09Western Front
21/01/1944Oblt. Artur Beese1JG 26B-24RD-9: [Poix]15.3Western Front
21/01/1944Oblt. Artur Beese1JG 26B-24Grattenoix: 3000m [SE Neufchâtel]15.24Western Front
21/01/1944Ltn. Georg Kiefner1JG 26B-24gegend Poix: 3000m15.11Western Front
21/01/1944Uffz. Hans Ruppert1JG 26B-24gegend Poix: 3500m15.08Western Front
21/01/1944Fw. Erich Schwarz4JG 26SpitfireRaum Calais-Western Front
21/01/1944Fw. Gerd Wiegand4JG 26SpitfireRaum Calais-Western Front
23/01/1944Fw. Gerd Wiegand4JG 26B-26bei Gravelines: 4000m15.35Western Front
23/01/1944Fw. Erich Schwarz4JG 26SpitfireN. Fort Phillippe: 3500m15.37Western Front
24/01/1944Ofhr. Heinz Kemethmüller9JG 26P-47 e.V.Brussels11Western Front
24/01/1944Fw. Gerd Wiegand4JG 26P-38MJ 2-JL 8: 4000m [W. Antwerpen]12Western Front
24/01/1944Hptm. Hermann Staiger12JG 26P-47-11Western Front
24/01/1944Fw. Kurt Schmidtke4JG 26B-17PH-PJ : [Mons-Maubeuge]10.3Western Front
25/01/1944Fw. Heinz Gomann6JG 26Spitfirebei Montreuil: 5500m10.05Western Front
28/01/1944Fw. Wilhelm Mayer7JG 26Spitfirebei Fl.Pl. Grevillers15.4Western Front
28/01/1944Ltn. Wilhelm Hoffmann8JG 26MustangDatumlinie Abbeville: tiefflug13.53Western Front
28/01/1944Fw. Josef Zirngibl8JG 26MustangS. Abbeville: tiefflug13.48Western Front
28/01/1944Fw. Gerhard Vogt7JG 26SpitfireSW Albert: 400m15.37Western Front
29/01/1944Ltn. Dieter Kehl5JG 26B-24--Western Front
29/01/1944Fw. Heinz Gomann6JG 26B-24W. Calais13.48Western Front
29/01/1944Ltn. Friedrich Lange6JG 26B-1720km S. Lille13Western Front
29/01/1944Oblt. Walter Matoni6JG 26B-1712km S. Mülhausen11.3Western Front
29/01/1944Fw. Heinz Gomann6JG 26B-17Busigny 8km SSW Le Cateau12.5Western Front
29/01/1944Fw. Wilhelm Mayer7JG 26B-17-13.2Western Front
29/01/1944Fw. Gerd Wiegand4JG 26B-17bei Laon-Western Front
29/01/1944Hptm. Karl BorrisStab I.JG 26B-17NQ-OP: E. Bonn-Western Front
29/01/1944Oblt. Kurt KranefeldStab I.JG 26B-17S. Mauberge12.45Western Front
29/01/1944Ltn. Hans Hartigs2JG 26P-38Saarbrücken-Koblenz11.3Western Front
29/01/1944Oblt. Wolfgang Neu4JG 26B-17S. Mauberge-Western Front
29/01/1944Ltn. Weide2JG 26B-17PO-PP: W. Koblenz-Western Front
29/01/1944Fw. Wilhelm Mayer7JG 26P-47Bertincourt 10km E. Bapaume12.4Western Front
29/01/1944Oblt. Rudolf Leuschel8JG 26B-24Niederflorsheim Krs. Worms-Western Front
29/01/1944Fw. Josef Zirngibl8JG 26B-17Pferdsfeld-Entenpfuhl11.3Western Front
29/01/1944Gefr. Manfred Talkenburg8JG 26P-38Maisborn Lingenbahn Krs. St. Goar11.5Western Front
29/01/1944Ltn. Wilhelm Hoffmann8JG 26B-172km N. Lutrebois S. Bastogne13.3Western Front
29/01/1944Uffz. Erich Lindner8JG 26P-4720km E. Marche-en-Famenne12.3Western Front
29/01/1944Fw. Gerhard Vogt7JG 26P-4710km N. Trier-Western Front
29/01/1944Ltn. Waldemar Radener7JG 26B-24 HSS10km N. Trier11.25Western Front
29/01/1944Uffz. Kurt Stahnke7JG 26B-24 HSSNE Trier11.24Western Front
30/01/1944Uffz. Franz Schilling7JG 26B-17NNE Bergen auf See13.45Western Front
30/01/1944Fw. Wilhelm Mayer7JG 26P-47bei Geldern13.15Western Front
30/01/1944Fw. Erich Schwarz4JG 26B-1705 Ost S: KK Breda-Western Front
30/01/1944Ltn. Heinrich Schild2JG 26P-3805 Ost S/HO-HN: [Wesel-Xanten]13.3Western Front
30/01/1944Ltn. Karl Willius2JG 26P-383km N. Coesfeld13.25Western Front
30/01/1944Ofw. Friedrich Lindelaub1JG 26B-17S. Borken13.15Western Front
30/01/1944Hptm. Hermann Staiger12JG 26P-4705 Ost S/GN: [Raalte]13.3Western Front
04/02/1944Ltn. Waldemar Radener7JG 26B-24RF-2: 4000m 10km SE Albert12Western Front
04/02/1944Fw. Gerd Wiegand4JG 26B-17OG-9 SE Tournai13Western Front
04/02/1944Ltn. Karl Willius2JG 26B-17QJ-2: 8000m Coulsolre [E. Maubeuge]13.5Western Front
04/02/1944Ofw. Erich Scheyda3JG 26B-173km NE Brussels: 4500m13.2Western Front
04/02/1944Ofw. Alfred Heckmann3JG 26B-1710km ESE Rotterdam: 7500m14.3Western Front
06/02/1944Fw. Hans Prager5JG 26P-47E. Paris: 7000m10.57Western Front
06/02/1944Ltn. Karl Willius2JG 26B-17BF: 7500m [3km W. Melun]11.21Western Front
08/02/1944Ltn. Waldemar Radener7JG 26P-47SH-1 N. Laon11.1Western Front
08/02/1944Ltn. Waldemar Radener7JG 26P-47SH 1 N. Laon11.12Western Front
08/02/1944Uffz. Gerhard Guttmann8JG 26B-17Cochem: 7000m11.15Western Front
08/02/1944Hptm. Karl BorrisStab I.JG 26P-47RH-RJ: 7000m [Hirson-Thiérache]11.15-20Western Front
08/02/1944Ofw. Xaver Ellenrieder3JG 26P-47RH-SH: 6000-300m [Thiérache-Laon]11.18Western Front
08/02/1944Gefr. Köhn1JG 26P-51QK-5:7 Fumay-Givet-Western Front
08/02/1944Ofw. Alfred Heckmann3JG 26P-51QI-74: 8500m [Chimay]12.45Western Front
08/02/1944Ofw. Erich Scheyda3JG 26P-51QI-77: 8500m [Chimay]12.46Western Front
11/02/1944Oblt. Wolfgang Neu4JG 26P-38QH-1: tiefflug [SW Le Quesnoy]13.35Western Front
11/02/1944Ofw. Erich Scheyda3JG 26B-17PH-78: 2000-deck [Le Quesnoy]13.37Western Front
11/02/1944Fw. Gerd Wiegand4JG 26P-47QF: tiefflug [Bapaume]13.45Western Front
11/02/1944Fw. Wilhelm Mayer7JG 26P-38Vitry-en-Artois: 1200m13.45Western Front
11/02/1944Ofhr. Heinz Kemethmüller9JG 26B-17PG-4 bei Douai13.45Western Front
11/02/1944Ofhr. Heinz Kemethmüller4JG 26P-47QF: tiefflug13.45Western Front
11/02/1944Ltn. Friedrich Lange6JG 26P-38Le Quesnoy: tiefflug13.47Western Front
11/02/1944Ltn. Waldemar Radener7JG 26P-38PH-4 5km S. Valenciennes13.5Western Front
11/02/1944Uffz. Gerhard Guttmann8JG 26B-1724km NNE Beauvais: 4000m13.55Western Front
11/02/1944Ofw. Adolf Glunz5JG 26B-171½km S. Fréval: 1600-2600m14.05Western Front
13/02/1944Fw. Gerd Wiegand4JG 26Typhoon8km NW Calais: 2500m12.4Western Front
14/02/1944Fw. Wilhelm Mayer7JG 26SpitfireÉtaples-Berck16.4Western Front
18/02/1944Fw. Wilhelm Mayer7JG 26MosquitoNE Amiens bei St. Gratien: tiefflug12.05Western Front
18/02/1944Fw. Hans Mayer7JG 26MosquitoRE-2 bei Amiens: 100m12.15Western Front
18/02/1944Ltn. Waldemar Radener7JG 26TyphoonN. Amiens: 20m12.05-10Western Front
20/02/1944Ltn. Friedrich Lange6JG 26B-1719km SW Mons: 4500m15.05Western Front
20/02/1944Ltn. Friedrich Lange6JG 26P-476km SW Lüttich: tiefflug [Liège]15.25Western Front
21/02/1944Ofw. Adolf Glunz5JG 26B-176km W. Bergen-aan-Zee: 7000m15.5Western Front
21/02/1944Uffz. Loschinski7JG 26B-172km W. Amsterdam: 1000m16.05Western Front
22/02/1944Ofw. Adolf Glunz5JG 26B-17Gahlen 7km W. Dorsten: 7000m12.5Western Front
22/02/1944Ofw. Adolf Glunz5JG 26B-17Geilenkirchen15.4Western Front
22/02/1944Uffz. Josef Baumann8JG 26B-17IG-7: 8500m [Aschberg]13.05Western Front
22/02/1944Ofw. Adolf Glunz5JG 26B-17Garzweiler SW Grevenbroich: 6000m15.35Western Front
22/02/1944Ofw. Adolf Glunz5JG 26B-17NE Wesel: 5700m13.1Western Front
22/02/1944Uffz. Rudolf Georgi7JG 26B-17Selm 8km N. Lünen: 7500m [Ruhr]13.25Western Front
22/02/1944Ofw. Adolf Glunz5JG 26B-17-12.55Western Front
22/02/1944Ofw. Adolf Glunz5JG 26P-4715km NW Geilenkirchen: 2000m15.3Western Front
22/02/1944Ltn. Friedrich Lange6JG 26P-4715km NW Breugel: 7000m [Eindhoven]16Western Front
22/02/1944Fw. Wilhelm Mayer7JG 26P-47St. Trond15.45Western Front
22/02/1944Hptm. Hermann Staiger12JG 26P-47NT-LT: 4000m [Kassel-Fritzlar]15.23Western Front
24/02/1944Oblt. Hans Hartigs2JG 26B-24FO-69: 7000m12.15Western Front
24/02/1944Uffz. Gerhard Guttmann8JG 26B-17Rastorf-Lorup SW Friesoythe: 5000m12.2Western Front
24/02/1944Ltn. Waldemar Radener7JG 26B-17NW Ascheberg12.25Western Front
24/02/1944Uffz. Wöge9JG 26B-17FQ-7: 7000-800m [Fürstenau]12.20-25Western Front
24/02/1944Hptm. Hermann Staiger12JG 26B-17S. Quakenbrück: 8000m12.2Western Front
24/02/1944Uffz. Albert Boeckl12JG 26P-47FP-1: 4200m [N. Twist]12.3Western Front
24/02/1944Oblt. Karl Wunschelmeyer12JG 26B-17Haselünne: 5000m12.25Western Front
24/02/1944Ofw. Xaver Ellenrieder3JG 26B-24ca. Varrelbusch12.45Western Front
24/02/1944Hptm. Karl BorrisStab I.JG 26P-47Fl.Pl. Rheine: 100m13.05Western Front
24/02/1944Ltn. Karl Willius2JG 26B-24OS: 4500m [Giessen Raum]13.55Western Front
24/02/1944Oblt. Walter Matoni5JG 26B-24Roderath: 6000m [SSE Mechernich]13.55Western Front
24/02/1944Ltn. Waldemar Radener7JG 26B-24Asslar: 7000m [NW Wetzlar]14Western Front
24/02/1944Ltn. Waldemar Radener7JG 26P-51NW Wetzlar-SE Bonn14.2Western Front
24/02/1944Fw. Gerd Wiegand4JG 26B-17PQ: 5500m [Koblenz]14.1Western Front
24/02/1944Fhr. Otto Meyer3JG 26P-38QP-5: 4000m [Cochem]14.25Western Front
24/02/1944Oblt. Wolfgang Neu4JG 26P-47ON-OM: 7000m [Verviers-Simmerath]14.33Western Front
24/02/1944Fw. Gerd Wiegand4JG 26P-47Bingen14.3Western Front
24/02/1944Fw. Wilhelm Mayer7JG 26B-17Grattepanche 12km S. Amiens: 4000-5000m15.5Western Front
25/02/1944Oblt. Paul Schauder10JG 26B-1717km SE Charleville: 7000m11.45Western Front
25/02/1944Fhr. Waldemar Busch8JG 26B-17Alsbach bei Sankt Ingbert: 7000m12Western Front
25/02/1944Uffz. Albert Boeckl12JG 26B-176km W. Rethel: 7800m12.1Western Front
25/02/1944Hptm. Klaus MietuschStab III.JG 26B-17SK1-2: 7500-7000m [SW Charleville]12.15Western Front
25/02/1944Fw. Josef Zirngibl8JG 26B-17Saarbrücken: 7000m12.25Western Front
25/02/1944Fw. Karl Laub11JG 26B-1712km SW Longwy: 7800m12.3Western Front
25/02/1944Hptm. Hermann Staiger12JG 26B-17Birkweiler [Landau]: 7500m13Western Front
25/02/1944Ltn. Waldemar Radener7JG 26B-24Notweiler bei Bad Bergzabern: 6-7000m14.45Western Front
25/02/1944Hptm. Klaus MietuschStab III.JG 26B-17UQ 3: 7500m [E. Pirmasens]15Western Front
25/02/1944Oblt. Hans-Georg Dippel9JG 26B-17-15Western Front
25/02/1944Ltn. Waldemar Radener7JG 26B-24zw. Landau u. Pirmasens: 6000m15.20-22Western Front
25/02/1944Ofw. Adolf Glunz5JG 26B-17-17Western Front
25/02/1944Ltn. Karl Wilius2JG 26B-26KG-KF: 4000m [off Ostende]11.26Western Front
25/02/1944Ltn. Karl Wilius2JG 26B-26KF-KG Nordsee off Zeebrugge-Western Front
25/02/1944Ofw. Hans Heitmann4JG 26B-26KG-45: 3000m [NW Westkapelle]11.25Western Front
02/03/1944Hptm. Hermann Staiger12JG 26B-17PQ-QQ: 7500m [Koblenz-Oberwesel]11.5Western Front
02/03/1944Ofhr. Heinz Kemethmüller9JG 26B-17-12Western Front
02/03/1944Ltn. Karl Willius2JG 26B-17QR-23: 7000m [Idstein-Oberüsel]12.08Western Front
02/03/1944Ofw. Wilhelm Mayer7JG 26B-17PD-9: 1.500m [Crécy-en-Ponthieu]13.3Western Front
02/03/1944Ltn. Georg Kiefner1JG 26B-17SM-2: 4500m [1km NW Arlon]13.43Western Front
04/03/1944Fw. Gerd Wiegand4JG 26P-3810km S. Courtrai15.25Western Front
06/03/1944Hptm. Karl BorrisStab I.JG 26P-47EQ-3:9 [Garrel-Cloppenburg]14.35Western Front
06/03/1944Ltn. Georg Kiefner1JG 26B-24GO-54: 800m [Wierden]14.55-15.00Western Front
06/03/1944Ltn. Karl Willius2JG 26B-17OP-62: 4500m [Flammersfeld]14.41Western Front
06/03/1944Ofw. Alfred Heckmann3JG 26P-47GO-5:3 Almelo14.47Western Front
06/03/1944Oblt. Wolfgang Neu4JG 26B-24FQ-3/9: [Quackenbrück 180]14.45Western Front
06/03/1944Ofw. Hans Heitmann4JG 26B-17GQ-6: 5500m [NW Osnabrück]14.3Western Front
06/03/1944Oblt. Walter Matoni5JG 26B-1715km E. Jülich: 4500-500m15.05Western Front
06/03/1944Hptm. Klaus MietuschStab III.JG 26TyphoonQF-89 to RE-12: 4000m [Amiens]13.05Western Front
08/03/1944Hptm. Karl BorrisStab I.JG 26SpitfireHL-5 E. Utrecht16.5Western Front
08/03/1944Fw. Gerd Wiegand4JG 26P-47FN-6 Balkbrug NE Zwolle13.25Western Front
08/03/1944Oblt. Walter Matoni5JG 26B-17GB-3: 6500-300m13.3Western Front
08/03/1944Oblt. Walter Matoni5JG 26B-17N. Magdeburg: 6500-2500m13.40-50Western Front
08/03/1944Fw. Gerhard Guttmann5JG 26B-17GC-5 NE Helmstedt: 5000-6000m14Western Front
08/03/1944Fw. Hans Prager5JG 26B-1780km N.Braunschweig: 6000-7000m13.35Western Front
08/03/1944Fw. Gerhard Vogt7JG 26B-17FT-3: 7300m13.3Western Front
08/03/1944Fw. Gerhard Vogt7JG 26B-17GC-2: 7500m13.33Western Front
08/03/1944Ltn. Wilhelm Hofmann8JG 26P-51KF-8: 17km W. Torgau: 7500m14.2Western Front
08/03/1944Hptm. Klaus MietuschStab III.JG 26B-17GB-2 Wolfsburg NE Braunschwieg13.25Western Front
08/03/1944Hptm. Hermann Staiger12JG 26B-17N. Hannover-Western Front
08/03/1944Hptm. Hermann Staiger12JG 26B-17Berlin-Potsdam-Western Front
15/03/1944Ltn. Karl Willius2JG 26B-24FN-6: 5000m [Dedemsvaart]12.26Western Front
15/03/1944Ltn. Wilhelm Hofmann8JG 26B-24LP-5: 4000m [S. Bochum]12.15Western Front
15/03/1944Fw. Böhm7JG 26Spitfire30km NE Amiens10.54Western Front
16/03/1944Uffz. Heinz Gehrke11JG 26B-24TJ-7 bei Reims-Western Front
16/03/1944Ltn. Peter Reischer11JG 26B-24BJ-2: 5500m13.38Western Front
16/03/1944Hptm. Hermann Staiger12JG 26B-24Ansbach: 2000m12.18Western Front
18/03/1944Ofw. Erich Scheyda3JG 26B-17CU-4: 5000m [Münsingen W.Ulm]14.55Western Front
18/03/1944Hptm. Hermann Staiger12JG 26B-17Colmar-Western Front
20/03/1944Oblt. Paul Schauder10JG 26B-17TH: 6000m [Raum NW Reims]13Western Front
23/03/1944Ltn. Karl Willius2JG 26B-17KL-6: 8500m [8km W. Veghel]11.4Western Front
23/03/1944Uffz. Leopold Schlögl3JG 26B-17KL: 2000m [Raum Tilburg]11.45Western Front
24/03/1944Fw. Robert Hager4JG 26B-17MH-5: 400m [Ghent]12.15Western Front
27/03/1944Ltn. Karl Willius2JG 26P-47SE Dreux BD-14: 500m14.24Western Front
27/03/1944Ltn. Peter Reischer11JG 26P-47BD-8: 2500m [SE Gallardon]14.27Western Front
27/03/1944Hptm. Hermann Staiger12JG 26P-47BD: 2500m [Raum Rambouillet]14.30-35Western Front
01/04/1944Uffz. Albert Boeckl12JG 26B-24NW Reims: 4500m11.55Western Front
01/04/1944Ltn. Peter Reischer11JG 26B-24OE-7:PE-1: 3500m [Frévent]13.35Western Front
01/04/1944Uffz. Heinz Gehrke11JG 26B-24UG-7: [W. Château-Thierry]13.52Western Front
01/04/1944Ofw. Erich Schwarz4JG 26B-24NF-7: 3500m [Bailleul]15.02Western Front
08/04/1944Fw. Walter Gocksch10JG 26P-47EN-EO: 2.500m [Beilen-Westerbork]15.1Western Front
08/04/1944Ltn. Karl Willius2JG 26B-24FN: 7000m [Meppen-Zwolle]15.18Western Front
08/04/1944Ofw. Erich Scheyda3JG 26P-47FP 9: tiefflug [Epren ESE Lingen]15.2Western Front
08/04/1944Ltn. Heinrich Schild2JG 26P-47Gelsenkirchen16Western Front
08/04/1944Fw. Wolfgang Polster11JG 26P-51EO-FO: 2000-500m [Emmen-Hardenburg]15.15Western Front
10/04/1944Uffz. Hermann Ayerle12JG 26MosquitoTL-6: 4000m Mangiennes/Verdun17.00-05Western Front
12/04/1944Oblt. Walter Matoni5JG 26B-24SW Lüttich: 5000m [Liège]13.05Western Front
12/04/1944Uffz. Gerhard Falkner5JG 26B-24Raum Lüttich: 5000m [Liège]13.05Western Front
12/04/1944Fw. Gerhard Vogt7JG 26B-24SW Lüttich: 5000m [Liège]13.08Western Front
12/04/1944Ltn. Waldemar Radener7JG 26B-24OM-PM: 5000m [Sprimont-Stavelot]13.1Western Front
12/04/1944Uffz. Gerhard Falkner5JG 26B-24SSE Goesnes: 1500m [S. Huy]13.17Western Front
12/04/1944Uffz. Gerhard Schülwitz8JG 26B-24SW Lüttich: 5000m [Liège]13.2Western Front
12/04/1944Oblt. Walter MatoniII.JG 26B-24Lüttich: 4000m [Liège]13.21Western Front
12/04/1944Fw. Gerhard Vogt7JG 26B-24OL-OM: 4000m [Verviers-Liège]13.28Western Front
12/04/1944Fhr. Waldemar Busch8JG 26B-2412km NE Namur: 5300m13.38Western Front
12/04/1944Ltn. Wilhelm Hofmann8JG 26B-24Libramont: 5000m [S. St. Hubert]13.4Western Front
12/04/1944Uffz. Wyrich4JG 26P-47Raum Lüttich: [Liège]14.1Western Front
13/04/1944Oblt. Walter Matoni5JG 26B-1715km W. Bitburg: 6000m13.25Western Front
13/04/1944Uffz. Maishauer5JG 26B-17RN-2: 2000m [SE Bastogne]13.25Western Front
13/04/1944Fw. Gerhard Vogt7JG 26B-17Raum Trier13.23Western Front
13/04/1944Stfw. Hermann Guhl11JG 26P-47Raum Sensweiler : 3-3000m13.28Western Front
13/04/1944Hptm. Hermann Staiger12JG 26B-17SP: 7000m [Raum S. Idar-Oberstein]13.34Western Front
13/04/1944Ofhr. Heinz Kemethmüller9JG 26B-17SP: 7000m [Raum S. Idar-Oberstein]13.34Western Front
13/04/1944Ltn. Wilhelm Hofmann8JG 26P-47Trier: 5000m13.44Western Front
13/04/1944Major Josef PrillerStabJG 26P-51NE-36: 4000-5000m [Bourbourg-Watten]14.10-15Western Front
13/04/1944Uffz. Heinz Gehrke11JG 26B-17SO: 6200m [Raum Saar-Hünsruck]15.5Western Front
13/04/1944Oblt. Walter Matoni5JG 26P-47SE Rockenhausen: 1200m16Western Front
13/04/1944Hptm. Hermann Staiger12JG 26P-38RN-9: 7500m [NW Luxembourg]16.2Western Front
13/04/1944Uffz. Kurt Beck11JG 26B-17NE Karlsruhe15.54Western Front
13/04/1944Ofw. F---t?11JG 26B-17NE Karlsruhe15.54Western Front
13/04/1944Uffz. Albert Boeckl12JG 26B-17--Western Front
19/04/1944Oblt. Wolfgang Neu4JG 26SpitfireNJ-3: 4500-5000m [NE Brussels]18.55Western Front
19/04/1944Major Karl BorrisStab I.JG 26Spitfire IXENE Mechelen: 4800m19.00-05Western Front
22/04/1944Fw. Michael Hecker2JG 26B-24OH-NH: 5000m [Raum Zotteghem-Ath]21Western Front
22/04/1944Ofw. Waldemar Söffing1JG 26B-24NH: 5500m [Raum Ninove-Zotteghem]21.02Western Front
22/04/1944Ofw. Xaver Ellenreider3JG 26P-47ON-78: tiefflug [Raum Sprimont]18.28Western Front
22/04/1944Ofw. Xaver Ellenreider3JG 26P-47ON-8: 7000m [5km S. Monschau]18.26Western Front
23/04/1944Ofw. Heinz Kemethmüller9JG 26P-51S. Neusiedler See: 3500m14.22Western Front
23/04/1944Ofw. Heinz Kemethmüller9JG 26P-51FO-5: 3000m [SE Sopron]14.22Western Front
23/04/1944Ltn. Peter Reischer11JG 26B-24EO-4: 6000m [Neusiedler See]14.25Western Front
23/04/1944Hptm. Hermann Staiger12JG 26B-17EO-9/FO-3: 7000m [N. Sopron]14.26Western Front
23/04/1944Oblt. Hans-Georg Dippel9JG 26B-17FN-9/FO-7: 6500-7000m [SW Sopron]14.45Western Front
24/04/1944Hptm. Hermann Staiger12JG 26B-17EA: 6500m [SW Memmingen]13.55-14.05Western Front
24/04/1944Uffz. Albert Böckl12JG 26B-17EC-7/FC-1: [S. Starnberger See]14.00-05Western Front
24/04/1944Ltn. Peter Reischer11JG 26B-17BB-6: 7000m [S. Donauwörth]13.28-39Western Front
24/04/1944Hptm. Hermann Staiger12JG 26B-17BB-78: 7000m [S. Meitingen]13.3Western Front
24/04/1944Hptm. Hermann Staiger12JG 26B-17EA-56: 6500m [SW Memmingen]13.55-14.05Western Front
24/04/1944Hptm. Hermann Staiger12JG 26B-17BB-78: [Meitingen N. Augsburg]13.3Western Front
24/04/1944Oblt. Waldemar Radener7JG 26B-17NE St. Dizier: 7-8000m12.22Western Front
24/04/1944Oblt. Hans-Georg Dippel9JG 26B-17S. Augsburg13.3Western Front
24/04/1944Oblt. Hans-Georg Dippel9JG 26B-17N. Augsburg: 6000m13.3Western Front
24/04/1944Hptm. Hermann Staiger12JG 26B-17EA: 6500m [SW Memmingen]13.53-14.05Western Front
24/04/1944Uffz. Heinz Gehrke11JG 26B-17BB-56/89: 6000m [Meitingen]13.35Western Front
24/04/1944Uffz. Hans-Joachim Leder12JG 26B-17BB-78: 6000m [Augsburg W. Walde]13.3Western Front
24/04/1944Uffz. Joachim Zeller9JG 26P-51CF-89: 500-7000m [W. Simbach]14Western Front
24/04/1944Uffz. Hermann Ayerle12JG 26P-51CD: NNE München14.05Western Front
24/04/1944Oblt. Paul Schauder10JG 26B-17--Western Front
24/04/1944Fw. Karl Laub11JG 26B-17BB-69/BC-47: 6000m [Meitingen]13.4Western Front
24/04/1944Fw. Hans Oeckel12JG 26B-17BB-78: 6000m [Meitingen]13.45Western Front
24/04/1944Fw. Hans Oeckel12JG 26B-17BB-78: [Meitingen N. Augsburg]13.45Western Front
24/04/1944Fhr. Helmut Lorberg12JG 26B-17FC-6: 4-5000m [SE Kochel-am-See]14.05Western Front
24/04/1944Uffz. Joachim Leder12JG 26B-17FC-78: 2000m [Gm. Partenkirchen]14.10-15Western Front
25/04/1944Uffz. Werner Pietruschka5JG 26B-24AJ-BJ: 6-7000m [Raum Mailly-le-Camp]8.45Western Front
27/04/1944Ofw. Gerhard Vogt5JG 26P-47NW Soissons: 800m17.4Western Front
27/04/1944Oblt. Waldemar Radener7JG 26P-47SW Reims: 5000-500m17.42Western Front
29/04/1944Ofw. Gerhard Vogt5JG 26B-17NE St. Omer: 1000m14.3Western Front
29/04/1944Fw. Peter Crump7JG 26B-175km S. Reims13.3Western Front
29/04/1944Oblt. Waldemar Radener7JG 26B-175km SE Roubaix13.35Western Front
29/04/1944Ofw. Karl Laube9JG 26-18.46Western Front
01/05/1944Oblt. Paul Schauder10JG 26P-51TP-TQ: 6000m [Homburg-Landstuhl]18.35-40Western Front
01/05/1944Ltn. Peter Reischer11JG 26P-51TP-9: 5500-6000m [E. Zweibrücken]18.35Western Front
05/05/1944Fw. Peter Crump7JG 26Spitfire15-17km NNW Mons: 150m8.31Western Front
08/05/1944Ltn. Heinz Kemethmüller4JG 26P-47RH-79 [20km N. Laon]10.05Western Front
08/05/1944Oblt. Waldemar Radener7JG 26P-47TG-SG [10km N. Soissons]10.32Western Front
09/05/1944Ltn. Wilhelm Hofmann8JG 26P-51S. Malmédy: 800m09.40-45Western Front
09/05/1944Uffz. Norbert Seidl2JG 26P-51LK: 7800m Oostmalle [Antwerp]9.47Western Front
09/05/1944Ltn. Adolf Glunz6JG 26P-51LL-7: 7000m [7km E. Turnhout]9.51Western Front
09/05/1944Ltn. Adolf Glunz6JG 26P-51LK-9: 7000m [7km SSW Turnhout]9.57Western Front
10/05/1944Uffz. Leopold Schlögl3JG 26SpitfireRC-RO: 100m: [S. Dieppe}11.15Western Front
11/05/1944Oblt. Waldemar Radener7JG 26B-24Bazoches-en-Dunois: 6-700m14Western Front
11/05/1944Ltn. Adolf Glunz6JG 26B-2450km NE Orléans: 6-7000m14.00-05Western Front
11/05/1944Fhr. Waldemar Büsch8JG 26B-24Raum Orléans: 5000m14.13Western Front
11/05/1944Ofw. Waldemar Söffing1JG 26P-4704 Ost N/DC: 800m [Raum Châteaudun]14.2Western Front
11/05/1944Ofw. Waldemar Söffing1JG 26P-4704 Ost N/DC: 50m [Raum Châteaudun]14.23Western Front
12/05/1944Major Klaus MietuschStab III.JG 26B-1705 Ost S/QM-QL: 5500m [Bastogne]15.42Western Front
12/05/1944Fw. Walter Kopp10JG 26B-1705 Ost S/QM-QL: 5500m [Bastogne]15.42Western Front
12/05/1944Ltn. Peter Reischer11JG 26B-1705 Ost S/PM-2: 6500m [St. Vith-Spa]15.54Western Front
20/05/1944Ltn. Georg Kiefner1JG 26P-51MM: 7500m [Bocholt-Roermond]10.5Western Front
20/05/1944Ofhr. Waldemar Söffing1JG 26P-51MM: 7500m [Bocholt-Roermond]10.5Western Front
24/05/1944Oblt. Franz Kunz2JG 26P-51RG: 5800m [Raum St. Quentin]19.29Western Front
24/05/1944Ofw. Waldemar Söffing1JG 26P-51RG: 6000m [Raum St. Quentin]19.3Western Front
24/05/1944Uffz. Heinz Wodarcyzk4JG 26P-51QF-QG: 5000-1000m [ 270° Bapaume]19.3Western Front
24/05/1944Ofw. Waldemar Söffing1JG 26P-47OG: 5000m [Lille-Roubaix]11.45Western Front
25/05/1944Uffz. Albert Boeckl12JG 26P-47SW Neufchâteau: 2000m8.43Western Front
04/06/1944Major Klaus MietuschStab III.JG 26P-51NW Romilly-sur-Seine: 6500m20.05-15Western Front
06/06/1944Oblt. Franz Kunz2JG 26P-51UN 5: 800m [5km SE Caen]20.55Western Front
07/06/1944Ofw. Heinrich Humburg9JG 26P-47SB-3: bodennähe [Yerville]10.45Western Front
07/06/1944Ltn. Waldemar Soffing1JG 26P-47UA 1: 800m [Bonnebosq/NW Lisieux]16.01Western Front
07/06/1944Hptm. Hermann StaigerStab I.JG 26P-47N. Lisieux: 800m16Western Front
07/06/1944Hptm. Hermann StaigerStab I.JG 26P-47N. Lisieux: 600m15.58Western Front
07/06/1944Obstlt. Josef PrillerStabJG 26P-51TU-7-8: 600m [Thaon NW Caen]13.5Western Front
07/06/1944Ltn. Karl-Heinz Kempf9JG 26P-47AD-3: 20m [S. Meulan-les-Mureaux]8.51Western Front
07/06/1944Obstlt. Josef PrillerStabJG 26P-47UC-3-6: 3500m [Seinebogen]19Western Front
07/06/1944Ltn. Joachim Günther3JG 26P-51TB 5: 200-300m [Jumièges/Rouen]7.05Western Front
07/06/1944Ltn. Waldemar Söffing3JG 26P-51TB 5: 200-300m [Jumièges/Rouen]7.04Western Front
07/06/1944Fhj.Fw. Hans Zimmermann8JG 26P-51UU: 500m [SE Caen]6.2Western Front
07/06/1944Oblt. Max Groth1JG 26P-47UA 1: 800m [Bonnebosq/NW Lisieux]16.01Western Front
07/06/1944Ogefr. E. Meyer6JG 26P-51HA-8: [22km SE Saumur]19.15Western Front
08/06/1944Ltn. Wilhelm Hofmann8JG 26P-47UU-9: 1200m [20km SE Caen]16.5Western Front
08/06/1944Ltn. Wilhelm Hofmann8JG 26P-47SB-TB-SC-TC: 100m [Raum Rouen]17.05Western Front
08/06/1944Ltn. Wilhelm Hofmann8JG 26P-51UU-1-2: 800m [10km NE Caen]6.05Western Front
08/06/1944Major Klaus MietuschStab III.JG 26P-47SA: 4000m [NE Le Havre]6.4Western Front
08/06/1944Ltn. Gerhard Vogt5JG 26P-51UU-TU: 800m [Raum Caen]6Western Front
08/06/1944Ltn. Peter Reischer11JG 26TyphoonTU-6: 4000m [Courseulles]6.35Western Front
08/06/1944Major Klaus MietuschStab III.JG 26P-47SA-SB: 4000m [Goderville-Yvetot]6.45Western Front
08/06/1944Uffz. Joachim Zeller9JG 26P-47SA-SB: 4000m [Goderville-Yvetot]6.46Western Front
10/06/1944Ltn. Wilhelm Hofmann8JG 26P-47TU-TA-UU-UA: 1000m [Caen]14.28Western Front
10/06/1944Ltn. Adolf Glunz6JG 26P-47TA-UA: 3-4000m [Tricqueville-Lisieux]17.56Western Front
10/06/1944Ltn. Adolf Glunz6JG 26P-47TA-UA: 2500-3000m [Tricqueville-Lisieux]17.58Western Front
10/06/1944Ltn. Adolf Glunz6JG 26P-47TA-UA: 2500-3000m [Tricqueville-Lisieux]17.58Western Front
10/06/1944Ltn. Dietwin Pape9JG 26P-47UA-14: 1800m [N. Lisieux]17.58Western Front
11/06/1944Fw. Kurt Schmidke4JG 26P-38TE-14: 2000m [S. Beauvais]15.32Western Front
11/06/1944Ltn. Gerd Wiegand4JG 26P-38TF-23: 2000m [N. Compiègne]15.35Western Front
11/06/1944Uffz. Heinz Wodarczyk4JG 26P-38TF: 3000m [Compiègne]15.38Western Front
11/06/1944Obstlt. Josef PrillerStabJG 26P-38SF-TF: 3000m tiefflug [Roye-Compiègne]15.35Western Front
11/06/1944Ltn. Gerd Wiegand4JG 26P-38TF-23: 2000m [N. Compiègne]15.3Western Front
11/06/1944Uffz. Heinz Wodarczyk4JG 26P-38SF-TF: 3000m [Roye-Compiègne]15.48Western Front
12/06/1944Ltn. Karl-Heinz Kempf9JG 26P-47UA-2: 600m [2km N. Lisieux]6.14Western Front
12/06/1944Ltn. Peter Crump6JG 26P-47TC: 400m [Raum Rouen]6.23Western Front
12/06/1944Ltn. Wilhelm Hofmann8JG 26P-47SD: 50-100m [40km NE Rouen]6.25Western Front
13/06/1944Ltn. Waldemar Söffing1JG 26P-51AC-6: 50m [St. André-de-l'Eure]16.35Western Front
14/06/1944Uffz. Wolfgang Polster11JG 26P-38UD-9-UE-7: 7000m [Pontoise]7.3Western Front
14/06/1944Uffz. Erhard Tippe11JG 26P-38UD-9-UE-7: 7000m [Raum Pontoise]7.32Western Front
14/06/1944Major Klaus MietuschStab III.JG 26P-38AE-1-UE 7: 7000m [N. Paris]7.35Western Front
14/06/1944Uffz. Joachim ZellerStab III.JG 26P-38AE-1-UE 7: 7000m [N. Paris]7.35Western Front
14/06/1944Ltn. Peter Reischer11JG 26P-38AD-3: 2500m [Meulan les Mureaux]7.35Western Front
14/06/1944Uffz. Werner Stoll11JG 26P-47BD-26: tiefflug [Rambouillet]7.4Western Front
14/06/1944Major Klaus MietuschStab III.JG 26B-17UG-AG: 7500m [Château-Thierry]8Western Front
14/06/1944Ltn. Hans Oeckel12JG 26B-17AG: 7000m [Coulommiers]8.07Western Front
14/06/1944Ltn. Xaver Ellenrieder3JG 26P-51AF: 300m [Paris]8.05Western Front
14/06/1944Gefr. Edwin Zubaiko3JG 26P-51AF: 300m [Paris]8.07Western Front
15/06/1944Major Klaus MietuschStab III.JG 26B-24CB-DC: 7000m [120° Nogent-le-Retrou]7Western Front
15/06/1944Uffz. Erhard Tippe11JG 26B-24 HSSSW Chartres: 7000m7Western Front
15/06/1944Hptm. Hermann StaigerStab I.JG 26B-1780km S. Chartres-Western Front
15/06/1944Obstltn. Josef PrillerStabJG 26B-24AB-BB: 6000-7000m [Raum L'Aigle]7.1Western Front
15/06/1944Oblt. Waldemar Radener7JG 26P-51E. Bonneval 20km S. Chartres-Western Front
16/06/1944Oblt. Paul Schauder10JG 26TyphoonUA-4-UU-6: 400m [270° Laboissière]17.35Western Front
17/06/1944Hptm. Walter Matoni5JG 26P-51UU-69: 300m [SE Caen]6.38Western Front
17/06/1944Ltn. Hans Prager5JG 26P-51UU-69: 300-350m [SE Caen]6.4Western Front
17/06/1944Ltn. Wilhelm Hofmann8JG 26P-47US-15: tiefflug [N. Coutances]13.35Western Front
17/06/1944Ofw. Josef Zirngibl8JG 26P-47US-15: 100m [N. Coutances]13.37Western Front
17/06/1944Uffz. Gerd Lissack7JG 26P-51UT-12: tiefflug [5km W. Balleroy]19.08Western Front
18/06/1944Ltn. Adolf Glunz6JG 26P-51AT-9: 150m [Flers]17.29Western Front
18/06/1944Uffz. Gerd Lissack7JG 26P-51AT-8-9: tiefflug [Tinchebray-Flers]17.20-30Western Front
20/06/1944Hptm. Hermann StaigerStab I.JG 26P-38UC-79: 2500m [Pacy-sur-Eure]17.35Western Front
20/06/1944Ltn. Heinrich Schild2JG 26P-38Évreux: 3000m17.35Western Front
20/06/1944Ltn. Wilhelm Nink3JG 26P-38UC-79: 4500m [Pacy-sur-Eure]17.35Western Front
21/06/1944Ltn. Karl-Heinz Kempf9JG 26P-51AD 5: 20m [Maule W. Paris]19.37Western Front
21/06/1944Hptm. Walter Matoni5JG 26P-38AC 7-AD 9: 2500m [Elancourt]21.46Western Front
21/06/1944Oblt. Werner Stoll5JG 26P-38AD-9: 2500m [Elancourt]21.47Western Front
22/06/1944Uffz. Hans Speichert9JG 26P-51AS-5: 800m [Villedieu-les-Poêles]14.19Western Front
22/06/1944Fw. Günther Patzke9JG 26P-47TR-6: 2500m [St. Sauveur-le-Vicompte]14.21Western Front
22/06/1944Ltn. Peter Reischer11JG 26P-51BU: tiefflug [Wald SW Argentan]14.43Western Front
22/06/1944Ltn. Gerhard Vogt7JG 26B-17SE-S. Paris: 7000m19.00-05Western Front
22/06/1944Ltn. Wilhelm Hofmann8JG 26B-24 HSSBF-23: 7000m [Rozay-en-Brie/Paris]19.1Western Front
23/06/1944Hptm. Hermann StaigerStab I.JG 26SpitfireTA-12: 3000m [Seine: vor Honfleur]12.20-25Western Front
23/06/1944Ltn. Gerhard Vogt7JG 26P-51TU-78: 500m [N.-NE Caen]13.08-09Western Front
23/06/1944Ltn. Wlhelm Hofmann8JG 26P-51UU-2: 200m [NE Caen]13.08Western Front
23/06/1944Major Klaus MietuschStab III.JG 26P-38CD-CE: 2-3000m [Chartres-Etampes]14Western Front
23/06/1944Major Klaus MietuschStab III.JG 26P-38CE: 2-3000m [Raum Etampes]14Western Front
23/06/1944Uffz. Joachim ZellerStab III.JG 26P-38CD-CE: 2-3000m [Chartres-Etampes]14Western Front
24/06/1944Ltn. Wilhelm Hoffmann8JG 26P-51AC 5,6,8: 2000m [St. André-de-l'Eure]7.22Western Front
24/06/1944Ltn. Xavier Ellenrieder3JG 26P-47BD 3: 4-5000m [Trappes]7.27Western Front
24/06/1944Hptm. Walter Matoni5JG 26SpitfireAC: 2500m [St. André-de-l'Eure]7.28Western Front
24/06/1944Oblt. Werner Stoll5JG 26P-51BC-AC: 200-400m [Raum St. André-Dreux]7.3Western Front
24/06/1944Ltn. Heinz Kemethmüller4JG 26P-47BC 2-5: 3000m [Laons b. Dreux]21.37Western Front
24/06/1944Ltn. Wilhelm Hofmann8JG 26P-47BC 1-4: 4500m [Brezoles/Dreux]21.32Western Front
24/06/1944Ltn. Gerhard Vogt7JG 26P-47BC 1-4: 4500m [Brezoles/Dreux]21.33Western Front
25/06/1944Oblt. Paul Schauder10JG 26P-47AA-AB: 6500m [Vimoutiers-L'Aigle]7.25Western Front
25/06/1944Ltn. Wilhelm Hofmann8JG 26P-38TA 3-TB 1: 2500m [Quillebeuf]15.3Western Front
25/06/1944Ltn. Gerhard Vogt7JG 26P-38TA 3-TB 1: 5500m [Quillebeuf]15.35Western Front
25/06/1944Hptm. Hermann StaigerStab I.JG 26P-3804 Ost N/TB: 3000m [Forêt Brotonne]15.30-35Western Front
25/06/1944Oblt. Hans Hartigs4JG 26P-4704 Ost N/TB: 1500m [Forêt Brotonne]15.35Western Front
25/06/1944Uffz. Hermann Grad4JG 26B-2405 Ost S/TD 7: 2200m [W. Gisors]20.28Western Front
26/06/1944Ltn. Hans Oeckel12JG 26Spitfire15 West S/UT-UU: 500m [St. Lô-Caen]11.2Western Front
28/06/1944Uffz. Erich Lindner7JG 26SpitfireTT-9: 32-3500m [Bayeux-Caen]11.21Western Front
29/06/1944Ltn. Heinz Kemethmüller4JG 26Spitfire15 West S/TU-8: 8000m [N. Caen]8.4Western Front
29/06/1944Ltn. Wihelm Hofmann8JG 26Spitfire04 Ost N/AB-3: - 300m [Conches]8.48Western Front
30/06/1944Uffz. Karl-Heinz Friedrich10JG 26SpitfireUU-AU: 1000m [Caen-Falaise]15Western Front
02/07/1944Fhr. Waldemar Busch8JG 26SpitfireUA-5: 200-800m [2km E. Lisieux]7.06Western Front
02/07/1944Ltn. Peter Crump6JG 26SpitfireNW Caen: 2000m15.58Western Front
02/07/1944Hptm. Walter Matoni5JG 26SpitfireUT-56: 1000m [Monts-en-Bessin]20.52Western Front
04/07/1944Ltn. Karl-Heinz Kempf9JG 26P-47AB-1: 3000m [2km SE Broglie]14.42Western Front
04/07/1944Ltn. Karl-Heinz Kempf9JG 26SpitfireAB-1: 3000m [2km SE Broglie]14.43Western Front
04/07/1944Major Klaus MietuschStab III.JG 26P-38UB: 4-5000m [Lisieux]14.5Western Front
04/07/1944Uffz. Joachim ZellerStab III.JG 26P-38UB: 4-5000m [Lisieux]14.5Western Front
04/07/1944Uffz. Otto Salewski12JG 26P-38UA-UA: 3000m [Lisieux-Bernay]15Western Front
04/07/1944Uffz. Willibald Malm12JG 26P-38UA-UA: 3000m [Lisieux-Bernay]14.55Western Front
04/07/1944Uffz. Werner Pietruschka5JG 26SpitfireUU-1-2: 4000m [Caen]19.44Western Front
04/07/1944Ltn. Hans Prager5JG 26SpitfireUU-12: 4000m [Caen]19.46Western Front
04/07/1944Ltn. Hans Prager5JG 26SpitfireNW Lisieux21.44Western Front
07/07/1944Ltn. Hans Prager5JG 26SpitfireUU-3/UA-1: 1200m [Caen Stadt]11.44Western Front
09/07/1944Hptm. Emil LangStab II.JG 26SpitfireUU-UA: 2500m [Caen-Lisieux]13.19Western Front
09/07/1944Hptm. Emil LangStab II.JG 26SpitfireUU-UA: 2200m [Caen-Lisieux]13.21Western Front
09/07/1944Hptm. Emil LangStab II.JG 26SpitfireUU-UA: 2400m [Caen-Lisieux]13.24Western Front
10/07/1944Ltn. Wilhelm Hofmann8JG 26Spitfire05 Ost S/TU-7: 600m [Fl.Pl. Carpiquet]11.35Western Front
11/07/1944Ltn. Georg Kiefner1JG 26P-5105 Ost S/UU-2/UU-8: 1000m [Caen]19.5Western Front
12/07/1944Ltn. Heinz Kemethmüller4JG 26P-4705 Ost S/AB-6: 1000m [S. Conches]14.3Western Front
12/07/1944Ltn. Heinz Kemethmüller4JG 26P-4705 Ost S/AB-6/AC-7: 1000m [Damville]14.3Western Front
13/07/1944Ltn. Heinz Kemethmüller4JG 26P-47UU-86: 1000-1200m [Caen]16.58Western Front
13/07/1944Oblt. Paul Schauder10JG 26Spitfire04 Ost N/UA-58: 8500m [180°Lisieux]17.15Western Front
14/07/1944Major Karl BorrisStab I.JG 26P-4704 Ost N/AC-1: 1400m [Évreux]14.36Western Front
14/07/1944Ltn. Heinz Kemethmüller4JG 26P-47AC: 1000-1200m [St. André-de-l'Eure]14.36Western Front
14/07/1944Oblt. Hans Hartigs4JG 26P-4704 Ost N/AC: 1000m [St. André-de-l'Eure]14.37Western Front
14/07/1944Ltn. Joachim Günther3JG 26P-4704 Ost N/AC: 1000m [St. André-de-l'Eure]14.38Western Front
14/07/1944Ltn. Joachim Günther3JG 26P-4704 Ost N/AC: 400m [St. André-de-l'Eure]14.4Western Front
14/07/1944Uffz. Willi Haun9JG 26P-47AB-69: 1100m [Verneuil]14.57Western Front
15/07/1944Uffz. Walter Holl10JG 26SpitfireAU 3-6: 150-300m [E. Falais]07.10-15Western Front
15/07/1944Oblt. Gottfried Schmidt11JG 26SpitfireUU 4: 200m [Caen]7.1Western Front
15/07/1944Ltn. Georg Kiefner1JG 26SpitfireUU 1: Caen/Carpiquet7.15Western Front
16/07/1944Ltn. Heinz Kemethmüller4JG 26Spitfire05 Ost S/TB 3: 3500m [2km W. Rouen]21.31Western Front
17/07/1944Major Klaus MietuschStab III.JG 26SpitfireUT 2-6: 3000m [Tilly-Villers Bocage]16.4Western Front
17/07/1944Uffz. Adolf Tabbat10JG 26P-51AC 9: 2500m [N. Dreux]19.35Western Front
17/07/1944Ofw. Heinrich Humburg9JG 26P-47AB 3-6: 2000m [Rugles]19.40-45Western Front
17/07/1944Oblt. Viktor Hilgendorf9JG 26P-51AB 3-6: 2500m [Rugles]19.5Western Front
17/07/1944Oblt. Paul SchauderIII.JG 26TyphoonLisieux-Western Front
18/07/1944Ltn. Heinz Kemethmüller4JG 26SpitfireAD-1: 3500m [S. Bonnières-sur-Seine]9.3Western Front
26/07/1944Oblt. Hans Hartigs4JG 26P-5104 Ost N/TD-56: 800m [Sérifontaine]10.15Western Front
26/07/1944Ltn. Xavier Ellenrieder3JG 26P-5104 Ost N/BB: 3-4000m [Ste. Anne]19.08Western Front
27/07/1944Uffz. Wolfgang Polster11JG 26P-51UU-3: 3000m [v. Caen]7.15Western Front
27/07/1944Ltn. Karl-Dietrich Hilliger9JG 26P-51UU-3: 3500m [v. Caen]07.17-18Western Front
27/07/1944Uffz. Hannemann9JG 26P-47US-6/UT-4: 200m [v. St. Lô]15.15Western Front
28/07/1944Ltn. Xavier Ellenrieder3JG 26AusterAT: 200-300m [v. Condé-Vire]16.53Western Front
28/07/1944Uffz. Albert Boeckl12JG 26Mitchell05 Ost S/UA: 5000m [v. Lisieux]20.08-10Western Front
29/07/1944Ltn. Karl-Dietrich Hilliger9JG 26P-51UG-78: 2-2500m [Meaux]7.15Western Front
29/07/1944Ogefr. Nieter10JG 26P-51Dreux: 4000m7.15Western Front
06/08/1944Oblt. Gottfried Schmidt9JG 26HalifaxUE-7: 5-6000m12.13-15Western Front
06/08/1944Ltn. Walter Kopp10JG 26HalifaxUE-7: 4500m12.15Western Front
06/08/1944Uffz. Albert Boeckl12JG 26HalifaxUF-7 u. UE-9: 5000m12.10-15Western Front
06/08/1944Oblt. Karl-Hermann Schrader12JG 26HalifaxUE-9 u. VS-7: 5000m12.10-15Western Front
06/08/1944Uffz. Erwin Scholz11JG 26LancasterUE-5: 4500m12.16Western Front
06/08/1944Gefr. Günter Deshombes9JG 26LancasterUE-7: 5000m12.16Western Front
06/08/1944Uffz. Heinz Gehrke11JG 26LancasterUE-8 u. 9: 5500-6000m [Taverny]12.23Western Front
07/08/1944Uffz. Thran10JG 26P-47BT: 8500-3000m [Mortain-Domfront]15.15-18Western Front
07/08/1944Ltn. Georg Kiefner1JG 26P-47BS-45: 4000m19.25Western Front
08/08/1944Uffz. Otto Horch4JG 26P-51AB-7.8: 3000m14.15Western Front
08/08/1944Uffz. Werner Schwan1JG 26P-51AD-7.8: 3000m14.3Western Front
13/08/1944Ltn. Joachim Günther3JG 26P-51CB-2.3: 800m [Rémalard]8.11Western Front
15/08/1944Ltn. Alfred Heckmann3JG 26P-51BC-3: 1000m [Dreux]12.28Western Front
15/08/1944Uffz. Gerhard Corinth5JG 26P-47AC-AD: 5000m [N. Dreux]12.34Western Front
15/08/1944Ltn. Gerhard Vogt5JG 26P-47BC-3: 1000m [Dreux]12.29Western Front
15/08/1944Ltn. Wolf-Dietmar Stein5JG 26P-47BD-6: 2500-3000m [E. Rambouillet]12.3Western Front
15/08/1944Hptm. Emil LangStab II.JG 26P-47AD-BD: 2000m12.31Western Front
15/08/1944Hptm. Emil LangStab II.JG 26P-47AD-BD: 6000m [Houdan-Rambouillet]12.32Western Front
15/08/1944Ltn. Wilhelm Hoffmann8JG 26P-47AC-AD: 5000m [N. Dreux]12.34Western Front
15/08/1944Ltn. Hans Prager7JG 26P-47BD-2: 6-8000m [N. Rambouillet]12.35Western Front
15/08/1944Oblt. Georg-Peter Eder6JG 26P-47AD-BD: 2000m [Houdan-Rambouillet]12.38Western Front
15/08/1944Oblt. Georg-Peter Eder6JG 26P-47AD-BD: 3000m [Houdan-Rambouillet]12.4Western Front
16/08/1944Uffz. Ottmar Kruse8JG 26P-51AD: 1000m [Houdan S. Mantes]14.35Western Front
16/08/1944Oblt. Konrad BertelsStab II.JG 26P-51AD: 1000m [Houdan S. Mantes]15.32Western Front
17/08/1944Ltn. Georg Kiefner1JG 26AusterBD-4: 650m [Nogent-le-Roi]11.5Western Front
17/08/1944Oblt. Georg-Peter Eder6JG 26Spitfire IXBC-6/BD-4: 50-80m [Nogent-le-Roi]11.53Western Front
17/08/1944Oblt. Georg-Peter Eder6JG 26Spitfire IXBC-6/BD-4: 80-100m [Nogent-le-Roi]11.53Western Front
17/08/1944Ltn. Wilhelm Hofmann8JG 26SpitfireSB-SC: 4000m [Raum Yvetot-St. Saens]16.22Western Front
17/08/1944Uffz. Hans-Joachim Borreck5JG 26SpitfireSB-4: 3500m [Fauville-en-Caux]16.23Western Front
17/08/1944Uffz. Erich Klein8JG 26SpitfireSB: 4000m [Raum Yvetot]16.23Western Front
18/08/1944Fw. Werner Verhoeven6JG 26P-38TD-TC: 1000m [Rouen-Beauvais]8.22Western Front
18/08/1944Ltn. Wilhelm Hofmann8JG 26P-51TE-12: tiefflug [Beauvais/Tillé]08.22-35Western Front
18/08/1944Uffz. Hans-Joachim Borreck5JG 26P-51TE-1: 100m [Beauvais/Tillé]8.23Western Front
18/08/1944Uffz. Erich Klein8JG 26P-51TE-1: 100-200m [Beauvais/Tillé]8.23Western Front
18/08/1944Fw. Werner Verhoeven6JG 26P-51TD-TE: 100-500m [Raum Beauvais]8.24Western Front
18/08/1944Ofw. Wilhelm Mayer5JG 26P-51TE-1: 500m [Beauvais/Tillé]8.25Western Front
18/08/1944Ltn. Edmund Fischer6JG 26P-47TE: 1800m [Beauvais-Clermont]12.4Western Front
18/08/1944Ofw. Wilhelm Mayer5JG 26P-47TE-6: 1000m [Clermont]13.29Western Front
18/08/1944Uffz. Hans-Joachim Borreck5JG 26P-47TE-6: 800m [Clermont]13.3Western Front
18/08/1944Ofhr. Alfred Scharf7JG 26P-47TE-45: 800m [SE Beauvais]13.35Western Front
18/08/1944Major Klaus MietuschStab III.JG 26P-47UD-78: 3500m [zw. Mantes u. Meulan]14.06Western Front
18/08/1944Ltn. Heinrich Schild12JG 26P-51TE-12: 600-800m [Beauvais]19.33Western Front
19/08/1944Hptm. Emil LangStab II.JG 26P-47UD-7: 10m [SE Vernon]10.24Western Front
19/08/1944Ltn. Gerhard Vogt5JG 26P-47AF: 500m [Paris East]10.24Western Front
20/08/1944Ltn. Wilhelm Hofmann8JG 26P-47QE-1: 1000m [Auxi-le-Château]16Western Front
20/08/1944Ltn. Wilhelm Hofmann8JG 26P-47TB-2: 3-4000m [Forêt de Brotonne]20.03Western Front
20/08/1944Ltn. Hans Prager7JG 26P-47TB-2: 200-400m [Forêt de Brotonne]20.05Western Front
22/08/1944Ltn. Alfred Heckmann3JG 26AusterUD 8: 2-300m [Mantes-la-Jolie12.35Western Front
23/08/1944Hptm. Emil LangStab II.JG 26SpitfireUE: 2000m [Beaumont-sur-Oise]13.38Western Front
23/08/1944Uffz. Fritz Hanusch6JG 26SpitfireUE: 3000m [Beaumont-sur-Oise]13.39Western Front
23/08/1944Ltn. Hans Prager7JG 26SpitfireUE-UF: 3000m [Forêt Ermenonville]13.4Western Front
23/08/1944Hptm. Emil LangStab II.JG 26SpitfireUE: 3000m [Beaumont-sur-Oise]13.4Western Front
23/08/1944Fw. W. Müller6JG 26SpitfireUE: 2000m [Beaumont-sur-Oise]13.42Western Front
23/08/1944Ltn. Wilhelm Hofmann8JG 26SpitfireUF-78: 2000m [N. Meaux]13.46Western Front
23/08/1944Uffz. Helmut Gross8JG 26P-38RG: 50m [Raum St. Quentin]14.02Western Front
25/08/1944Ltn. Edmund Fischer6JG 26P-38TE: 2000m [Raum Beauvais]13.4Western Front
25/08/1944Ofhr. Siegfried Benz6JG 26P-38TE 4-5: 2800m [Beauvais-Clermont]13.42Western Front
25/08/1944Hptm. Emil LangStab II.JG 26P-38TD: 2000m [Raum Gisors]13.43Western Front
25/08/1944Hptm. Emil LangStab II.JG 26P-38UD: 1000m [Raum Mangy-en-Vexin]13.45Western Front
25/08/1944Ltn. Gerhard Vogt5JG 26P-38TD: 1000m [Etrepagny-Gisors]13.45Western Front
25/08/1944Fhr. Werner Fischer7JG 26P-38TD: 8000-3000m [Etrepagny-Gisors]13.45Western Front
25/08/1944Hptm. Emil LangStab II.JG 26P-38TD: 80m [Etrepagny-Gisors]13.48Western Front
25/08/1944Uffz. Gerhard Just5JG 26P-38TD: 1000m [Etrepagny-Gisors]13.48Western Front
25/08/1944Ltn. J. Hoffmann5JG 26P-38TE: 1500-1000m [Beauvais-Creil]13.49Western Front
25/08/1944Fhr. Martin Hennemann6JG 26P-38TE-9: 4000m - tiefflug [Creil]13.5Western Front
25/08/1944Ltn. Wilhelm Hofmann8JG 26P-38TE-1: 800m [Beauvais/Tillé]13.53Western Front
25/08/1944Uffz. Ottmar Kruse8JG 26P-38TE: 200m [Beauvais-Creil]13.55Western Front
25/08/1944Ltn. Wilhelm Hofmann8JG 26P-51SG- 800m [Chauny-Tergnier]19Western Front
25/08/1944Uffz. Heinz Salomon7JG 26P-51SG- 1500m [Chauny-Tergnier]19.01Western Front
25/08/1944Ltn. Wilhelm Hofmann8JG 26P-51SG- tiefflug [Chauny-Tergnier]19.04Western Front
25/08/1944Ofw. Wilhelm Mayer5JG 26P-51RG-8: 1800m [5km SE St. Quentin]19.05Western Front
26/08/1944Hptm. Emil LangStab II.JG 26SpitfireSD-7: 5300m [N. Gournay-en-Bray]9.17Western Front
26/08/1944Hptm. Emil LangStab II.JG 26SpitfireTC-3: 5500m [10km NE Rouen]9.19Western Front
26/08/1944Ltn. Gerhard Vogt5JG 26SpitfireSD: 3000m [Raum Formerie]9.2Western Front
26/08/1944Major Karl BorrisStab I.JG 26SpitfireTC-2: 5300m [5km NE Rouen]9.32Western Front
26/08/1944Ltn. Karl-Heinz Kempf2JG 26SpitfireTC-4: 5800m [Lyons-le-Forêt]9.33Western Front
26/08/1944Ltn. Georg Kiefner1JG 26SpitfireTC-5: 7500m [SE Rouen/Boos]9.33Western Front
26/08/1944Uffz. Werner Schwan1JG 26SpitfireTC-4: 5500m [Lyons-le-Forêt]9.35Western Front
26/08/1944Ltn. Heinz Kemethmüller4JG 26SpitfireTD-4: 1000m [SW Beauvais]14.25Western Front
26/08/1944Ltn. Joachim Günther3JG 26SpitfireTD-4: 1500m. [Lyon-la-Forêt]14.28Western Front
26/08/1944Hptm. Emil LangStab II.JG 26SpitfireTD-1: 2000m [La Feuillie/Gournay]14.28Western Front
26/08/1944Major Klaus MietuschStab III.JG 26P-47TC-4: 4000m [1 km S. Rouen]14.50-55Western Front
26/08/1944Major Klaus MietuschStab III.JG 26P-47TB-6: 4000m [SW Rouen]15.00-05Western Front
28/08/1944Ltn. Wilhelm Hofmann8JG 26AusterAT-9-BT-3: 150m [Raum Vire]12.1Western Front
29/08/1944Ltn. Gerhard Vogt5JG 26AusterTG-5: 1000m [Soissons]9.4Western Front
31/08/1944Ofhr. Friedrich Ramthun1JG 26AusterTI 5: [Reims]-Western Front
03/09/1944Ltn. Alfred GroßStab II.JG 26SpitfireNeerhespen: 200m [WSW St. Trond]12.45Western Front
11/09/1944Ltn. Peter Reischer11JG 26P-47NL 5-9: 3-4000m [Alken-Tongeren]14.58Western Front
11/09/1944Oblt. Heinrich Schild12JG 26P-47NM: 3500m [Maastricht]14.58Western Front
12/09/1944Uffz. Albert Boeckl12JG 26P-38OO-1: 1500-2000m [W. Altenkirchen]16.05-10Western Front
16/09/1944Major Karl BorrisStab II.JG 26P-3805 Ost S/NN-8: 2500m [Hückelhoven]17.4Western Front
16/09/1944Ltn. Heinz Kemethmüller4JG 26P-3805 Ost S/ON-23: 2500m [S. Aachen]17.41Western Front
16/09/1944Ltn. Waldemar Söffing1JG 26P-3805 Ost S/NN-8: 2500m [Hückelhoven]17.45Western Front
16/09/1944Fw. Heinrich Vandeveerd3JG 26P-3805 Ost S/NN-8: 2500m [Hückelhoven]17.4Western Front
17/09/1944Oblt. Alfred Heckmann3JG 26Spitfire05 Ost S/JN-7: 3000m [Emmerich]17.51Western Front
17/09/1944Uffz. Wilhelm Düsing3JG 26Spitfire05 Ost S/JN-7: 3000m [Emmerich]17.55Western Front
17/09/1944Ltn. Heinz Kemethmüller4JG 26Spitfire05 Ost S/JN-7: 3000m [Emmerich]17.56Western Front
17/09/1944Ltn. Gerhard Vogt5JG 26P-5105 Ost S/JN-JO: 3000m [Emmerich]18Western Front
17/09/1944Uffz. Hans-Joachim Borreck5JG 26P-51JN-6/JO-4: 4000m [Dinxperlo]18.01Western Front
17/09/1944Ltn. Wilhelm Hofmann8JG 26P-5105 Ost S/JO: 2000m [Bocholt]14.4Western Front
17/09/1944Major Klaus MietuschStab III.JG 26P-5105 Ost S/LN-KN: 3500m [Geldern]14.55Western Front
17/09/1944Fhj.Fw. Joachim ZellerStab III.JG 26P-5105 Ost S/JN: 3000m [Emmerich]14.55Western Front
17/09/1944Oblt. Heinrich Schild12JG 26P-5105 Ost S/LN-1: 2500m [Kerken]14.58Western Front
17/09/1944Ofw. Gerhard Schulwitz8JG 26P-5105 Ost S/JO: 2500m [Bocholt]14.41Western Front
17/09/1944Ofhr. Siegfried Benz6JG 26P-5105 Ost S/KO-14: 4100m18.08Western Front
18/09/1944Ltn. Gerhard Vogt5JG 26P-5105 Ost S/LM: 2500m [Helmond-Weert]13.25Western Front
19/09/1944Ltn. Heinrich Schild12JG 26P-51JN 4: 3000m [N. Emmerich]18.15Western Front
19/09/1944Ofw. Wilhelm Mayer5JG 26P-51JN 5: 2500m [N. Emmerich]18.02Western Front
19/09/1944Uffz. Hans-Joachim Borreck5JG 26P-51JN 4-6: 2000m [N. Emmerich]18.02Western Front
19/09/1944Ltn. Gerhard Vogt5JG 26P-51JN: 3000m [Raum Emmerich]18.03Western Front
19/09/1944Ofw. Wilhelm Mayer5JG 26P-51JN 5: 2500m [N. Emmerich]18.04Western Front
21/09/1944Ltn. Wilhelm Hofmann3JG 26P-47JN: 1000m [Raum Emmerich]17.33Western Front
21/09/1944Ofw. Heinrich Teilken1JG 26DC-3W. Arnheim Drop-Zone: 2500m17.17Western Front
21/09/1944Ltn. Joachim Günther2JG 26DC-3JL-JM: 2500m [Tiel-Nijmegen]17.17Western Front
21/09/1944Oblt. Alfred Heckmann3JG 26DC-3W. Arnheim Drop-Zone: 2500m17.17Western Front
21/09/1944Ltn. Gerhard Vogt5JG 26DC-3JM: 3000m [Raum Arnheim]17.17Western Front
21/09/1944Ltn. Adolf Glunz6JG 26DC-3Nijmegen: 2000-3000m17.18Western Front
21/09/1944Oblt. Franz Kunz2JG 26DC-3JM 1: 3000m [Rhenen W. Arnheim]17.18Western Front
21/09/1944Fw. Heinrich Vandeveerd3JG 26DC-3W. Arnheim Drop-Zone : 2500m17.18Western Front
21/09/1944Oblt. Alfred Heckmann3JG 26DC-3W. Arnheim Drop-Zone : 2500m17.18Western Front
21/09/1944Fw. Heinrich Vandeveerd3JG 26DC-3W. Arnheim Drop-Zone : 2500m17.19Western Front
21/09/1944Oblt. Alfred Heckmann3JG 26DC-3W. Arnheim Drop-Zone : 2500m17.19Western Front
21/09/1944Uffz. Heinz Schülz3JG 26DC-3W. Arnheim Drop-Zone : 2500m17.2Western Front
21/09/1944Oblt. Franz Kunz2JG 26DC-3JL 9: 2500m [Oss-Zaltbommel]17.2Western Front
21/09/1944Ltn. Wilhelm Hofmann8JG 26DC-3HM: 3500m [Raum Ede-Apeldoorn]17.2Western Front
21/09/1944Uffz. Heinrich Herbster3JG 26DC-3W. Arnheim Drop-Zone : 2500m17.2Western Front
21/09/1944Oblt. Alfred Heckmann3JG 26DC-3W. Arnheim Drop-Zone : 2500m17.2Western Front
21/09/1944Uffz. Heinrich Herbster3JG 26DC-3W. Arnheim Drop-Zone : 2500m17.21Western Front
21/09/1944Gefr. Erich Kohler3JG 26DC-3JM: 2500m [Raum Arnheim]17.22Western Front
21/09/1944Ofhr. Siegfried Heindtke2JG 26DC-3W. Arnheim Drop-Zone : 2500m17.23Western Front
21/09/1944Uffz. Heinz Schülz3JG 26DC-3W. Arnheim Drop-Zone : 2500m17.23Western Front
21/09/1944Gefr. Erich Kohler3JG 26DC-3W. Arnheim Drop-Zone : 2500m17.25Western Front
23/09/1944Oblt. Alfred Heckmann3JG 26P-5105 Ost S/KN: 3000m [Goch-Xanten]16.5Western Front
23/09/1944Uffz. Heinz Schulz3JG 26P-5105 Ost S/KN: 2500m [Goch-Xanten]16.51Western Front
23/09/1944Major Karl BorrisStab I.JG 26P-5105 Ost S/KP: 700m [Recklinhausen]17.09Western Front
23/09/1944Fw. Wolfgang Franz3JG 26P-5105 Ost S/KP: 2000m [Recklinhausen]17.1Western Front
23/09/1944Ltn. Gerhard Vogt5JG 26P-5105 Ost S/KN: 400m [Goch-Xanten]17.33Western Front
23/09/1944Ofw. Wilhelm Mayer5JG 26P-5105 Ost S/KN: 400m [Goch-Xanten]17.34Western Front
23/09/1944Fw. Arthur Paul6JG 26P-5105 Ost S/KN: 400m [Goch-Xanten]17.35Western Front
23/09/1944Ltn. Gerhard Vogt5JG 26P-5105 Ost S/KN: 300m [Goch-Xanten]17.35Western Front
24/09/1944Ltn. Dietwin Pape9JG 26TyphoonHM 5-7-8: 100-200m [Apeldoorn]17.40-45Western Front
24/09/1944Ltn. Xaver Ellenreider4JG 26Typhoon05 Ost S/KN: 1500m [Goch]17.41Western Front
25/09/1944Ofhr. Heinz-William Bartels11JG 26SpitfireHM-89: 3000m [Arnheim]17.35Western Front
25/09/1944Ltn. Waldemar Söffing1JG 26SpitfireHM-59: 3000m [Arnheim]17.38Western Front
25/09/1944Ltn. Xaver Ellenreider4JG 26SpitfireHM-59: 3000m [Arnheim]17.39Western Front
25/09/1944Ofw. Anton Freiberger1JG 26SpitfireHM-59: 3000m [Arnheim]17.39Western Front
25/09/1944Fhr. Werner Fischer7JG 26SpitfireHM-9/JM-3: 3000m [Arnheim]17.44Western Front
25/09/1944Ofhr. Siegfried Benz6JG 26SpitfireJM-49: 2500m [Nijmegen]17.54Western Front
25/09/1944Ltn. Gerhard Vogt5JG 26SpitfireIM: 3000m [Nijmegen]17.54-55Western Front
25/09/1944Ltn. Edmund Fischer6JG 26P-51JM-49: 400m [Nijmegen]18Western Front
27/09/1944Uffz. Erich Burmeister4JG 26Spitfire05 Ost S/IN: 1500m [Emmerich]10.25Western Front
27/09/1944Ofw. Wilhelm Mayer5JG 26Spitfire05 Ost S/KO 6: 200m [Dorsten]17.22Western Front
27/09/1944Ltn. Edmund Fischer6JG 26Spitfire05 Ost S/JM 1-3: 1100m [Arnheim]10.35Western Front
27/09/1944Uffz. Siegfried Benz6JG 26Spitfire05 Ost S/JM 1-3: 1300-100m [Arnheim]10.4Western Front
27/09/1944Ofw. Heinrich Humburg9JG 26P-5105 Ost S/IM 4-5: 2500-3000m [Arnheim]10.4Western Front
27/09/1944Ltn. Gerhard Vogt5JG 26Spitfire05 Ost S/IM: 1500m [Arnheim]10.41Western Front
27/09/1944Uffz. Karl-Georg Genth12JG 26Spitfire05 Ost S/IM 6: 3000m [Tiel-Nijmegen]10.3Western Front
02/10/1944Ofhr. Siegfried Benz2JG 26SpitfireJM-78: 2700m [Nijmegen]12.16Western Front
02/10/1944Ltn. Wilhelm Hofmann8JG 26SpitfireKleve-Nijmegen: 4500m12.10-15Western Front
02/10/1944Ltn. Adolf Glunz6JG 26SpitfireJM-89: 3000m [Oss/Grave]12.15Western Front
02/10/1944Ogefr. Josef Leder1JG 26SpitfireHM-8: 4000m [Ede N. Arnhem]12.05Western Front
02/10/1944Ltn. Joachim Günther2JG 26SpitfireJM-23: 4000m [Wageningen/Arnhem]12.18Western Front
04/10/1944Ltn. Waldemar Söffing1JG 26P-47LO-1: 200m [Oberhausen]16.15Western Front
06/10/1944Gefr. Walther5JG 26P-51LM: 2000m: [Eindhoven-Geldrop]15.07Western Front
06/10/1944Ofhr. Robert Heinrichs5JG 26P-51LM: 2000m: [Eindhoven-Geldrop]15.08Western Front
07/10/1944Fw. Paul Jentzsch4JG 26SpitfireLN: [Raum Venlo]16.3Western Front
07/10/1944Ofw. Wilhelm Mayer5JG 26SpitfireLM-25: 3800m: [Arnheim-Maas]16.3Western Front
07/10/1944Fw. Verhöven6JG 26SpitfireLM-56: 5500-3000m: [Heeze-Asten]16.3Western Front
07/10/1944Ofw. Wilhelm Mayer5JG 26SpitfireLM-25: 2500m: [Arnheim-Maas]16.38Western Front
12/10/1944Obstlt. Josef PrillerStabJG 26P-51GT-6: 6-7000m [E. Petershagen]11.23Western Front
13/10/1944Ltn. Adolf Glunz6JG 26P-38NN-9: 3000m [Aachen]15Western Front
13/10/1944Uffz. Artur Fritsch8JG 26P-47NN-NO: 3000m [N. Aachen]15.03Western Front
13/10/1944Uffz. Ernst Lampferhoff5JG 26P-47MN: 400m[Mönchen-Gladbach]15.04Western Front
16/10/1944Ofhr. Siegfried Benz6JG 26AusterNN-78: 200m [SW Düren]14.1Western Front
16/10/1944Ofw. Wilhelm Mayer5JG 26AusterNN-78: 300m [SW Düren]14.1Western Front
28/10/1944Major Anton Hackl *Stab III.JG 26TyphoonLN: 800-300m [Dülken]13.25Western Front
28/10/1944Ltn. Gerhard Vogt5JG 26TyphoonLN: 900m [Dülken]13.25Western Front
06/11/1944Uffz. Hans-Joachim Borreck5JG 26P-47ON-3: 100m [Gey S. Düren]12.20±Western Front
19/11/1944Ltn. Gerhard Vogt5JG 26SpitfireKO-3: 1800m [Hamminkeln]14.06Western Front
19/11/1944Ofw. Wilhelm Mayer5JG 26SpitfireKO-3: 1800m [Hamminkeln]14.06Western Front
19/11/1944Uffz. Ernst Lamperhoff5JG 26SpitfireKO-3: 500m [Hamminkeln]14.08Western Front
19/11/1944Ofw. Wilhelm Mayer5JG 26SpitfireKO-3: 1800m [Hamminkeln]14.08Western Front
21/11/1944Hptm. Walter KrupinskiStab III.JG 26P-51HP-JP: 6000m [Coesfeld]12.58Western Front
26/11/1944Ltn. Ahrens3JG 26P-51GQ: 6000m11Western Front
26/11/1944Gefr. Sengpiel12JG 26P-47FQ-2: 6000m11.25-30Western Front
03/12/1944Ltn. Joachim Günther2JG 26TyphoonIP-3/KP-3: 800-1000m12.1Western Front
03/12/1944Oblt. Peter Reischer11JG 26SpitfireKN-9: 4000m9.25Western Front
05/12/1944Ltn. Joachim Günther2JG 26P-47NN-23: 1800-2000m [Linnich]10.13Western Front
05/12/1944Major Karl BorrisStab I.JG 26B-17W. Lingen: 3000m13.36Western Front
10/12/1944Ltn. Waldemar Söffing4JG 26P-47NN 6-1: 3000m [Jülich-Geilenkirchen]15.36Western Front
17/12/1944Ltn. Joachim Günther2JG 26P-38PN-3/ON-12: 200-300m [Hohe Venn]15.27Western Front
17/12/1944Uffz. Rudolf Delor4JG 26P-38PN-ON: 3000m [Hohe Venn]15.25Western Front
17/12/1944Uffz. Rudolf Delor4JG 26P-38PN-ON: 2500m [Hohe Venn]15.3Western Front
24/12/1944Ltn. Georg Kiefner1JG 26P-38PL 3: 8500m [W. Combain-au-Pont]12.24Western Front
24/12/1944Ltn. Adolf Glunz6JG 26P-47PL-PM : 3500-4000m [Durbuy-Stavelot]12.27Western Front
24/12/1944Ltn. Adolf Glunz6JG 26P-47PL-PM : 3500-4000m [Durbuy-Stavelot]12.28Western Front
24/12/1944Major Anton HacklStab II.JG 26P-47PL-PM : 4000m [Durbuy-Stavelot]12.28Western Front
24/12/1944Ltn. Gerhard Vogt5JG 26P-47PL-PM : 3500-4000m [Durbuy-Stavelot]12.28Western Front
24/12/1944Major Anton HacklStab II.JG 26P-47PL-PM : 1000-1500m [Durbuy-Stavelot]12.3Western Front
01/01/1945Uffz. Edwin Kalbus5JG 26P-47ML-9: NE Brüssel10.04Western Front
01/01/1945Oblt. Adolf Glunz6JG 26SpitfireS. Fl.Pl. Brüssel-Evere9.25Western Front
01/01/1945Ltn. Siegfried Sy7JG 26SpitfireS. Fl.Pl. Brüssel-Evere9.25Western Front
01/01/1945Uffz. Gottfried Burckhardt8JG 26SpitfireBrüssel9.26Western Front
01/01/1945Major Anton HacklStab II.JG 26SpitfireBrüssel9.25Western Front
01/01/1945Uffz. Heinz Gehrke11JG 26SpitfireFl.Pl. Brüssel-Evere9.3Western Front
14/01/1945Uffz. Karl Russ1JG 26SpitfireGQ-5: [Raum Rheine]15.45Western Front
14/01/1945Ltn. Karl-Heinz Ossenkop2JG 26SpitfireIbbenbüren15.45Western Front
14/01/1945Major Karl BorrisStab I.JG 26SpitfireIbbenbüren15.45Western Front
14/01/1945Major Anton HacklStab II.JG 26P-47ON: [E. Liege]12.05Western Front
14/01/1945Major Anton HacklStab II.JG 26P-51Remscheid12.15Western Front
14/01/1945Gefr. Wilhelm MittagStab II.JG 26P-51Remscheid12.18Western Front
14/01/1945Fhr. Johann Spahn8JG 26P-47PO-PN: [W. Koblenz]12.1Western Front
22/01/1945Ogefr. Helmut Lange4JG 26SpitfireRheine-Ibbenbüren11.2Western Front
14/02/1945Ltn. Waldemar Söffing2JG 26SpitfireGP-5: [Rheine]8.15Western Front
21/02/1945Ltn. Peter Andel7JG 26B-26HO-6: [WNW Ahaus]16.07Western Front
21/02/1945Ltn. Peter Andel7JG 26B-26HP-4: [Ahaus]16.04Western Front
21/02/1945Uffz. Bruno Krusen5JG 26B-26bei HO-HP: [E. Arnheim]16.01Western Front
21/02/1945Ltn. Helmut Wirth5JG 26B-26bei HO-HP: [E. Arnheim]16.03Western Front
21/02/1945Ofhr. Johann Spahn5JG 26B-26bei HO-HP: [E. Arnheim]16Western Front
21/02/1945Uffz. Gerhard Just5JG 26B-26bei HO-HP: [E. Arnheim]16.01Western Front
21/02/1945Uffz. Hans Meiss7JG 26Spitfirebei HO-HP: [E. Arnheim]16.04Western Front
21/02/1945Uffz. Walter Stumpf7JG 26B-26bei Ahaus16.03Western Front
22/02/1945Ltn. Waldemar Söffing2JG 26TempestHO: bei Rheine15Western Front
25/02/1945Ltn. Waldemar Söffing2JG 26P-47Köln8.25Western Front
25/02/1945Oblt. Alfred Heckmann3JG 26P-47SE Köln8.25Western Front
28/02/1945Oblt. Wilhelm Hofmann5JG 26P-47Raum Mönchengladbach12.23Western Front
28/02/1945Ltn. Gerhard Schulwitz5JG 26P-47Raum Mönchengladbach12.24Western Front
28/02/1945Ofhr. Johann Spahn5JG 26P-47Raum Mönchengladbach12.25Western Front
28/02/1945Oblt. Theobald Kraus10JG 26TempestOsnabrück8Western Front
28/02/1945Uffz. Karl-Georg Genth10JG 26TempestOsnabrück8Western Front
01/03/1945Hptm. Friedrich-Wilhelm Fahnert5JG 26P-47bei Mönchengladbach9.38Western Front
01/03/1945Oblt. Wilhelm Hofmann5JG 26Austerbei Mönchengladbach9.32Western Front
01/03/1945Oblt. Wilhelm Hofmann5JG 26P-47bei Mönchengladbach9.36Western Front
01/03/1945Ofhr. Johann Spahn5JG 26P-47bei Mönchengladbach9.35Western Front
01/03/1945Uffz. Fritz Hanusch6JG 26P-47bei Mönchengladbach9.43Western Front
01/03/1945Ltn. Siegfried Sy6JG 26P-47bei Mönchengladbach9.37Western Front
01/03/1945Ltn. Peter Andel7JG 26P-47bei Mönchengladbach9.36Western Front
01/03/1945Ltn. Peter Andel7JG 26P-47bei Mönchengladbach9.37Western Front
01/03/1945Fw. Max Chemnitzer7JG 26Austerbei Mönchengladbach9.35Western Front
01/03/1945Uffz. Günther Rey14JG 26SpitfireVersen-Mönchengladbach9.41Western Front
05/03/1945Ltn. Gottfried Dietze7JG 26Austerbei Krefeld12.52Western Front
05/03/1945Ltn. Gottfried Dietze7JG 26Austerbei Krefeld12.55Western Front
05/03/1945Ltn. Peter Andel7JG 26Austerbei Krefeld12.52Western Front
09/03/1945Uffz. Hans Meiss7JG 26P-47bei Wesel16.5Western Front
09/03/1945Ltn. Gerhard Schulwitz5JG 26P-47bei Wesel16.51Western Front
09/03/1945Ltn. Peter Andel7JG 26P-47bei Wesel16.49Western Front
09/03/1945Uffz. Fritz Hanusch6JG 26P-47Wallach bei Wesel16.5Western Front
10/03/1945 n.n.IV.JG 26Spitfirebei Wesel16.40-18.10Western Front
13/03/1945Uffz. Hans Marischka5JG 26SpitfireKQ-9: [Dortmund]16.35Western Front
17/03/1945Ltn. Gerhard Schulwitz5JG 26AusterNW Düsseldorf16.3Western Front
17/03/1945Ltn. Gerhard Schulwitz5JG 26AusterSW Düsseldorf16.35Western Front
18/03/1945 n.n.IV.JG 26P-515km W. Twistringen12.3Western Front
19/03/1945Oblt. Peter Crump13JG 26P-51Hemmelte13.45Western Front
19/03/1945Oblt. Hans Dortenmann14JG 26P-51Rheine-Lingen13.36Western Front
19/03/1945Oblt. Hans Dortenmann14JG 26P-51Rheine-Lingen13.37Western Front
19/03/1945Uffz. Kurt Hein14JG 26P-51S. Haselünne13.36Western Front
19/03/1945Ltn. Hans Prager15JG 26P-51GR3-6: [Osnabrück]13.5Western Front
19/03/1945Major Rudolf KlemmStab IV.JG 26P-51GQ3: [10km NW Nordhorn]13.35Western Front
20/03/1945Oblt. Willi Heilmann15JG 26P-51Raum Bramsche17.4Western Front
22/03/1945Uffz. Johannes Hoffmann5JG 26TempestRaum Rheine16.03Western Front
22/03/1945Uffz. Günther Warthemann6JG 26TempestRaum Rheine16.03Western Front
25/03/1945Uffz. Günther Pfeiffer5JG 26SpitfireJO3: [S. Stadtlohn]18.23Western Front
25/03/1945Ltn. Hans Prager15JG 26P-47NW Bocholt-Western Front
26/03/1945Ltn. Hans Prager15JG 26P-51HQ: [N. Münster/SW Osnabrück]16.46Western Front
26/03/1945Oblt. Wilhelm Hofmann5JG 26TempestSW Münster15.32Western Front
28/03/1945 n.n.IV.JG 26Tempest5km SW Münster11.34±Western Front
28/03/1945Ltn. Hans Prager15JG 26Tempest5km SW Münster11.34±Western Front
28/03/1945Uffz. Kurt Hein14JG 26Tempest5km SW Münster11.34Western Front
28/03/1945Oblt. Hans Dortenmann14JG 26Tempest5km SW Münster11.34Western Front
28/03/1945Ltn. Peter Crump13JG 26P-47SW Münster11.5Western Front
31/03/1945Oblt. Hans Dortenmann3JG 26AusterJQ8: [Ludwighausen]14.46Western Front
04/04/1945Ltn. Friedrich Ramthun1JG 26Tempest6km E. Diepholz19.45Western Front
04/04/1945Ltn. Waldemar Söffing2JG 26Tempest6km E. Diepholz19.45Western Front
04/04/1945Uffz. Karl Fröb2JG 26Tempest6km E. Diepholz19.45Western Front
05/04/1945Uffz. Friedrich Rohrmann5JG 26Spitfirebei Hilkenbrook11.27Western Front
05/04/1945Ltn. Hans Prager14JG 26SpitfireLingen-Haselünne12.1Western Front
05/04/1945Fw. Hermann Sinz15JG 26SpitfireLingen-Haselünne12.1Western Front
12/04/1945Ltn. Waldemar Söffing2JG 26Tempest15km N. Uelsen13Western Front
12/04/1945Ltn. Karl-Heinz Ossenkop2JG 26Tempest15km N. Uelsen13Western Front
12/04/1945Oblt. Hans Dortenmann3JG 26Tempest15km N. Uelsen12.53Western Front
12/04/1945Oblt. Hans Dortenmann3JG 26Tempest15km N. Uelsen12.54Western Front
12/04/1945Ltn. Siegfried Konrad3JG 26Tempest15km N. Uelsen12.55Western Front
12/04/1945Ogefr. Erich Schneider3JG 26Tempest15km N. Uelsen12.55Western Front
17/04/1945Ltn. Waldemar Söffing2JG 26TempestSW Lübeck11.3Western Front
17/04/1945Oblt. Hans Dortenmann3JG 26TempestSW Lübeck11.34Western Front
17/04/1945Ogefr. Günther Böcker1JG 26TempestSW Lübeck11.3Western Front
20/04/1945Ltn. Waldemar Söffing2JG 26SpitfireFl.Pl. Sülte16Western Front
20/04/1945Fhr. Gerhard von Plazer2JG 26SpitfireFl.Pl. Sülte16Western Front
21/04/1945Oblt. Hans Dortenmann3JG 26SpitfireBuchholz15.19Western Front
21/04/1945Fw. Kurt Hein3JG 26SpitfireBuchholz15.15Western Front
21/04/1945Uffz. Günther Rey3JG 26SpitfireBuchholz15.1Western Front
21/04/1945Hptm. Paul SchauderStab II.JG 26TempestNW Perleberg19.1Western Front
21/04/1945Ltn. Werner Schramm6JG 26TempestNW Perleberg19.12Western Front
23/04/1945Fw. Karl Hoett6JG 26Spitfirebei Elsdorf6.15Western Front
24/04/1945Ofw. Erich Schwarz1JG 26Jak-3bei Stolpe8.2Western Front
24/04/1945Ltn. Waldemar Söffing2JG 26Jak-3S. Stolpe8.2Western Front
24/04/1945Fw. Kurt Hein3JG 26Jak-3N. Spandau8.2Western Front
25/04/1945Ltn. Waldemar Söffing2JG 26Jak-3Reinickendorf12.3Western Front
25/04/1945Ltn. Friedrich Ramthun1JG 26Jak-3Reinickendorf12.3Western Front
25/04/1945Ltn. Siegfried Sy7JG 26P-39E. Oranienburg17.55Western Front
26/04/1945Oblt. Hans Dortenmann3JG 26Jak-9SE Prenzlau19.16Western Front
26/04/1945Ofw. Erich Schwarz1JG 26Jak-3SE Prenzlau19.15Western Front
26/04/1945Ofhr. Heinz Birkner2JG 26Jak-3SE Prenzlau19.15Western Front
26/04/1945Ltn. Wilhelm Blickle3JG 26Jak-3SE Prenzlau19.15Western Front
27/04/1945Oblt. Hans Dortenmann3JG 26Jak-3NE Neuruppin-Berlin18.25Western Front
29/04/1945Ltn. Waldemar Söffing2JG 26SpitfireW. Lauenburg12.5Western Front
29/04/1945Ltn. Waldemar Söffing2JG 26TempestS. Ratzenburg16.42Western Front
01/05/1945Ltn. Hermann Guhl2JG 26SpitfireN. Schwarzenbeck10.5Western Front

Known Claims : 2864

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